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You start to go over your life in those last few moments. You start to forgive yourself for mistakes or, in some cases, you hate yourself for not doing more with your life. But to some, those mundane things about life just seem so far away.

Like an avenging goddess the woman who stood before a swarming mass of blackened shapes with glowing red eyes lifted her hands as the fiery inferno that burned there cascaded and rolled in on itself over and over, preparing for its flight. And it flew, rabid and hungry for soft pink flesh already flushed from its angry heat. It met instead the rotting hairy corpses of those long forgotten, those unwelcomed by her kind. Those that had chosen a different life.

"I fight for my ancestors and my goddesses alone! You dare think to corrupt me?" the matted creatures hissed as more flames struck them in a flurry of dancing orange and red and white. Their guttural cries of pain were nothing more than the voices of cowards to the caretaker of the flame. Nothing more than the cries of hatred, greed and evil personified as hideous grotesque creatures who had haunted the night, stealing children and babies from their nesting places.

"Anastasia! I cannot bare the weight of Mother Earth much longer!" the fiery woman turned slowly to face the young woman whose shoulders and back held the burden of earth, an opening to the hole they were in.

"My dearest Valentina. I am not coming with you."

"What? But you must! We need you! I need you!" Valentina's eyes glossed over with the sheen of tears as one barely managed to slip down her cheek before it was sucked away by the heat of flame.

"No, you do not need me. You have proven yourself quite worthy to the Great Mother. But these creatures must be destroyed and by doing so the earth must be closed so none may escape. Do you understand?" Her steely gold eyes softened at the heartbroken look of the younger girl.

"But you were the sister I never had." Her words were soft, she had bowed her head, so that the fierce warrior standing before her would not see her pain.

"We will meet again. The fates will allow it." Her smile was genuine and made her hard features soften and transform her into a beautiful maiden with billowing auburn hair and shining golden eyes. Valentina nodded slightly but did not look as she whispered a prayer for her friend and backed out and away from the earth.

It shuddered as she slid from under it and like the sigh of a woman after a long day's work, it lowered its open maw and entrapped the avenging woman to call forth the full embodiment of her elemental power and hurl it at the creatures who did not belong in the world.

Valentina backed away from the mound where she had buried her friend alive, she hardened her expression and tried her very best to hide the emotions swirling within her as she approached her family, her pack. Her steps faltered as they turned to her in anticipation. In return for their confusion that she could see within their eyes she sucked in a breath and let it out with her words in a hurried rush, as if saying the words fast enough would be no more painful than swiftly ripping off a band-aid.

"She's not coming back. She sacrificed herself for us, for our world."

"She is buried within the earth with those…abominations?" the first to speak was the successor of Anastasia, the woman encased in the earth.

"Yes, I'm so sorry Guinevere…I know you've only been a part of this pack a short while, but I could tell how much you cared for her." Valentina sighed and finally, finally let her emotions overflow and allow her to cry, her sobs shook her shoulders as they were unleashed. Tears streaked the faces of the other two girls but they did not openly sob, they only grasped each other's hands in an effort to ground themselves.

"Come now Valentina, it's time for us to go home." The second woman, Constance, spoke softly to the younger woman whose cries were the loud tortured sounds of a distressed animal, but her body complied as she stepped within the waiting arms of the two other women as they walked slowly across the expanse of hills and trees, slowly, buying their time to heal. They didn't notice their friend's shimmering silhouette like the sparks of a beautiful fire watch them as they went before vanishing in an explosion of sparks and embers, the scent of burning pine wood and the soft sound of the wood's crackling as it expanded with heat the only indication that she had been there, before it faded as well, leaving the night cool and silent, the calm before the storm.

Bliss, always bliss and peace and light and love. Those things were constants in Asintmach's Forest. But still something was missing. Her pack of course, she knew that, it was like a burning hole in her heart without her pack. An alpha without her pack mates it nothing.

"But they are not here." She spoke aloud, her words were flat and almost void of any emotion except guilt.

"I left them all on their own." Musical laughter drifted to her from the bustling forest beside her and she turned. Sitting on a large boulder, beautiful cardinal perched on her shoulder, and a bobcat caressing her knee, asking for the Goddess's touch. She had long legs that were partially draped in a slightly sheer forest green fabric, the rest of her dress was made of deer skin and dyed forest green as well and decorated with opal and turquoise beads and claws of very large cats like the one rubbing against her leg affectionately.

"Asintmach, my Goddess."

"Anastasia, my child, my daughter." As she stepped from the boulder and approached Anastasia she opened her arms wide. Anastasia didn't hesitate, she embraced her true mother.

"You have been enjoying yourself here in my realm?" the Goddess who had been the creator of her kind, the beings she named for their courage and loyalty to that which they signify and protect.

"I am…to an extent…my Goddess." Anastasia looked away from Mother Asintmach, her eyes roaming over the endless hills and forest, devouring every bit of the landscape with her fiery gaze, eating up the scene so that she may remember it.

"Oh? You long for your pack, like a good Alpha. That's just like you daughter, always the loyal leader, but no, you are more than that. You are such a diligent, hard-working friend, and a respected superior." Asintmach's hands rested firmly on the long dead Alpha's shoulders shaking her slightly.

