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Spencer started out the door, the cool wind was fresh and clean. He began his trek on foot home, trusting his feet to carry him back to his house. He was absorbed in thoughts about JJ that everything else seemed to fade away into the background. His phone started to ring, and he dug in his bag to look for it. Grasping the metal device, he brought it to his ear, and stopped walking, not checking the caller ID.

"Hey, DJ, guess what?" Lola's voice came through, she sounded ecstatic.

"Hi, Lola. What's up?"

"I finally got a date with Carl!"

"You finally got Carl to ask you out!? Awesome! I'm so happy for you guys!"

Penelope didn't mean to eavesdrop, really. It was a simple coincidence that she were to walk out and overhear the conversation when she did. At first, she assumed he was talking to a different Lola, as why would he be happy about his girlfriend dating someone else, but then she realized how uncommon that name was. She almost squealed in excitement. Boy Wonder is single!

Before the phone call could continue, her adorable blonde godson decided it would be ample to shout, "BYE UNCLE SPENCE!"

Reid automatically shut his phone and stuffed it in his pocket. He turned towards them, a large smile on his face as he opened his arms wide. The three year old ran into his arms, and they twirled and laughed. It was something so sweet that Garcia had to snap a quick picture. She loved her junior G-man and junior-junior G-man.

"Hey Garcia! You want to walk home with me? We could have some coffee and maybe watch a movie with the world's most awesome godson!" Spencer said as he tickled Henry, who had crawled into his arms. Henry's delighted shrieks and giggles were clues to how much he wanted to go.

Penelope grinned and yelled, "Sure!", before fast walking to catch up with the boys. While Henry talked animatedly to his Uncle Spence, Garcia sent a quick text to JJ letting her know about the update in Reid's social life.

She resisted the urge to send another one saying, "Tall, smart, hottie up for grabs! Might get me a taste!". Nah, that'd be cruel. It was tempting, though. Reid had blossomed, and although he was one of the greatest human beings she had ever met, she wasn't into him that way. They were like siblings, it wasn't that kind of love between them. Besides, Garcia had her sights set on her Mocha Latte.

They were taking turns holding Henry, and they joked and laughed. She saw a brightness in Reid's eyes when they started talking about The Trumpet of the Swan, and a certain sadness, too. Almost as if he were trying to stop himself from doing something that he loved. She decided that she wouldn't pry him about it later; some things were meant to be private. They all were discussing Henry's favorite episode of Spongebob when they reached his apartment building.

The genius, tech goddess, and mini-profiler made their way up the stairs, and to Spencer's door. He unlocked it and they went inside. The living room was neat and clean, and with it's dark wooden decor and leather furniture, had a sharp professor look. Garcia kicked off her bright shoes as Reid went to the kitchen and fixed the adults coffee, and Henry some apple juice. Henry was in Penelope's lap, they were having a staring contest. They both failed horribly, and were laughing when Reid brought the drinks over.

"So, buddy, do you want to watch a movie?" Spencer asked, the steaming mug in his hands. When the boy nodded, Spencer opened up his movie cabinet and the blonde dove through them, before turning to the agents clutching the case for The Lion King. They popped the movie in the DVD player, turned out the lights, and glued their eyes to the screen.

Garcia and Henry sang, "Maaaaaa Tapenya!" As Timon did.

JJ looked at the phone incredulously. He wasn't dating anybody? She was confused. And also, shamefully, glad. Maybe she just had severe attachment issues, maybe she was unreasonable, maybe she was even jealous, because the thought of a girl warming Spencer's bed gave her the worst sinking feeling in her stomach. There was a part of her that didn't want him with anyone. Ever.

So what, she was a bit territorial. Sue her.

The weight on her heart lifted slightly with the text. She opened the door, hearing Will snoring loudly in his sleep. There was a bottle on the nightstand beside her husband, and she already knew it would be empty. The TV was off, and Will was lying in the bed, with nothing but briefs and a beer-stained tank top on. He was the picturesque douche bag. Sighing, she walked to the bed, and gently shook his shoulder, feeling that she didn't want him in a bad mood for the conversation they were about to have.

"Will, wake up," JJ said, watching as he groaned and squinted at her.

"Whaziit?" Will asked in his thick, now annoying, accent. He started to sit up, and looked at her.

JJ sat on the opposite end of the bed, not really sure how to start, "We have to talk, Will."

"Why? Look, Cher, we're doin' fine. We been fine. There's nothin' wrong with us. No need ter fix things that don' need fixin'."

"That's the problem Will! There are issues between us! You just refuse to see them!"

"Nothin's wrong!" Will insisted, his voice rising with hers.

"Yes, there is! You're always lying around like a bum! I don't understand why you think that me being your wife means me being your slave! I can't possibly comprehend why I'm always having to argue with you about this!"

"It's jus' proper!"

"What is proper!?"

"You get ter go off on yer fancy FBI adventures, I have ter stay home! This ain't even a damn home, either! I gotta leave New Orleans and you get to live yer life how you wanna! It's always 'bout you!"

JJ was furious, and quick to reply, "We're coming back to that!? I never asked you to come here! I never told you to move! It's not my fault that you don't want to get a job! I wasn't the one who decided that if it wasn't NOPD, it wasn't good enough!"

"Yer the one tha' decided tha' the Pentagon wasn' good 'nough! No! It had to be the damn BAU! You jus' can't stay away from Quantico! I bet yer sleepin' with yer boss, tha's why! You love them profilers more than you do yer own family!"

