Lavi's P.O.V

The fifteen year old me is lost in illusions of grandeur. Colorful nimble acrobats dance across thin rope high above our heads. Clowns with sad faces painted onto their flesh distract wild beasts all the while they make fools out of themselves. The Ringmaster conducts them all with his black sleek whip, so the show doesn't crumble into pieces. With a flick of his whip a lion positions himself to jump through a burning ring of fire. Lenalee grips my sleeve in pure terror for the lion. As he makes his way to the other side with unmeasurable grace everyone claps. Lenalee sighs in relief.

"Lavi, I'm glad you invited me to sneak out with you and all, but I don't like how they're treating the animals. We should leave before the king finds out we left." Gripping my sleeve even harder she pleads with her purple eyes, my resolve weakens a little but I stay strong.

"Damn that old Panda… I don't care what he says about leaving the castle, we are royalty. We deserve a little fun every now and then." Snapping, I glance over at her and quickly regret my words. Her eyes begin to well over with the thought of being in trouble with her brother and the king, my grandfather.

"Fine, we'll leave." Shaking my head, I grab Lenalee around the wrist and push through the crowd of people. She struggles to keep up with my pace, and trips over her feet a couple of times. Muttering a couple 'sorry's' and 'pardon me's' we make our way out into the frosty December air. Looking up at the heavy sky, the gray cloud swirl around within the sky; it looks like it will release snow at any moment. Inhaling deeply we head off to the far side of the fair grounds. The ground squishes under us reluctantly, making it hard to walk.

"Thank you again Lavi, sorry for making you leave early…" Bowing her head she says sorry over and over again, sounding like a broken record. It's kind of annoying, I hate when she does this. Sometimes Lenalee makes me want to slam my head into a wall. Repeatedly. Placing my hand on her shoulder I shake my head.

"No worries, if anything the next ball we plan can have a circus so it's no biggie. Trust me." Giving one of my trademark smiles she nods slightly smiling at her feet. Looking around the lifeless grounds a crowd of children run towards a red tent. Grabbing Lenalee's attention I drag her over to the simple circus tent.

"No Lavi we have to go back to the castle, we're going to get is serious trouble!"

Shaking off the warning and we continue towards the tent, "Come on, let's just check it out! No harm if we are there for only a couple seconds, right?" Stopping outside the tent we hear little children begging someone to play a song, they obviously like.

"Come on!"

"Just this once!"

"We won't ask any more!"

"Pretty please!"

Someone chuckles so softly that it's barely audible. "Shouldn't you guys be helping the Ringmaster with cleaning after the animals?" He warns them.

"We did, we did! We promise!" They say in unison. Lenalee tugs at my sleeve but I stay glued in my spot. I want to hear what he is going to sing…

"Okay just this once, but then you have to work on your chores." The children cheer in triumph. The boy moves over to something and cracks his knuckles. Piano notes float into my ears, leaving a warm feeling within my chest. His voice floats above the notes.

Soshite bouya wa nemurini tsuite

Ikizuku haino nakano hono o

His voice… it's almost angelic in a way...

Hitotsu, futatsuto ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao

Daichini taruru ikusenno yume, yume

Ginno hitomini yuragu yoruni

Umareochita kagayaku omae ikuo kuno toshitsukiga

Ikutsu inoriwo tsuchihe kaeshitemo

At this point I gravitated into the tent but no one is paying attention, to notice me… They are all listening to the song.

Watashiwa inoritsuzukeru mou kakonnokotoni aiwo

Tsunaidateni kissuwo

Everyone claps for him as his finger lands on the last note. He smiles and turns to face the crowd, noticing he has more visitors the before. A small smile appears on his pale face. Brushing red hair out of his silver eyes, he ushers the children out of the tent.

"Hi, my name is Allen Walker, it's nice to meet you both." Speechless at his beautiful appearence, I can only stumble over lost words. Lenalee takes over for me.

"Hi my name is Lenalee Lee, and this idiot is Lavi. Sorry we listened in on your song but it was really beautiful!" Allen blushes so his cheeks are the color of his hair.

