It had been 3 days since hiccup and toothless had left on their camping trip. They said they would be back by around two months. Hiccup and toothless were flying to the first island they'd be camping at when a bola suddenly attached itself to toothless wings causing hiccup to fall off, unconscious, toothless screamed for his rider but he too fell, the waves carrying his unconscious body to the nearest island, not with hiccup.

Chapter 1.

When hiccup came to, he was surprised not to feel waves or a sandy beach beneath him. He opened his eyes and tried to get up, but found his arms and legs bound to a rod extending from the floor to the ceiling. He glanced around and noticed he was in a wooden room with little light, judging by the rocking they were probably on the sea. Eventually after a long while they hit land, and when his captor came to get him he was given a shock like no other. Alvin the Treacherous! He'd been the one who shot them down, the one who kidnapped him, the one who left him in this cell to be taken to outcast island and forced to train dragons.

"well well hiccup, its been a while, look how you've grown," said Alvin mockingly. Technically he was right, it had been at least half a year since the two last met, and hiccups body used that time to grow 2 inches taller and give him a little bit of muscle down in his chest.

"Alvin, pleasure to see you," said hiccup sarcastically, making Alvin laugh.

The man would never get over how funny hiccup could be or hiccups cuteness that kind of made him attracted to hiccup, especially now that hiccup was even more good looking. He led hiccup to his cell, it was cold and damp.

"now hiccup," drawled Alvin, "we could do this the easy way, or we could do this my way, it's your choice really."

"I will never tell you how to train dragons," said hiccup.

Alvin grasped hiccup by the throat and lifted him up, causing a gasp to escape the young fourteen year-old's lips, and threw him against the dirt wall, then exited.

"tisk, tisk hiccup, I was so hoping we wouldn't have to do it this way, no food for you tonight," he said laughing as he exited, closing all the lights and making hiccup's vision go even more black. The next morning hiccup was again asked to train the dragons, when he refused he received a whip lashing to his back. Alvin was impressed, during the whole whip ordeal hiccup had barely made a sound, it showed his bravery and his strength and that made Alvin even more attracted to hiccup. The next day however surprised hiccup the most. Instead of Alvin a healer came. She mended his wounds which thankfully were not that deep. Then he was taken to Alvin's private feeding hall, where he was force fed his first meal and drink in days. He was then taken to the springs to wash up then tucked up to sleep in a bed in one of alvin's guestrooms reserved for chieftains who were within an alliance with the outcasts.

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