Lavi's P.O.V

Allen… You are special to me and it baffles me really… You deserve a person better than me but every time I see you smile it makes my heart race. Then those translucent tears that fall from your mercury colored eyes, it makes me want to protect you from the horrors of this world. You've already seen too much as it is. Now, as I look at you broken, battered, bleeding, and those silent tears dried on your cheeks… It makes me want to murder, causing ravenous rage you see?

"I see you found him Your Highness… It's a shame you had to see my toy like this…" Tyki stands behind me, placing both of his tan hands on my shoulders he guides me closer to see Allen more carefully. My knees buckle below me, tears form on the edge on my lashes.

"Your toy? Allen is not a toy, he is a human being!" I say through clenched teeth.

"More like a broken doll, actually… He's beautiful don't you think?" Tyki carrasses his pale cheek and smiles wickedly. "He looks better screaming in ecstasy though." The Ring Master twirls Allen's alabaster hair around his finger. He grins impishly and slips his bronze hand under the soiled sheets and squeezes what I hope is Allen's thigh. The boy moans unconsciously and arches his back.

"Isn't it obvious Your Highness, this boy wants to be ravaged. You could always join us if you want…" Anger flashes in my eyes as I raise shakily to my feet. Tyki smiles about the same time my fist connects with tan jaw.

"Why in the hell would I share Allen with you? He's much more than a doll to me, he's my precious person! Allen is my other half, so don't you dare lay another hand on him!" Swiftly unbuttoning my shirt and draping it over Allen's shoulders, I scoop him into my arms and carry him bridal-style outside to the horse carriage I arrived in. Folding the tent flap back a frigid December breeze greets us. Shifting my body so that my hand reaches forehead, his skin burns underneath me. Crap he has a fever… Opening the door to the carriage, and ignoring the looks that the driver is giving me, I tell him to hurry. Just what did Tyki do to Allen? Shuddering at the thoughts that enter my head, I send a silent prayer to any God/Goddess that may be listening. A couple minutes later. the silver boy that rests in my arms slowly comes to life.

"La...vi?" His accent sounds husky and just lethargic. From what I can only assume, Allen is hit with a wave of dizziness and cringes with pain. Stroking his hair, hoping that may calm him down a bit I can't help but feel thankfully. Sending a 'thank you' the God/Goddess that listened.

"It's okay Allen I'm here now. I won't let Tyki take you ever again." Allen smiles weakly but it's quickly replaced with pain mixed with another I can't recognize.

"Not…problem…" His chest begins to heave rapidly, it looks like he's about to have a heart attack.

"What's wrong Allen? Please tell me." Pleading, with the boy that is shaking in my arms, his eyes become darker as he reaches for my cheeks. Taking my hand into his hands, Allen pulls me into a desperate kiss. What is he thinking?! Pulling away, salvia snaps between us. Looking down at Allen, I can't help but feel a tightening in my pants. Allen's metallic eyes are half lidded with lust, a light blush embellishes his cheeks.

"Tyki gave me… something… makes me want…"

"Want what Allen, just what in the hell are you doing?"

"You, I want you. Won't you help me Lavi, I thought we were friends…" Tears gather at the edge of his lashes, making me wince in indecision. Allen clasps his silky arms around my neck and his slim fingers begin to tangle themselves within my hair.

"If you won't do it, I will." Allen, making a brave decision smashes our lips together, our teeth collide causing me to grimace in pain. The silverette, shoves his tongue into my mouth and begins to roam my mouth. Refusing to be dominated, I push back and begin to explore his wet carnern. Strange… he tastes like red bean paste… Unaware to the surroundings, the driver taps the door, obviously irritated.

"Your Majesty, we're here." Pulling away from Allen panting, he whines slightly as he catches his breath.

"Shall we continue else where?" He looks at me sadistically, as I nod wearily. This is going to be a long night…

Pushing Allen onto the four poster bed, I quickly pounce on him. My blood begins to boil with the overwhelming desire to have Allen at this moment. He's never been this open with his feelings and it's addicting. The musician tells me what he wants, and he's daring enough to do what he wants. My dream, really has come true. The silverette entices me into a kiss as he wraps his naked legs around me pulling us closer than humanly possible. Biting on his lower lip, Allen invites me in with an audible moan. With the moan going straight to my lower regions, my tongue continues exploring my love's damp cavern.

