TMNT-A Thin Line

Chapter 7

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"So help me god Raphael if you ever do that again I will personally shove you off the Empire State Building!" Cori yelled at him, but amusement was clear in her voice. Raphael chuckled, bumping into her playfully and rolled his electric green eyes.

"So this is how you thank me? After I save your life and offer you to stay at the lair?"

"No, that's how I scold you for jumping off a building with me in your arms. I'll show you how I thank you later, if your family agrees I can stay, which I highly doubt." Cori laughed, brushing her bangs out of her eyes. He smiled warmly at her, and she did the same.

"Now why would they say no?"

"Well….I did punch one of your brother's in the face…and hit the other one over the head…and pepper sprayed Casey….and threatened the giant rat…." She listed off on her fingers. Raphael chuckled as they reentered the lair, the rest of the mutants waiting in the living room.

She pressed her lips together nervously, knowing the people in the room weren't exactly her biggest fans. Not that she blamed them, when she first met them, she was…well a serious bitch.

They watched her cautiously, as if expecting her to lose it. The brunette wrapped her arms around herself self consciously, now regretting her actions from before.

"Uh….April could ya take Cori to my room?" Raph asked causing the redhead to raise a brow.

"You're kidding me right? After what she did to Casey?!" April snapped and Cori grinded her teeth together, biting back a snarky comment. That chick was seriously rubbing her the wrong way.

"You don't have to stay, just take her there will ya?!" He snapped angrily, stepping between Cori and his family, ready to defend her. She didn't deserve being judged, not after what she's been through.

Everyone else tensed at his hostility.

"Fine…" April huffed and stood up walking down a hall and Cori took it as her cue to follow. She and Raph exchanged silent glances before she vanished down the corridor, leaving Raph with his family.

"Come on guys give her chance! She doesn't have anywhere else to go and it's too dangerous for her on the street!" Raphael told his family. He had just spent the past fifteen minutes explaining his new friend's current situation and trying to convince the other mutants to let her stay with them in the lair.

"What if this is just what Shredder wants? What if she's a spy Raph?" Leo pointed out, "We can't risk it!"

"Oh that's rich, coming from the guy who had a thing for Karai!" Raph snapped causing Leonardo to glare at him.

"This is different. We didn't know she was his adopted daughter."

"You didn't see the look on her face when she realized what her brother turned into….trust me she's not with the foot and doesn't wanna be. Why would she spy for the guys that tried to kidnap her?"

"What if they planned it from the start and this is just a big act?" Don questioned, "This all sounds a bit fishy to me guys."

"Guys, her parents are gone and so is everyone else she cares about, we can't just leave her alone!" Raphael exclaimed, "We never turn down anyone who needs help, we can't start now."

"What do you think sensei?" Mikey asked and the rat mutant paused, stroking his beard in thought.

"I would like to speak to Cori about this…then I will decide." Master Splinter stated and left to find the girl in question.

Cori sat on what she assumed was Raphael's bed as 'April' glared at her from the other side of the room. Was this what she was like when she first met the turtles? If she was, then she had some serious apologizing to do, because it was annoying as shit.

"You know, Raph said you didn't have to stay."

"And leave you alone to spy for your brother? I don't think so." April scowled and Cori's blue eyes narrowed.

"In case you forgot, my brother tried to kidnap me. He and I aren't exactly on the best of terms, so why in the hell would I spy for him?"

"You're probably just faking all of this, to get us to trust you." April accused and at this Cori stood up, rigid.

"FAKING? You have no idea what I've been through! I bet you couldn't last half a second in my shoes!" Cori growled at the redhead, her hands curling into fists,

"Oh? I lost my mom and my dad is a mutant! You think I don't know what it's like to lose someone? At least you still have your parents!" April snapped back.

Cori laughed darkly, her voice full of bitterness. "You don't know me at all. I've lost everyone I cared about everyone, so you don't get to judge me. I'm not you, I don't react like you do so do me a favor, shut up and stop being Miss. High-and-mighty." Tears stung at the back of her eyes and her voice wavered. The teen in front of her anger subsided and her features softened.

"My mom died when I was thirteen right in front of me and my dad left for some stripper half his age, I just found out that my brother Chris, the only thing I had left is a mutant who abandoned me out of the blue. I have NOTHING!" Cori snapped a few tears escaping her cyan orbs.


"Just…Just leave me alone!" The brunette shouted, wiping her eyes and turning away. She wasn't going to start sobbing in front of some stranger and luckily for her, April left. She sat down on the bed, her knees pressed against her chest and arms wrapped around her legs. Her forehead rested on her forearms and when Cori was finally alone, she cried. It all hit her…it all came crashing down.

Her parents were gone, she was homeless, Xavier, her ex-boyfriend was a thug and mutant who tried to kidnap her with her brother, who was monster. The only people she could trust despised her except for Raph, and he was a mutant turtle! Her life was out of control and slipping through her hands like sand through her fingers. Her body shook with sobs and tears streamed from her eyes for what felt like hours when there was soft knock on the door.

