Hi so I am new to fanfiction and this is my first fic. Let me know what you think?

Chapter One: The Death of a Hero

I have been getting reviews about my Roman Numerals. Please do not, I take Latin, and the dates are written that way. II, yes that is 2 not 30, but in Latin II Kal. means the same thing as the 30th of a month. So please do not review about how my roman numerals are wrong.

It was Thursday May 19th, 2020 when Harry Potter died. No one mourned his death. He had been there hope ever since that fateful day in 1981 where he was dubbed the boy-who-lived. As the years past the resistance against Voldemort died. People began to lose faith in Harry Potter, and he began to lose faith in himself. All of his friends were dead. All gone to various raids.

That day in May, Harry Potter was found in an old muggle alley by the Dark Lord. Harry had given up. There was no point of carrying on. The muggles all knew about magic by now, and Voldemort had destroyed almost all of Wizarding and muggle Europe. The other continents all put up wards to protect themselves from the war. But it was too late for Europe.

Yes, on May, 19th Harry Potter's body died. When he was shot with the killing curse though he found himself in a room of people. He recognized none of them. Each one wore a robe. The first of the group was a tall man, he was dressed in a dark red robe with gold trim. The second was a shorter man in robes of green and silver. The third was a plump woman in yellow and black robes. The final was another woman in blue and bronze robes. Harry had a feeling these people were the founders of Hogwarts.

"Ah, Harry Potter we have been waiting for you." They all said at once. Harry not sure what to say just remained silent.

"We don't mean to scare you or anything, son we just mean to say that we have been awaiting your arrival here for decades. I am Godric by the way. Godric Gryffindor at your service."

"And I am Salzar Slytherin greatest of the founders four."

"I am Helga Hufflepuff, it's great to meet you Mr. Potter."

"I am Rowena Ravenclaw. It is nice to finally introduce myself."

"I'm sorry, but am I dead?" A very confused Harry asked.

"No, you are not." The founders chorused. "Your body is dead but your soul is still alive."

"Then why am I here?"

"You are here because we are going to give you a choice young one. This is a choice that you will only be granted once. The choice is to send your soul back in time to the day before your tenth birthday, or you can move on to death. If you choose to go back you would be able to save the lives of all of your loved ones." Rowena explained patiently.

To Harry this was everything he could ever want. He would be allowed to redo everything, change the war. He could save his friends. And this time he would know not to trust Dumbledore or the Weasleys. He could be his own person. The only thing is would he still have all of his magic?

"I'll go back, but first there are a few things I need to know." When the founders looked at him expectantly he continued. "Will I still be able to perform all of the types of magic I am able to do now? Also will I still have the knowledge that I have?" Rowena was once again helpful, but she was the most intelligent witch to be born.

"Yes you will still have any knowledge, memories, and abilities. The only thing is as you know Dumbledore put blocks on some, so you will need to remove the blocks from these abilities once again. Are you ready to go back?"

"Yes, thank you for this opportunity."

"Oh and Harry when Draco Malfoy offers you his hand in friendship it would be wise not to go making enemies." Godric said quietly. Harry just nodded his head. With that the founders began chanting as a whole.

"Damus Harrium Potterum nostra scicentiae. Mittamus eum retrat praeterito in die Lunae a.d. II Kal Aug. MCMXC." (Latin for: We give Harry Potter our knowledge. We send him back to the paston on Monday, July 30th, 1990.)

Harry felt himself being engulfed in a white light before everything went black.