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Title: Tsunayoshi's Plans

Ratings: T (…)

Pairings: R27

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Previously in Unconditional

The door opened, revealing Dino and the Cavallone Famiglia.

"I thought you said only we knew." Yamamoto said, surprised at the sudden guests entering the room.

"Oh, he knows too." Lambo said absentmindedly.

"So, are we here to finish this or what?" Dino said, moving over to Hibari.

Hibari glared, with one open eye, at the blonde as he came closer and closer to him.

"Hello Kyoya. It's been a while." The tenth boss of the Cavallone Famiglia said smiling.

"It's only been two days." Murmured the now blushing raven head.

"Since you have been reacquainted, can we move on to the bigger problem? Reborn said, eyeing the blonde critically.

"Of course Reborn. I apologize."

"Now.. Here's what we're going to do."

~* Chapter 10 *~

~*A Clue *~

Cough. Cough.

Tsuna gave a loud body wrecking cough, alerting the occupants of the infirmary that he was still, very sick. While the rest of the ex-Arcobaleno and the girls could only watch their boss's health deteriorate from the sidelines – more like, from the sides of his bed – Fon, Verde, Bianchi and Shamal were desperately trying to find the cure for the poison their boss had digested.

"Is it done yet?" Skull asked, irritated that no results were shown.

A cold glare was thrown his way from the green ex-Arcobaleno. Shuddering, Skull withdrew his eyes from the gaze and stared –hard and frustrated– down at the blanket that covered the shivering brunette.

Yuni gave Skull's shoulder a small pat, hoping to calm his frustration. Looking up at the Sky Arcobaleno, he gave a sigh before getting up from his seat. Walking towards the doors of the infirmary he waved his hand over his shoulder.

"I'll get us something to drink. There's no point in losing our own health while we wait."

Fon turned around, taking a glimpse of the piercings before the door closed behind the purple Arcobaleno. Giving a small smile at how well their friend –though sometimes considered lackey – had matured in such a situation, he turned back to face the scientists still conducting various experiments with the newly – and seemingly increasing amount of created antidotes.

"This blue antidotes stops his shivering and the lack of coloring in his skin, but it does nothing to help flush out the poison in his system."

"How about the red one?"

"That one might cause several side effects once the poison is retrieved from his body. That's why I'm only using a small amount of the red colored antidote to create a better one."

Nodding his head in affirmation, Verde jotted down more notes onto the clipboard. Fon hovered over his shoulder, eyeing all the quickly scribbled down notes sprawled all over the page, and that was only the page he's seen.

Shamal was busy creating more antidotes with the help of the antidotes and poisons from his mosquitoes. While he did this, he would expand on his own creations with Bianchi's quickly thrown together antidotes.

"How can I help?" Fon asked, a bit put out at being the only individual standing there doing nothing, who had voluntarily wanted to help speed up the process.

"Could you hand me the snake's venom beside the bat's wings?"


Fon reached towards a black colored filled vial at the edge of the table. Before he was able to grab a hold of it, a pale hand clasped onto his, moving it a few vials down the row. The hand was removed from his after it left his hovering over a translucent colored liquid filled vial.

"Thank you." He said.

Verde nodded his head, never moving his eyes from the notes in front of him before moving over to Bianchi once more to speak with her. Handing Shamal the snake's venom, Fon removed himself from the increasingly unpleasant smelling area and stood beside Verde in silence.

"Why don't you go have some tea with the others?" Verde asked, flipping through the pages.

Bowing down, Fon walked over to the small worried looking group. As he pulled up another chair and sat down, the infirmary doors opened to reveal Skull pushing a cart full of cups and plates filled with biscuits, crackers, and cookies, along with a teapot with various tea leaves placed amongst it and a pitcher with juice inside.

Stopping the cart by the foot of the bed, he distributed the food and drinks out. When given his tea, which he realized was similar in the one that Tsuna had drank before he realized he was poisoned, Fon furrowed his eyebrows before taking another sip of the tea.

Putting the teacup down upon the saucer, he stepped towards Bianchi and reached for the poisoned tea. Bianchi, Shamal and Verde watched as Fon rubbed the liquid between his forefinger and thumb before smelling it. Nodding his head a couple of times with eyes closed in thought, Fon walked back towards his tea cup and placed his forefinger into the warm liquid.

Watching the liquid within the teacup for a few seconds, which soon became minutes, he saw the tea slowly darken in color.

Hmmm. Interesting. He thought, as he moved to grab several cups and fill them with different tea leaves.

Placing a couple of drops of the contaminated tea into each cup, he continued to watch them for a few minutes before deducting that the poison reacted to a specific type of tea – a type of tea that someone who knew the Vongola boss would very well drink.

A type of poison that manifests itself after a couple of minutes reacting with a specific type of tea… Fon concluded as he watched two of the five newly added into-experiment cups turn color.

Sniffing the cups, he concluded that the poison would only react to green tea. Giving himself a mental pat on the back, he stepped up to the three individuals hidden behind the curtain before stating his hypothesis and eventually his answer to the mysterious poison.

