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Ginny Weasley was the youngest of the seven Weasley children, and the only girl. Her mother Molly had wanted a daughter so much that she had kept on having children until she got one. Ginny always thought that she was lucky to have been born at all. After all there had been no female weasleys in generations. But Ginny had learned from a young age that when her mother wanted something she would usually ended up getting it. This was all very good when it came to most things, as often Ginny could get her mother to do anything for her. Sometimes though Ginny got tired of her mother's temper and control.

She was after all eight, almost nine years old, and shouldn't have to put up with her mother's control anymore. Her biggest brother Bill had just finished Hogwarts as head boy and with very good results on his NEWTS. Charlie who was also one of Ginny's oldest brothers was heading into his seventh year at Hogwarts, and was captain of the quidditch team. Despite her mother's complaints about how Ginny shouldn't fly, her mother thought no woman belonged on a broom, Ginny didn't care. One day she Ginevra Molly Weasley would be captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team just like Charlie. That is assuming she went into Gryffindor. She was brave all right, but didn't think she belonged in Gryffindor. She was brave but not bold, smart but not studious, loyal and hardworking but not nice, and she was ambitious and sly but not a Pureblood supremist. Ginny didn't know where she would go at Hogwarts so she was glad the sorting hat would choose for her.

Despite the fact that she looked up to Charlie he was not her favorite brother. Ginny's favorite brother was Bill. As Bill was the oldest, and Ginny the youngest they shared that special kind of sibling bond. Bill was still protective of her as any big brother should be of his little sister, but Bill realized that Ginny wasn't weak for being a girl. It was Bill that had taught her how to pick locks and told her to sneak into the broom shed and fly at night. And boy did Ginny ever enjoy those nights when she went flying. Bill was definitely her favorite brother, but Ginny liked all of her brothers about the same.

Her next oldest brother after Charlie was Percy. Percy was heading into his fourth year now at Hogwarts and he was always bragging about how well he did in school. Percy was a bookworm and worshipped all authority figures. He believed that anyone in a position of authority should be given the utmost respect. His current goal in life was to become a prefect, then head boy, and lastly work his way up in the ministry, then one day become minister. To Ginny this sounded extremely boring, but Percy had always been that, boring. Yet Percy still enjoyed reading to Ginny when she was younger, and when he wanted to he could even make jokes about the twins. Percy was a genius in Ginny's opinion. He wasn't just book smart, but he knew how to make others feel better when he wanted to.

Ginny also really liked her brothers Fred and George. The two were inseparable, as were most twins. Fred and George always cheered her up when she was mad at Ron. They would either prank him, with really funny things, or they would belittle him. Once Ron had ripped the head off of her favorite doll and Fred and George helped Ginny get back at him by turning his teddy bear into a spider.

Ginny hated Ron, but she couldn't help but love him. Ron and Ginny were only a year a part so they were very close. Ron however always got extremely jealous and was sometimes insufferable. It was times like these when Ginny would count down the days until Ron would go to Hogwarts. Only one more year until she would be home alone. The year Ron went to Hogwarts would also be the year when Harry Potter would attend.

Harry Potter. Ginny wasn't sure about what to make of him. She often dreamed about marrying him, but some of the things he did in the books about him were kind of unbelievable. Everyone knew he stopped Voldemort when he was a baby and earned a scar, and the nickname The-Boy-Who-Lived. What Ginny remembered but most people forgot was, that on that night Harry lost his parents. Ginny thought that even though he had defeated Voldemort as a baby it didn't mean he could've done all those things, especially without the help of a family behind him.

Of course Ginny kept those thoughts to herself because her mother would hear no wrong when it came to Harry Potter, and it was nice to think he could've defeated a yeti at age five. Plus she would be a year behind him in Hogwarts anyways. From what she had learned you usually don't date people out of their year in Hogwarts. But Ginny also knew that if she married Harry Potter it would be because she loved him for who he was, not because of some stupid title. Ron was the exact opposite of her. He would automatically marry anyone who was even somewhat famous. Ron was an idiot though and Ginny knew she was smarter than he'd ever be. A call from her mother interrupted her thinking and brought her back to the real world.

"Ginny are you dressed yet? Come on we have to get to Diagon Alley to get Charlie, Percy, and the twins their school supplies." Oh yes, the annual school trip that their mother insisted on everyone participating in.

"Mum, while we are in Flourish and Blotts could I maybe get a new book?"

"Ginny why would you need a new book, we have plenty of books here, and you can always read your brothers old spell books if you get bored. Now come on let's go." With that Molly called all of her kids together and began directing them through the floo. When Fred and George had gone, Molly called for Ron.

"Alright Ron, go on through." Ron walked forward and through the floo. Ginny was about to do the same but once again her mother stopped her. "Ginny what do you think you are doing?"

"Going through the floo mum."

"No you aren't. You could get lost. You'll go through with me."

"Mum I'm fine, I don't need any help. Ron is fine when he goes. And when Dad is here, he lets me go through by myself."

"Your father lets you go through alone? Well he shouldn't. As for Ron he is a year older than you."

"But when Ron was eight he was aloud to go through by himself. Plus I'm almost nine and it's not fair!"

"Ginevra! Come through now." Molly starting counting down, but Ginny was done with this.

"Okay mum I'll go." With that Ginny walked forward, took a handful of floo powder, stepped in the fireplace and said clearly "Diagon Alley."