"Thanks so much! My adoptive father taught me how to play… Gotta learn how to do something to survive in this business." He smiles again, and my chest tightens. Do I like this boy? No! I like girls, I can't like boys… In my defence he does look girlish…

"How long have you worked in the circus Allen?" Lenalee tries making small talk with the boy.

"Ever since I remember actually, but I'm only twelve. It could be a lot worse though!" Chuckling he pulls his jacket closer to his body.

"You're really young!" Blurting out I cover my mouth. Did I really just say something like that?

"Oh! So you can talk!" Before I can reply some little kid becomes between us, out of

breath from running.

"Allen! Allen! It's Mana, he's worse!" Allen's silver eyes darken and run off without saying another word. We look at each other, obviously confused.

"We should go back Lavi… Before we can get in trouble, remember?" Quickly nodding we run off, but I still look back where that mysterious child went

Allen's P.O.V

Three years later~

Why? Why am I still with this horrible circus? Ever since Mana died three years ago there is no point to stay here, but I'm still here. Maybe it's the threats, or the fact Mana stayed when we should've left. Today… Today it's paying off. We are performing for the Prince's coronation, which is oh so important in this point of time. The current king is becoming too old to carry out his duties but truth be told I could care less… At least we are performing somewhere warmer than outside in the freezing rain/snow. Arriving at the gigantic wooden gates, soldiers walk over with the air of arrogance around them. Acting entitled to anything and everything.

"Reason of being at the castle?" Hands on their swords ready to swing at any moment, the Ringmaster tries to explain.

"I am Ringmaster Tyki, we are performing for the Prince today, you should've been informed." He sounded so smug… So egotistical; I want to smack that off his face. Knock him down a few pegs possibly.

"Oh yes, the performing circus." The soldier sounded so disgusted with him. "I don't know why Prince Lavi wanted you people here." He spat on the ground as he cursed us; he motioned to open the gate. The soldiers draw their swords to scare us a little. Worried and quickly gathering the children and guard them, I may not be a soldier but I can hold my own in a fight. As we pass they growl at the children and I eyed them suspiciously.

"Allen I'm scared…" Katy, a little blond, whispers into my ear. Stroking her hair I reassure her.

"It's okay I won't let them hurt you…" Picking her up into my arms we quickly pick up the pace. Safely making our way through the gates I hear an old man's voice up ahead, but unable to can see anything in front of me. Whispering at the other clowns, I figure out what is happening. Some old man came to "greet" us and told us to leave immediately. With Katy still in my arms, I quickly push through the crowd trying to see what's happening.

"Grandfather please!" That voice… I've heard that voice before. My hopes begin to rise, maybe it's that boy… From the day he died. "Stop this nonsense, I invited them here. Let them prepare, yes?" Bright red hair… similar to what mine used to be, until it turned white that is…

"You idiot Prince! Did I not teach you anything about these kind of people. All stealers and cheaters… All of this just for a boy, ridiculous…"

"Grandfather enough!" He turns to us. "Please I've prepared an area for which you can get ready in. Follow me please." I've seen him before! Pushing others out of the way, I reach the front so I can talk to the Prince.

"Umm excuse me, have we met before?" The Prince glances in my direction but the Ringmaster yells at me.

"Allen! Return to the back where you belong!"

"Wait, wait!" The Prince turns and looks at me. "Allen Walker? We've met before, once. I heard you sing it was quite beautiful as I recall." He sounds so official it scares me.

"Oh yes, with that Chinese girl right? I remember that night very clearly… That was the last time I sung." Katy squirms in my arms wishing to be free from my grip.

"Allen your voice is so pretty… I miss it…" This makes my cheeks go red in embarrassment.

"I do have to say Allen, you look very different from when I saw you last."

"Yes… my hair turned white because of what happened to my father. Shock you know… Well my face" Tracing the outline of my scar. "I was-"

"Allen, don't you think you should be getting back to the children?" The Ringmaster sneers. My eyes widen and quickly nod remembering what happened last time.

"Let's go Katy…"

"It was nice seeing you Allen, I hope to see you perform!" Lavi waves concerned, but I head back. Maybe I will perform… Just maybe…

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