"So, what you're saying is, the poison only reacts to green tea."

"Yes, and I believe that if you could somehow create and antidote with green tea, it would reverse the poison in Sawada's body. Or even better, remove itself from his system once implemented." Fon stated, a calm look on his face, but eyes shining elatedly.

"That's perfect!" Shamal said.

"We finally did it!" Bianchi cried, alerting the group awaiting for good news.

Verde grinned before adjusting his glasses. The green and red ex-Arcobaleno watched as smiles grew and tears of happiness fell. He glanced sideways at the martial-arts assassin before stating, "You helped out in the end. So I don't know why you felt useless before."

Closing his eyes in satisfaction with a slight smile on his face, he thanked the green scientist for his compliment. Moving forward to join the group radiating happiness, he left Verde standing there quickly scribbling down the newly found results of the poison.

~* R27 *~

Reborn x Tsuna

~* R27 *~

"That's what we're going to do?" Dino asked, with his arm curling around Hibari's shoulders.

After a few moments with his arm hanging off Hibari's shoulder, Reborn quirked an eyebrow at the Cloud Guardian's lack of scowl and aggression towards the Bucking Bronco. Hibari just had his arms crossed over his chest, leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed.

They had pulled together a full proof plan in order to capture the one who has infiltrated the Vongola Headquarters, sneaked by the kitchen staff and rewrote their memories, and poisoned their Vongola boss.

They had decided to use Tsuna as a bait for the intruder. Although Gokudera and Yamamoto had refused to put their friend – and boss – into danger again, they had changed their minds in the end. Even Lambo, the youngest of the Guardians didn't seem to disagree with the plan they had come up with.

By using Tsuna as the bait, they would be able to track the intruder's movements throughout the headquarters. Since no one has seen him yet, they had yet to check the security cameras – even the alarms haven't gone off; this could possibly be Gianini's fault with the faulty wiring system.

Instead of stepping up security around the premises, they would leave it as it was – to make it seem as if the Vongola boss hadn't gone through any difficult situations. With this in mind, the intruder would believe his plan had failed, report back to whomever had hired him or her and have another plan ready to put into action – that is, if they hadn't already put their plan into motion.

"Okay, let's go check the security cameras."

The group stood up, heading straight from the entrance.

"Oi, Lambo. Aren't you coming?" Ryohei asked, noticing the young guardian at the opposite side of the room.

"If you guys want to take the long way, that's fine with me. But, I'm planning on saving time here, so I'll be taking a shortcut." He stated, pushing a button on the wall. The wall slide open, revealing another tunnel with what looked like a fireman's pole.

"So all that walking.. we were going up?" Gokudera said astonished.

"Basically." Lambo said, before he grabbed a hold of the pole and leapt off the platform.

The guardians looked at one another before shrugging and following the lightning guardian's actions. As they slid down one right after the other, they noticed they were sliding down several flights – the light coming from what seemed to be glass windows on the side of the tunnel.

The ex-Arcobaleno was the last to go. As he smoothly slid down the pole, he noticed a figure running from the Vongola Headquarters. Dark-haired, fair skinned, wearing brown cargo pants and a black long sleeved shirt. The man seemed to be running towards the gate entrances of the Vongola estate. As he landed softly on the ground, he moved towards the security room.

Upon seeing their eyes flying through various screens, he pushed the nervous looking Gianini out of the way without so much as an apology. Furiously typing onto the keys, his fingers seemed to be flying altogether with lightning speed. Locating the gate entrances' cameras, he widened the video in time to see the appearance of the man who had ran past the gates.

"Get all the information you know about this man right now." he barked, minimizing the video into a small window before pulling out several files on screen. The room bustled with noise at the sudden order, leaving a flustered Gianini in its wake.

We'll get him Tsuna. I promise.

~* R27 *~

Reborn x Tsuna

~* R27 *~

An hour after Fon had figured out an antidote for the poison Tsuna has consumed, an antidote was finished – with several other vials filled just in case some similar event were to occur in the future. Verde quickly replaced the IV Drip with an antidote filled IV Drip. Shamal started injected Tsuna with several needles filled with small amounts of the hastily made antidote while Bianchi carefully poured a cup full of the antidote directly into Tsuna's mouth. The brunette unconsciously drank it before sputtering and coughing at the intruding liquid.

"Hold him down!" Ordered Bianchi, as she placed the cup onto the bedside table before the Vongola Boss could knock it over and spill the liquid. Fon forced Tsuna's legs down until it was slightly struggling beneath the pressure. Lal Mirch rushed over with Colonello at her heels before they applied pressure onto his body, each on one of his sides.

Bianchi forced the wriggling brunet's mouth opened before continuing to pour the liquid in. When the cup was drained dry, she could hear the brunet threatening to spit the liquid back out. Throwing the cup over the shoulder, to God knows where, she clasped his mouth closed tightly before telling the unconscious man to drink it quickly.

