Okay guys this is PoisonGlimmer here bringing you another "Create Your Conduit story". We understand a while back RoninRider, made one but mysteriously stopped.
Now we're here to pick up what he left with his little brother DemonDigitz) and 11 others.
Now rules are, fill us a form and send it to us through pm and by reviewing. This is set around the time of second son and probably only mention Cole McGrath. The plot is there's an explosion in the city of your choice. Everyone finds their way somehow there or may be a conduit from outside the city if that is the case they will appear later in the story. If you want to create your own faction or be part of one, consult us. Otherwise enjoy and long live conduits!

Full Name:








Hair Color/Style/Length:

Eye Color:


Body Type:

Skin Tone:

Anything Else:

History (Be Detailed):

Neutral Personality(In depth):

Hero Personality (In depth):

Villain Personality (In depth):

Origin of Powers see above

Type of Powers

Name of Powers (It has to be related to what your powers are)

Weakness (Like what your elemental weakness is…All Heroes or Villains need a weakness):

Power level on a scale of 1 to 10(1 is meh…10 is destroy the ** the entire Neon District!):


Neutral Clothes:)

Hero Clothes

Villain Clothes:

Likes(at least five):

Dislikes(at least five):

Neutral, Hero, or Villain, or debating between the three(?):