Here We Go Again

Harry had woken up and was in a very good mood. Today he was going back to Diagon because he had a few places to stop. He still had to go back to Gringotts for a follow up on his inheritance and the blocks, but he also wanted to stop in Flourish and Blotts to buy some muggle fiction books. Those books were very entertaining and some of the ideas in them were very interesting. Flourish and Blotts had a collection of popular muggle books for muggle borns and those who didn't see the joy in reading spell books for fun.

Unfortunately the store only had a few series as most pureblood families disapproved of muggle texts. None the less Harry was going to buy one of every muggle book there, One can never have too many good books. Harry's thinking was interrupted by a disturbance in the wards.

"Master Harry, I is Micky, and Micky can tell you who the intruder is!"

"Yes, Micky who is it?"

"Harry Potter sir, you have a bad man at your gates. We house elves don't like bad man. He is really old and overworks our brothers and sister elves at Hogwarts. Master Harry I being a bad elf for not stopping him from getting here. But don't worry he is just near the castle. Bad old man could never find him. No sir, Micky and other elves serve House of Potter and will always protect the young master."

"Thank you for the report Micky, I have to run some errands but if you don't mind could you tell the other elves to stand guard and be prepared in case Dumbledore does make it in?"

"Yes! Harry Potter sir, do you be needing anything else?"

"No that will be all." With that Harry walked over to the floo and said "Diagon Alley."

When Harry arrived he saw a huge crowd of red heads and one very angry Molly Weasley. Harry wondered which of her children she was yelling at right now. He turned to watch and his heart leapt when he saw Ginny. Even as an eight year old she was still beautiful. Currently though she was the subject of Mrs. Weasley's yells.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley! What were you thinking flooing by yourself. You could've ended up somewhere like Knockturn! Your father will be hearing about this, just so you know young lady."

"Fine, mother." Ginny yelled back. Ginny might be half the size of Molly Weasley but her lungs were equally loud.

"Mum, can I go meet up with Tonks? She wants me to meet her at Florean Fortescue's in five minutes."

"Uh, fine Charlie, but first we need to stop in Gringotts to get money. If I give you 30 galleons will you be able to get all your supplies?"

"30 galleons is more than enough mum. Any chance I can get a new broom too? The twins have Bill's old one, and I've seen them practicing they're gonna make the team, but not unless they each have their own broom. One of them can have my old broom, and since I'm quidditch captain I'm going to need a new broom. I hear that Slytherin's new seeker has the new Bolt broom, thunder. I mean I'm better skill wise but my broom is never going to beat a thunderbolt. Could I get the new shooting star? I hear it's only 50 galleons, not a bad price for a new broom."

"Yes fine Charlie, but this is coming out of your allowance for the year, and I'm only saying yes because you have all those talent scouts looking at you for professional teams."

"Mum, for the last time I'm not going to play professional quidditch. I mean it's great and all but I don't want the pressure of professional quidditch. I want to work in Romania with the dragons."

"Charlie Weasley you will do no such thing! Dragons are dangerous creatures and you could get hurt."

"For the last time mum I'm of age, and it's my life." While her mother and Charlie continued to fight, Ginny snuck off towards the entrance to the book store. Harry noticing this followed closely behind.

Once in the store he wandered over to the fictional books and started pulling them off the shelf. What he didn't notice was Ginny coming up behind him.

"Wow you sure read a lot of books." Startled Harry whirled around and dropped the books.

"Sorry!" Ginny squeaked.

"It's alright." Ginny shyly looked up and saw who she was talking to.

"Bloody hell are you Harry Potter? I knew the books weren't true. They all said you were living in the jungle fighting off beasts. And they describe you as tall, muscular, and tan. I don't think you are any of those things though." Ginny said with a blush.

"Oh, those books aren't true." Harry wasn't at all embarrassed that Ginny had just called him short, pale, and weak because in the future he was the exact opposite.

"Are you going to read all of those books?" Ginny asked tentatively,

"Not all at once, but one can never have too many books."

"That's what I think too! So does my brother Percy, but he reads boring books, you know history ones and text books. I wish I could read the kind you are getting because those sound really interesting, but my mum doesn't think they are good books. She says that they are a waste of money."

"Really Ginny? How about I buy you some. Pick out any you want."

"Oh no, I-I couldn't."

"Ginny do you have a birthday?"

"Yeah! It's in August."

"Then consider these books as a birthday gift."

"Well okay then, maybe." With a smile Ginny picked out five books, and thanked Harry.

"Ginny I think you should go back to your mother now, and one more thing if anyone asks where you got those books, don't mention my name. Just say the shopkeeper gave them to you as a birthday gift."

"Okay, so I shouldn't tell anyone that I saw you? Will I ever see you again?"

"Ginny, don't tell anyone but if you want I can owl you books and letters."

"Yes, please Harry!"

"Okay Ginny, bye."

"Bye Harry." Harry watched as Ginny skipped off books in hand back to her family. He was right in his guess that Molly hadn't even noticed Ginny was gone as she and Charlie were still arguing about dragons and quidditch.

"Mum, it's my life I'm going to work with dragons."

"Charles, I just don't see why you are wasting a wonderful opportunity like this."

"Wasting? The scouts referred to me as another dumb bloke who couldn't get another job. I'm not going to play for them if they have that kind of attitude!"

"Charlie," Ginny piped up, "isn't your girlfriend waiting for you?"

"Oh shi-" with one look at his mother Charlie quieted. "Mum we have to hurry come on."

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