Chapter 3…..

On berk everyone was out and about, doing their duties and carrying on like a normal day. Except for one….

"Astrid stop moping, he'll be back, besides there's still a month and a half left of his trip."

"I know Snotlout, its just, something doesn't feel right."

"You're paranoid, its natural, but don't worry, he'll be fine, I mean he's hiccup, what's the worst that could happen?"

"That's what I'm worried about."

"Look, we're going to the cove to relax you should come with to calm your nerves."

"Maybe your right, I guess I'm being a little paranoid, I guess I could take a break."

"that's the spirit!"

on outcast island…

it had been ½ a month of torture. Hiccup was being raped so often by every single member of the outcast army( no pun intended). The poor boy was getting fucked so much he could barely remember his name, or anything for the matter other than the pain and humiliation it brought him. He felt like giving in, teaching Alvin how to train dragons and ending the pain. But one thought kept him from giving in….. Astrid… what would happen if he gave in? dragons would be attacking berk with outcasts for riders, berk wouldn't stand a chance, and Astrid, Astrid would – no, that couldn't happen, he couldn't let that happen, and if suffering and or dying was the price he'd have to pay, then so be it, there was no way in all of midgard that he'd let anything happen to her.

For Astrid….. he'd do this

For berk…. He'd keep them safe, from the newborns to the elderly

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