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Chapter 6: Come with me

Sakura frowned as she wandered in the forest, searching for the blond haired guy who suddenly ran like a scared dog after biting her. Her right hand reached out to the side of her neck. The burning sensation finally subsided but the feeling of this warm breath and soft lips seemed to linger there. She could still recall the ticklish sensation from his tongue licking and sucking her sensitive skin and how painful his sharp canine dug in her flesh. Her face grew hot. She hadn't had a boyfriend in her entire life so the experience was all new to her. And not that she liked that pervert or what because she was looking for him. Of course she was angry at him for what he did was considered harassment, but she needed him to find Lady Tsunade.

She opened her mouth, about to call his name, but closed it again upon remembering she didn't know it yet. Why did she forget to ask him? "Hey, where are you?" she called instead. She took a deep breath and placed her palm against a tree. "Hey – Eep!" She yelped when the tree moved under her hand. She immediately withdrew her hand and her eyes widen upon realizing that what she just touched was a body of huge snake that was coiled on the tree trunk. With its length that almost covered the whole tree, it could eat even three people. She gulped.

She stepped back quietly but froze instantly when she heard a hissing sound behind her. Being brave and wishing that her suspicion was wrong, she slowly turned around only to be greeted by the sight of a big fanged mouth ready to swallow her. Her breath hitched and her blood ran cold, knowing that it was impossible for her to escape this thing. When the huge snake lunged toward her, all she was able to do was to shut her eyes and silently wish for the blond guy's help.

Her prayer was seemed to be heard because right then, she felt herself being lifted like a sack away from her predator. Her jade eyes immediately snapped open and a sigh of relief escaped from her rosy lips upon recognizing the black and orange jersey that her saviour wore. He gently placed her down on the ground and their eyes met. Yes, though his eyes were covered by his bangs, she knew he was looking at her intently with those beautiful ruby orbs he had. Her hand twitched as she felt the urge to sweep his bangs away for her to see his lovely eyes again. Their moment was shortly interrupted when her eyes caught the huge snake behind him, hissing angrily that he took its prey. Her eyes widen in horror when it opened its wide mouth and dived toward the blond guy. "Watch out!" she shouted.

The blond guy just coolly turned his head to face the snake and to her surprise, the snake froze mid-air and then swiftly crawled away. What or how that happened?

"You need to get out of this place, quick," he said that brought her out of her shock.

"What? I mean, why?"

"Tonight will be full moon. Beasts will be go berserk, frantically seeking for blood."

Sakura gaped. "What do you mean?"

"I had already told you that this place was a nine-tailed demon fox's territory, right? But you should also know that aside from that, other beasts were living here. People who enter this forest didn't die due to accidents, wild animals, age or whatsoever. They die because of them," he said in a low dangerous voice sending shiver to Sakura's spine.

Sakura followed her blond haired companion who was walking on a quick pace. He told her to hurry for them to get where Lady Tsunade was before dusk which she simply complied. She was supposed to doubt him about this "beasts" thing; she wasn't the type to easily believe something without seeing things first. But she had this feeling that she should trust him. "Hey, you said that the beasts here were killing every human who entered the forest, could Lady Tsunade still… alive?" she asked worriedly, interrupting their silent journey.

"Oh, she's alive. Trust me," he answered in a bored tone.

"How could you be sure?"

There's a long pause before he answered. "She's… special."

'Special?' "What do you mean special?"

"Just ask that to her when you saw her."

She mentally noted to herself to do that. "How about you? How could you know all about this beasts stuff and still alive? You're special, too?"

He just shrugged.

She pouted and walked on his side. "Oh, c'mon, tell me."

"Let's say I know the demon fox."

"You are his friend?"

"Not really. He hates humans, every beasts do. He would toy first with humans before killing them or let the others to kill them. This forest is his territory and all in here belongs to him and under him that's why other beasts don't attack people during normal days or nights without the demon fox's consent. But during full moon, every beast loses their self control, even the fox itself. They would fight one another, craving for power and bloodshed, making this place unsafe for humans. And beasts will always be beasts, so you shouldn't let your guard down with them, full moon or not. You have no idea when they will bite you."

She cringed at the word bite, remembering her neck. She wondered if she should ask him why he did that to her, suddenly acted like her lover, nipping her neck. She felt her face heat up. No, she guess, that was unnecessary since he was acting like it didn't happen. "What does the demon fox look like? Aside from having nine tails?" she asked instead.

"He has red-orange fur and long ears."

She tried to picture a long eared red-orange fox with nine tails. She giggled.

"What's funny?" He halted and she followed back.