Breaking the heated kiss, my teeth nibble at the ashen skin between his neck and collarbone, which receives a slight moan from the boy underneath me. Suckling his neck, my thumb begins to twist and press on Allen's pert nipples. His back arches, rubbing up against my hard on. Holding back my animalistic urges, my mouth moves to reddened nubs.

"Lavi… stop teasing me…" Chuckling to myself, and placing butterfly kisses down his abdomen. He squirms underneath me and I reach his hard member. Wrapping my fingers gently around it, pressing my thumb on the tip causing beads of pre-cum leak out.

"Mmmh, Lavi don't…" Ignoring his moans, my hand begins to pump Allen's throbbing member. His hips begin to thrust back, thinking quickly I begin to straddle the small boy so he doesn't hurt himself. The silverette's moans continuously get louder with each flick of the wrist. At this rate he's going to climax before anything interesting happens. Smiling sadistically at the idea in my head, the hand pumping Allen's member moves into his mouth. Pressing down on his tongue saliva begins to drip out of the corner of his mouth

"Lafi, wat awe oou plaming?"

"I want you to suck on my fingers, coat them in as much saliva as possible. I don't want it to hurt when I shove my fat cock into your asshole." Allen's face immediately goes red at my words as he begins to work his tongue in between my god… This is epically sexy… Allen lays before me splayed, showing everything from his rosy nipples to his dripping cock. His eyes are glazed over with lust, and saliva drips onto his chin. Pulling my finger out of his mouth, they begin to roam lower. At this point his tiny hole is twitching with ecstasy and need. Shoving one of my fingers in, Allen moans a bit and shifts his hips around. Before he gets used to the first finger I shove the other one in, making him gasp in pleasure and pain. Tears begin escaping his eyes as the pain reverberates through his body. Smiling to myself the third finger comes into play and I think I broke Allen. His mouth is agape in silent scream. Before he can get adjusted my fingers begin to thrust into and out of him. Within seconds I hit a bundle of nerves that drives Allen to euphoria.

"Ahhh! Mnnegh Lavi… I… want you… in me… now!" As he pants in between words, my fingers slide out of him. Pulling my boxers off, Silver eyes stare at my erection in amazement.

"Would that even fit in me? It's too big Lavi…" Rolling my eyes at him, I pull Allen's hips so that they are aligned with my cock.

"Don't worry love, you'll love the way it fills you up inside." Pulling him into a gentle kiss, I begin to sheath myself inside of him. Oh god, he's tight, and so hot. Our kiss is lost to a moan, tears begin to gather at the end of Allen's lashes as he jerks himself closer to me.

"Now now Allen, you must behave yourself. You'll get what you want in a minute." Nodding he forces himself to keep his hips still, while I on the other hand am using all my self control not to pound into him at the moment. Easing the rest of my member into Allen's ass, he looks at me almost expectantly.

"Do…it." Withdrawing slowly to the point where I'm almost out of him my hips slam

forward into him earning a hard moan from the silverette. As my cock continues to penetrate him , my control begins to slowly slip away. Within minutes I'm ramming myself into him at an unfathomable speed. The boy underneath pushes his hips against me at the right moments and begins to scream to high heaven with uncontrollable pleasure. Soon Allen's walls begin to clamp down on me, something white and sticky sprays onto my chest; only getting a few more thrusts in before my seed is shot deep inside him. The arms that are holding me up are becoming weak, causing me to collapse next to Allen. He snuggles closer to me as he regains his normal heart rate. Wrapping my arms around him I can't help but feel giddy inside. Allen is mine, and only mine.

"Lavi, I love you." As he whispers into the now silent room, his head turns and my lips place an innocent kiss on his forehead.

"Don't worry, I love you too." Soon after we drift off to our respective dreamlands.

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