Watching his Adam's apple move up in down and the body finally relaxing, Bianchi and the others removed their weight off of him. Shamal seemed to have finished injecting the antidote even with Tsuna thrashing around on the bed. Verde just had to make sure the needle from the IV Drip didn't get removed from the vein and so was currently giving Tsuna a full body check up.

"Will he be alright now?" Haru whispered, hands clasped tightly around Kyoko's hands. The girls and the rest of the group seemed to hold their breath, waiting for the impending news. Bianchi, Verde and Shamal gave each other a look before resting their eyes on them.

"He.. he'll be alright." Bianchi said.

The group let out a collective sigh in relief, but Nana wasn't having any of it. "But..?" she said, her posture stiff, lips in a thin line, eyes gleaming in what seemed to be a worried expression and acceptance if she were to hear the her only child were to be gone from the world.

Bianchi and Verde looked over at Shamal. "You're the doctor here." They simply stated as the now relieved group fixed their gaze on him.

Shamal rubbed the back of his neck before breathing out a sigh. "Well, he'll be alright. I mean, after being injected, given and taking the antidote, he should be alright."

"But..?" Nana said, pressing on for the answer. Shamal grimaced, readying himself for the mother of them all to release her wrath on him were she to hear the bad news.

"He has been weakened to such a state that the antidote would probably not have a huge impact on his continuous deteriorating state." The group filled with hope, now became gloomier.

"As you know Nana, we're dealing with assassins. Although the Arcobaleno group are filled with top notch assassins, martial artists and many of the world's most brilliant minded individuals, finding an antidote this easily isn't all that it's cut out to be – no offense Fon." The man said, eyes flickering to the Asian man standing besides the green haired scientist.

"None taken. After all, I know this as a fact as well. At least skimming the top of the problem would help decrease the pain and hopefully make more time to find the real antidote and the person behind all this mess." Fon replied, head nodding in agreement.

"All we have to do now is watch Sawada's condition, refill the IV Drip when it's full and removed the toxins from his body – as much as we can anyway." Bianchi said. "I'll go check to see if I can find anything about this type of poison." Verde said, leaving the infirmary while muttering under his breath.

The room was filled with high tension before Nana broke it with a smile. "Well, Tsuna wouldn't want us to worry about him too much. How about I go whip us up something to eat while we wait for him to recover? Ne?"

"I'll help." Yuni said, standing up from her seat. "We will too." Haru and Kyoko said, standing up to join them. As the four women left the infirmary, Bianchi waited five minutes before talking.

"You heard her. She said Tsuna instead of Tsu-kun."

"Yes, but how is that important?" Skull asked.

"You idiot. She's come to know that it can't be helped to worry about Sawada whenever he's injured or hurt from anything. He is the Tenth Vongola boss after all." Lal Mirch said, walking over to her seat – not before slapping Skull across the back of his head.

"Well, we can't sit here and do nothing, kora! We could be helping!" Colonello said, leaning against the wall. "I agree. We must do whatever we can to help speed up his recovery." Fon said.

"That reminds me, where's Mammon-sempai?" Skull aside, rubbing the spot where Lal Mirch injured him. "Don't worry. The Varia are working on it too. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already murdered the whole lot working in the kitchen." Lal Mirch stated.

~* R27 *~

Reborn x Tsuna

~* R27 *~

"VOOIII!" Squalo shouted as he dodged another thrown object heading straight for his head. The porcelain cup shattered from the impact against the wall before joining the rest of the shattered pieces on the floor. The Varia stood far away from the swordsman, afraid to feel the wrath of their angered boss directed towards them.


"What is it little froggie?"

"What is Squalo-sempai doing?"

"Trying to get himself killed." Lussaria answered, swooning at Xanxus' manliness.

"Stop looking at the boss that way." Levi growled, eyes shooting towards the close combat fighter.

"I can't believe I'm here." Mammon grumbled underneath the hood.

"VOOIII! You stupid boss! Get up off your ass and do something about this mess!" Squalo shouted before ducking once again as a streaming light of orange shot past him, burning a hole through the wall behind him.

Squalo walked up to him and crossed his arms. "We can't sit here and do nothing! Why the hell are we trying to calm your ass down while we can use your anger for something else?!" Squalo stated, glaring at Xanxus.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do trash?" Xanxus met Squalo's glare with his own, all the while petting his striped lion. "All I'm saying is we should be doing something instead of waiting in the shadows." Squalo grumbled, arms unraveling from his chest to firmly plant them on his hips.

Getting up from his seat, Xanxus started giving out orders. "Send out your box animals to scour the area all around the Vongola estate. Mammon, go sift through the kitchen staff's memories. Belphagor, Fran – you will go give me a status on the stupid trash. Levi, Lussuria – go find some clues about the man that just ran out from the esate. You –" he said turning his gaze towards Squalo, "will have a little talk with me." He finished, dismissing the rest of the Varia, leaving the two in an empty room.

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