"I just thought he might look funny with his nine tails."

His face became red. "H-how dare you say that, woman? Number of tails signifies power! And having nine tails means he's the most powerful!"

She frowned. Why he seemed affected? "Is that so? Oh well, though I think he'll look cute wiggling his tails. I wonder if they were fluffy," she ranted not noticing the blond's face grew different shades of red in embarrassment.

"Y-you! Stop that! He's a strong creature and as huge as a mountain. Don't think of him like a puppy."

"He's that big? How can't we see him?" She looked around her surrounding.

"He could change his size. Every beast could. You should also know that beasts have their kin. Remember that snake a while ago? That was a disciple of the Great White Serpent, the beast king of the snakes here."

"Oh… So the demon fox has his kin, too? But I don't see other foxes here."

"He doesn't have one. He's strong enough, he doesn't need that."

She suddenly felt sad for the demon fox. "He maybe strong but I bet he was lonely here, living all alone. What's the point of being strong without having at least someone to protect?" she mumbled.

The blond guy suddenly halted. "He wasn't lonely and he has something to protect: his title of being the strongest beast among his challengers. He doesn't need a mate," he said harshly.

"Mate?"she asked.

His cheek reddened. "N-nothing." He walked fast ahead her.

She just shrugged at his strangeness. "But well, since you know him; maybe he could help us from the other beasts?"

"He's still a beast. You're in danger if you don't hurry out." He stopped when a small house that was surrounded by different herbal plants came to their view. "There's where Tsunade is," he said. "Knowing her, she'll be out this time but it's better if you'll just knock on her door."

"Thanks," she said. He just turned his back from her and about to leave when she felt his bit mark stung and she suddenly had an urge to stop him. "Wait…" She recalled she still didn't know his name all this time. "What's your name?"

He halted and looked back at her. "Why do you want to know my name?"

Her eyebrows twitched, annoyed at his question. "Well, I already know mine so it's just fair that I'll know yours, too."

"Does that really matter? You are already about to leave and won't be seeing each other again," he answered turning his head away.

She felt sad at that idea. "Well I won't leave here without knowing your name," she declared and he whipped his head towards her.

"Are you stupid? The sun is about to set. You need to hurry!" he said angrily.

"What's your name?" she asked with a smile.

He gritted his teeth and turned his back on her. "It's just a name, damn it!"

"Yes, it's just a name, so why can't you just tell me? You made me more curious."

He let out a harsh breath. "Well sorry to disappoint you but I don't have a name."

"You're…" Kidding. That was what she was about to say but she remembered that he told her before that wasn't also aware why he was here in the forest in the first place. Maybe he got some accident making him lost his memories. "Come with me," she muttered and he stiffened. "I mean, I know you said you were having a hard time getting out of this place, but you also said that Lady Tsunade could make me out of here. So I guess she could help you, too."

He just stared at her for a moment, seemed to be contemplating about what she said. "I'm not sure about that…" he said.

"Why? Don't you want to leave this place? You just said its dangerous here."

"Of course I want to. But…"

"Oh, I know. You don't have a place to go outside? You could stay at our house for the mean time while you don't know who you are, yet. You have amnesia, right? Maybe Lady Tsunade could help you."

He stared at her, mouth slightly parted.

"C'mon. Our deal wasn't done yet, right? I will just pay you outside since we don't have much time here." She smiled at him. "So, let's go?"

The blond guy watched the pinkette knocked on Tsunade's house. His eyes caught the spot at the side of her neck, a spiral mark with eight ancient writing surrounding it like rays of sun. It was no longer glowing red; instead it was black and looked like drew from an ink. He mentally cursed himself for the umpteenth time for being stupid to bite her, to mark her. But what could he do? It was already there, the emblem that she was his. His face grew warm at the thought and the idea of her asking him to stay at her house made it worst. To him, it sounded like she was accepting him… as her mate.

Maybe it wasn't that bad to have her as his mate? She was beautiful and kind and…

His head suddenly hurt like hell and his whole body began to pulse. He looked up at the sky and noticed the sun was starting to set. Full moon was visible but was partly covered by the clouds. Crap. Any second now, he was going to transform back to his original form.

"Who's there?"He heard Tsunade asked inside and the doorknob clicked. He looked back at Sakura, who smiled at him before facing the opening door.

"It's Sakura," she said.

He wanted to go with her outside. But…

His head ached again and he winced.

He couldn't.

He swiftly but stealthily made his way back to the dark woods, hoping that Tsunade would bring Sakura out of the forest before he transformed into his demon fox form.

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