A sad sigh left her pink lips and she sniffed, drying her tears she gave a soft, "Come in."

The rat mutant walked inside the room, looking her over and stroking his beard. "My son tells me you have nowhere to stay. Is this true?"

"Yup, penniless, homeless and an orphan….the whole shebang." Cori sighed, wrapping her arms around herself tighter. "And it was really sweet for Raph to offer for me to stay here but, if you're here to tell me that's not an option, it's cool, I kind figured that's how it was gonna be…"

"Oh?" The rat asked sitting beside her and left brow raised. "How did you come to that conclusion?"

"Well…I wasn't exactly the nicest person when we first met. I beat the wasn't out of two of your kids, threatened you, pepper sprayed a friend of yours and kinda had a mental freak out. Plus, my brother's the enemy…so it wasn't all that hard to figure out."

"Who told you, that your brother is our enemy?"

"Well….you guys weren't exactly hiding it. Plus, when I first met you all, Raph and the guys were fighting X-" she paused frowning, her heart ached within her. She couldn't even think of his name without feeling the sting of betrayal…no she wouldn't say it. Xavier died eight months ago…and he wasn't coming back. "Fishface and….Chris." Cori corrected, continuing to hold herself.

The old rat studied her, though she didn't notice. Her thoughts were focused inward and how her life had gone so wrong.

"My son tells me, you have nowhere else to stay."

"So?" She asked in a monotone.

"I'd like to hear it in your own words." Splinter informed her causing Cori to glance at him. She let go of her legs and sighed.

"I understand…you don't believe me."

"I never said that." The mutant interjected and Cori stared at him before smirking.

"Alright….gramps." She teased but Splinter only smiled.

"My mom was a….manic depressive schizophrenic and married three times, the first time was to some guy who just married her for money, the second is Chris's dad who left before he was born and the third husband was my father." The brunette explained with a sad sigh, "My dad left us when I was eleven years old for some Hispanic stripper half his age because he couldn't take my mother's…episodes. She'd yell and scream and act as if she were high…and I don't blame him for leaving…but I wish he would've taken me with him."

Cori glanced at the old rat, expecting judgment in his eyes but found none. She swallowed a lump in her suddenly very wet throat and spoke again, this time her voice cracking.

"I haven't heard from him in five years. My mom, unable to take the rejection of a third husband became a drug addict and alcoholic making everything even worse. She and Chris use to get into all sorts of fights because…it wasn't good for her or me. On Mother's day two years later, she loaded me in for a drive, and ranted on and on how no one cared and how she wanted to die. I didn't think anything about it, I mean she had said millions of times before. But next thing I knew….she rammed full speed into a semi….I broke three ribs and my left femur….My mom had internal bleeding in her lungs and brain. I was holding her hand, yelling at her to stay awake and she just smiled…then slipped away."

Cori was crying now, each moment replaying in her mind like a broken record. She normally would've hated crying in front of someone but at this moment, with everything as crazy as it was, she didn't care. She choked on her own salty tears as she tried to continued,

"And so I lived with Chris, with mom's inheritance and life insurance and his dojos we were living the highlife. Everything was great, I was getting really good at music and had a really good private school…but then….he started coming home later with bruises everywhere and hanging out with shady people."

"Like Xever?" Master Splinter asked and Cori nodded sadly.

"Yeah…and X- I mean Fishface wasn't all bad. He looked out for me and we were…close. But then they start coming home later, then only every couple of days and finally disappear all together. So I get kicked out of school and our penthouse and thrown onto the streets….and after months of searching…I find out this…" Cori's hands cradled her face and she cried anymore, "I-I have nothing!" She sobbed for a few minutes until the rat patted her on the back.

"That is not entirely true." He smiled gently causing a puzzled look to wash over the teenage girl's features.


"You will stay here, until further notice. It is much too dangerous for you on the surface, the Foot clan is still hunting after you, so you must remain hidden." He explained and bewilderment set into Cori's soul.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

"I too have lost everything I once held dear…I understand how it hurts." He responded and Cori grew silent. They stayed like that for several moments before she glanced at him shyly.

"Can I ask a personal question?" When Master Splinter didn't respond, she took it as a 'yes'. "Does it ever…stop hurting?"

He chuckled softly and nodded, "It is beaten away like the waves against stone. A little more is carried away, but only with time and y spending time with others that make you happy."

Cori paused, ingesting the information and smiled. "Thank you."

He didn't respond and simply stood and began to head out the door, "Come, we must get you settled for the night. It is late and you have training in the morning."


"Of course, you must learn to defend yourself should the Shredder and his men catch you off guard and we are not nearby." Splinter said matter-of-factly and Cori smiled and followed him out.