Saving Mia Ch. 6

(Emmett's POV. Christmas Eve night)

"Come on sweetheart time for bed" I say as I pick her up.

"Daddy do I have to?" she whines.

"Yeah baby you do. If you don't Santa won't come and bring you presents" I say as I climb the stairs.

"Down" she demands when we get to her room. I set her down n she runs to her bed.

"Sweetheart put your PJ's on and brush your teeth first" I say and hand her PJ's. She runs to the bathroom and I hear her struggling to rush putting her PJ's on.

"Brush your teeth" I yell and she groan but does so. After she runs out of the bathroom and jumps in bed. I chuckle and tuck her in.

"See you in the A.M baby" I say as I kiss her forehead.

"Goodnight daddy" she yawns as she rolls over. I close the door and head back downstairs o the family. Alice and rose were already busy wrapping

. "What if she wakes up" I hiss.

"She won't" Alice says as she finishes a present.

"I got to go deliver some cookies to the hospital and check in on some patients" I say and go to the kitchen. I grab the cookies and get into my jeep. When I get there dad was filling out paperwork while talking to the nurses.

"Hey son" he says as he excuses himself from paper work.

"Hi dad. Busy night?" I ask seeing all the charts.

"Not really just kids with earaches and colds" he says as we walk upstairs to the pediatric nurses' lounge.

"Merry Christmas girls" I say as I set the cookies down.

"Did your mother make them?" One of the nurses asks.

"Yep just like always." I say and dad laughs.

"Oh I almost forgot you need to go check up on Trevor. I don't think he's going to last much longer without the surgery" Dad says.

"Well excuse me ladies" I say and walk out.

"What do you mean he won't last long? Yesterday he was perfectly fine" I say as I wash my hands before heading into the NICU

"Dr. Cullen thank god you here" Trevor's mom says and I can tell she has been crying.

I go over to the incubator and gasp in shock. Trevor was struggling to breathe. I quickly examine him and look over at dad.

"Is there any surgical team here tonight?" I ask.

"No everyone left for the holidays." Dad says.

"We need to get him into surgery now if we don't he won't make it to the 26th" I say.

"I'll get some nurses and I'll meet you in the O.R." Dad says and leaves.

"Is he going to survive?" Trevor's mom asks.

"I won't let him die. Nikki will show you the waiting room" I say as Nikki walks in. She leaves and I pick up Trevor.

I walk down to the O.R and hand him to the anthologist nurse that was here. I go and get scrubbed in as dad does the same.

We say a prayer and then get into the O.R.

(3 hours later)

"Lucy take him back to the NICU, dad come with me to inform Trevor's mom." I say as I pick up Trevor and hand him to Lucy. Dad and I take off our surgical gowns and then go to the waiting room.

"Mrs. Petterson" I call and she stands up.

"How is he?" she asks in panic.

"He pulled through the surgery fine and we will hopefully be able to move him to the nursery for the rest of his say before you can take him home in about a month." I say.

"Oh thank god" She says.

"Would you like to see him?" Dad asks.

"Yes please" She says.

"Emmett go home and help your wife and sister finish wrapping presents" Dad says and I nod and leave. When I get home rose is walking down the stairs with more presents.

"Emmie there's more presents from us in our closet can you to get them?" She asks.

"Of course." I say and run upstairs. I bring them down and we start to wrap them

(Two hours later/150 presents later)

"Finally!" I say as I stand back up.

"I'm heading to bed" Rose says as she goes to climb the stairs.

"Jasper, Edward help me" Alice says and I sigh in relief and go to the stairs.

Rose and I walk hand and hand upstairs and to our bedroom.

"You ready for an early morning?" I ask as we lay down.

"No" she groans and lays next to me. I laugh and wrap her in my arms. She cuddles into me and we fall asleep.

(Next morning/Mia's POV)
When I wake up everything is quite except the soft Christmas music playing. Wait Santa came last night! With that thought I get out of bed and race to mommy and daddy's room. I open the door and run in there room ad throw myself onto their bed.

"Mommy daddy time to wake up" I say as I bounce up and down. Mommy rolls over and groans.

"Mommy come on" I whine as daddy gets up.

"Come one rose petals" Daddy says as he picks me up. Mommy groans but gets up and puts a bath robe on. We go downstairs and I gasp when I see all the presents.

"Down" I demand and wiggle in his arms. He sets me down when we get to the bottom of the stairs and I run to the tree in awe. The rest of the family come down.

"Merry Christmas mia" they all say and sit down. Mommy and daddy sit on the couch closet to the tree. Uncle jazz, Auntie Alice sit in the recliner together.

Nes sits between Uncle Edward and auntie Bella on the three person couch. Grandpa sits in a recliner which as closest to the tree and grandma sits on his lap.

"Come on baby come open presents" grandma says as she opens her arms for me. I run over them and she sits me on her lap.

Auntie Alice gets up and starts t hand me presents.

(Half way through presents)

"Come on sweetheart let's get some breakfast into you and then we will finish." Mommy says as she stands up and comes to me. I let her pick me up and she takes me to the kitchen. Mommy gives me my food and I start to think about the last two months. Start to cry and I feel mommy hug me.

"Shh baby hats wrong?" she asks.

"You guys love me right?" I ask as I bury my head in her chest.

"Of course baby" she says.

"You're never going to give me away" I say.

"No sweetheart never" she says.

"Promise?" I ask still afraid.

"We promise" Daddy says as he comes in.

'but wham about everyone else will hey always love me?" I ask.

"Of course we will" the family says from the door frame. Grandpa walks to us and holds his arms out. Daddy hands me to him and grandpa hugs me.

"Shh baby we will always love you no matter what you do" He coos as he rubs my back.

"Promise?" I ask again.

"Sweetheart you're stuck with family from now and forever. Noting your can do will make us UN love you" Grandpa says and the whole family join in the hug.

" Ok come on lets go finish presents" Auntie Alice says and skips

(The end)