"Fret no longer my child, because they are here to join you on your next quest. " Anastasia flinched at the news.

"They are here? Dead? But how! I…I don't understand! Guinevere! She was the most capable and strong and…and..-"

"Anastasia! Calm yourself." Asintmach shook the Alpha by the shoulders once more to attract her attention. Alpha Anastasia stared with wide eyes over the Goddess's shoulder. There…standing just a mere few feet behind her were her packmates. A small pack at that but hers none the less.

"Oh…oh my sisters!" a sob escaped her lips as she slid free of the Goddess's grasp and walked on unsteady legs toward the three women.

"Long time no see Ana." Guinevere smiled, her hair was longer Anastasia noticed, and her storm cloud eyes had a sort of wisdom within them now. Anastasia folded herself in her Beta's arms, sobbing a bit more, shaking.

"It was nothing really. Just an avalanche. Quick. No suffering." The blunt and slightly nonchalant comment had come from Constance and Anastasia found herself smiling a true genuine smile, one that hadn't graced her expression for more than a century.

"Good…good. I would've hoped for the no suffering part." Anastasia glanced at the youngest of them all next. Valentina, who had had to let her Alpha die.

"Val." The younger woman shook her head and smiled, holding out her arms for the Alpha to embrace her once again.

"I've missed you." She whispered to Ana as they pulled apart. Ana's eyes brimmed with more tears so she only nodded in agreement.

"My daughters, time is of the essence. The Nun'Yunu'Wi is almost among the living. We cannot allow his escape from the spirit world."

"Nun'Yunu'Wi?!" Anastasia whirled around, her red hair fanning around to fall over her right shoulder.

"Yes daughter. His minions that you encased, were not the only ones. Some had hidden from your wraith and now try to awaken their master." Asintmach said solemnly, her eyes growing soft and sorrowful.

"So we have to help humans now?" Valentina asked, crossing her arms over her chest and cocking her hip to the side.

"It is only right that you do. But it will not be for awhile now that the wretched monster be released from his hellish prison I hope."

Anastasia stared at her Goddess, her thoughts ran rampant within her mind, swirling and cascading around like white rapids. They had never helped the humans, they had more or less killed more than they had helped because of their insatiable greed for all things. They had persecuted the animals that the Cerberuses protect for hundreds of years without a fair trial. They had slaughtered so many innocent wolves, so many innocent spirits. But could they really help the humans, the ones who had tried to destroy what she herself and her sisters and Goddess held so sacred to their hearts? The Nun'Yunu'Wi was indeed a terrible being, but the humans deserved it. No. Not all humans, there are a good few, she knew that well. And with the terrible essence of the Nun'Yunu'Wi on the edge of the spirit world as they spoke, she finally made her decision.

"We will help." She said in a hollow voice.

"What?!" Valentina exclaimed as she whirled around on her sister.

"Valentina, you know not all humans are as horrible as the ones we have dealt with, and you know if the Nun'Yunu'Wi is released he will not just overturn the human civilization, but he will destroy peace and hope within ever innocent creature that lives and breathes in his path." Anastasia closed her eyes for a minute. "Think of how it would be if we didn't help."

Valentina let out a huff of air. "The four of us against that…thing?"

"No daughter, where I am sending each of you there is a being who will guide you to where you need to go. You are being reincarnated daughters, so you will not truly remember yourselves but I will leave my mark on each of you so that you may learn and then you will be ready to meet each other once again." Asintmach smiled the kind motherly smile she gave them when she was proud of their work. "I know you will defeat this darkness."

"For good this time." Anastasia nodded.

"Darkness will not sink its putrid fangs into our world any longer." Guinevere growled.

"Right then. Constance?" Asintmach looked to the ever quiet, patient Constance who looked back at her with cobalt blue eyes that burned with a wild vengeance. But she only nodded in agreement.

"Then so mote it be." Asintmach's voice suddenly carried with it an otherworldly power as she drew intricate designs in the air around the girls that took form as a blue, green, white, and red light that shimmered with its own power. She started to chant as she danced around the girls, words none of them understood. The designs in the light started to swirl around them with a torrent of sweet smelling air and then purple smoke.

Anastasia could feel herself falling. She could feel the air rushing past her as she descended from her spiritual realm, her paradise. She closed her eyes as she fell back to reality. The cold cruel world that would never make sense to her in her mind.

"Remember my daughters, I love you all, always." Her Goddess's words were merely a whisper in her mind as she felt her spirit settle within its new form slowly accepting its new shape and new features. Morphing to fit the appearance of her new identity.

And then she opened her eyes. Everything looked strange. What was all this stuff, who were these people holding her. She could feel the blanket she was securely swaddled in and wriggled slightly letting out a protesting wail.

"Sh sh sh. Hush darling." The new voice instantly calmed her. Instantly it soothed her worries.

"she…she's alive?" the next voice was deeper but it was familiar too.

"Yes love. She came back to us, I knew she would." Turning her head slightly to the left she looked upon the face of her mother, a woman with dark auburn hair and hazel eyes. She smiled down at her and she could feel the stirrings of a new trust.

"You're safe now little one. My little Blythe." A gentle kiss was placed upon her forehead as she closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep slumber.