Life in the Empire

Summary: A/U. Dom and Letty have a different life in the City of Angels.

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Letty pulled her silver Lexus around the back of the bar. She glared at the oncoming clouds in the distance, pulling the collar of her leather jacket closer to her neck as she jogged up the cement staircase and shoved her key into the lock to let herself into the back room.

One of the bouncers was waiting for her.

She sighed. "Where is he?"

"Upstairs office. He told me not to call you."

Letty smirked. "Yeah, 'cause he knows I'm the scary bitch around here." She passed him a fifty dollar bill. "Thanks, Nico."

"Anytime", he nodded.

"You can go if you want. I'll lock up here."

He nodded.

"Good luck, Letty."

Letty walked out of the room and around the corner to the stair case that led upstairs, her heels clacking on the linoleum. The door was open and she leaned her hip against the doorjamb. "Who'd you piss off today, Toretto?" she asked mildly.

"Dion and I had a disagreement over product", he said flatly.

"You could have called me", she rolled her eyes.

He glared, finally glancing over at her. "He stares at your tits. I would have punched him anyway." His head tilted curiously, taking in her thigh-length gold dress and matching shoes and her pinned up hair. "You look nice."

"We have a meeting downtown tonight", she reminded, raising an exasperated eyebrow. "I have your suit in the car."

"Shit", he muttered. "Thanks, Let."

"Mhm", she smiled slightly and went to the refrigerator for an ice pack, coming back and pressing it gently against the side of his face. "Now let's fix your face. As much as I like the roughed-up look, we can't go see Mateo when you've got a swollen eye. He'll think I beat on you."

Dominic laughed under his breath, mood lightening a bit as she straddled one of his thighs. "You know he calls you my 'old lady', right?"

Her mouth twitched. "Yeah, and last month when we went to dinner he very casually asked me if you'd talked to me about signing a pre-nump."

"He what?"

She shook her head. "Don't get hot under the collar about it, Dom."

"Letty, what did you say?"

"That you were the one that put this nice rock on my finger, and if you wanted to discuss that with me, you'd have the balls to do it yourself." She spun the engagement ring around her finger absently with her thumb.

He grinned. "That's my girl."

"And I mentioned I had plenty of my own money in the bank account from my days working the pole."

"Leticia!" he slapped her thigh. "You did not!"

She let out a throaty laugh. "No, I didn't", she admitted.

"Scare the hell out of me, woman", he said gruffly, hands curling around her neck. "That's just what I need. Your father coming to town to kill me for those kind of rumors travelling around."

"Uh-uh, pal", she protested, catching one of his wrists. "Don't mess up my hair."

He eyed her with amusement. "I like it better down."

"You can take it down later", she promised with a naughty grin.

"Thanks for doing this with me", he said seriously.

"What's that?"

"Everything. Couldn't ask for a better partner."

"Good thing I love you then, huh?"

"Do you?"

She smirked, "Yeah. I mean sure, your shit drives me damn crazy sometimes, but I always thought perfection would be fucking boring." They were solid, always. And they both knew it.

He laughed. "Spoken like a true lady", he teased, left hand sneaking under the back of her dress.

"Dom", she murmured warningly. "That's for later."

"You bought something new for me to peel off you?" he purred.

She waggled her eyebrows playfully, "Maybe."

"How much time we got?"

"Not that much time, Papa", she laughed. "Don't get handsy."

He groaned. "We don't have enough time for fun anymore."

She snorted. "Yes, well, the men who wear suits for pajamas have us on short leashes. And they still think you pulled me out of an alley somewhere and did me a favor."

He hummed thoughtfully. "That's not quite right is it? It's been a while, but I seem to recall several instances where I took you into a few alleys and gave you several… favors."

Her eyes widened with her surprised laughter. "Dominic!"

Dom caught her hand gently. "I told you I would handle that", he said seriously. "And I'm fairly certain you politely told me to 'go fuck myself'."

"I was drunk that night", she shook her head. "But we're playing with the big dogs here. Mateo respects me because he can't make me angry. Emilio still tries. One day soon, though, he's gonna find the end of my fist, I promise you that. But not until everyone knows he deserves it."

"Yeah, well, you've got the bouncers scared of you, so that's an accomplishment", he grinned at her.

She turned his hand in hers, pressing her lips against his bruised knuckles. "Got a hard punch, Papa", she mused.

"Don't start something you know we don't have time to finish", he growled at her.

She groaned. "Hold that until I come back", Letty ordered seriously, waiting for him to cover the ice pack with his own hand before she stood from his lap. "I'll go get your suit. Then we'll finish getting you cleaned up."

He caught her wrist gently before she disappeared. "Thanks, baby."

She snorted, but leaned over to catch his mouth briefly with hers. "What would you do without me?"

He grinned. "Like you'd ever let me find out."

"Damn right, Toretto."


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