"I have never cheated on you, Will! I can't believe you would even think that! The BAU, and everyone on my team, are my family! They've been there for longer than you have, that's for sure! I proud of the work I do for the FBI, it's made me who I am!"

"You mean a lyin' bitch!? You coulda had a great time at the Pentagon! Better hours, better pay, better people! You don' love Henry 'nough to quit tha' damn job! We're not yer family, you made tha' clear!"

The agent's eyes were slits, her teeth bared slightly. She was absolutely livid.

"How dare you!? How dare you accuse me of not loving my son? He is the most important thing in this world to me! He's the great boy he is because he gets to look up to his family, his BAU family! Like it or not, Will, he's my son! He's my flesh, my blood! That means he's as connected to the BAU as I am! They adore him, they treat him like their own blood, because that's what we are in Quantico, we may not be bound by DNA, but that doesn't mean we're not family!

"Their the best people in the world, and their not perfect, but they don't have to be! I don't even know why you feel so threatened by them! They've done nothing but try and accept you! I told you, you knew coming into this relationship that my team is everything to me! They've put their lives one the line for me, they'd die for you! They'd do it for me, because they know how much I loved you!" JJ screeched. She felt so hot, like her very blood boiled.

"Righ' there! You said loved! You don' love me no more! It's cause o' them damn feds! I knew they'd turn you against me! They hate me, they got it in for me! They don' care 'bout you or me! Every one o' them would leave you in the dust if it mean' their own hides!" Will shouted back.

JJ scoffed, "You're pathetic. Your jealous of a bunch of heroes! They've already risked death to save me. And you know what? Yeah, you're making it really hard to love you when your acting so petty and low! You're not the man I met in New Orleans!"

"The man in New Orleans stayed there. He's not about to come all the way to Virginia fer the likes o' you. Na, he don' go for sluts."

"Fuck you," the vulgar words were out of JJ's mouth before she could stop them.

"Someone already beat ya to the punch, sweetheart," the ex-detective muttered, a dark smirk on his face. His desired effect on the beautiful blonde hit its mark. She, her hand on the doorknob, stopped completely. Slowly, she turned to him.

She swallowed the lump forming her throat, and fought to get her voice to it's normal tone, "You-you didn't. You couldn't."

"Try me, Cher. Henry's met a lot o' "Auntie's" on your trips away. I get lonely," Will said, the twisted smile on his face unfaltering.

"How long?"

"Hmm, 'bout two and a half years."

"Get out," JJ whispered, blinking away the tears pooling in her eyes. Long hair covered her face, shrouding it from Will. Her cheeks were tight, and her saliva started to feel warm. A lead ball began to grow in her stomach, and she knew she'd be physically sick soon.

"Wha'?" Will asked, genuinely confused. He confessed to cheating on her for a good part of their relationship, and she wants to kick him out for his honesty? Maybe it was the beer (it was), but to him that seemed ungrateful.

"Get out! Get out of my house you son of a bitch!" She roared, she was shaking, but she refused to cry in front of him.

The Cajun slob was taken aback at her ferocity, and, despite his day-to-day stupidity, knew it would be a very bad idea to argue with her. He scrambled out of the bed, and quickly threw a few outfits into a bag. She glared at him the entire time, and slammed the front door hard when he rushed out.

JJ slid down the wall until she hit the floor. She hugged her knees to her chest and buried her head in her arms. It started off slightly slow, with small, choked whimpers, and soft sniffles. But gradually, as time wore on, it got harder. Harsh sobs racked her body and fat, bitter tears rolled down her cheeks; her eyes and nose stung painfully from the use. A pounding headache began to sprout, and incoherent sentences spluttered out of her mouth. JJ's grief was not only over her lost and broken marriage, but of her shattered trust. For the first time in a long time, Jennifer Jareau cried.

"Alright, buddy, I'll see you later, okay? Drive safe, guys!" Spencer Reid said as he hugged his godson and Penelope Garcia. After The Lion King, they had watched Aladdin and then Mulan. After the last Disney picture, and several popcorn wars, the small blonde tike was all tired out. The tech goddess realized this, and suggested to Henry that they head to her house. Henry had put up a valiant effort to stay awake, but even as Spencer tucked him into the cab his eyes were drooping.

Reid went back into his apartment. Normally, it was very orderly and well kept. Tonight, however, this was not the case. There were couch cushions and blankets everywhere, with popcorn, pots, and colanders littering the floor. Garcia, Henry, and Reid had made makeshift fortresses out of the cushions and blankets, and had used the cooking utensils as armor and construction material. What later ensued was the greatest popcorn battle. Ever. They made alliances, launched kernel after kernel at each other, and otherwise just had a really good time.

The genius smiled at the look on his godson's face when they enacted different battles in history, with their favorite movie snacks. Garcia and Henry had played Rome while he had been Carthage, and Henry had learned valuable facts and things, despite his young age. He had, after a quick explanation from Reid, decided that he'd be the 300 Spartans, despite knowing that he'd lose. He said, "I'd rather fight for this honor you speak of, Uncle Spence."

His comment had Garcia and Reid rolling on the floor laughing. He was extremely smart for a three year old.

Spencer had begun the dutiful task of cleaning. He was in his pajamas, his Yoda boxers and a Batman t-shirt. He still had the long wooden spoon sticking out of his waistband (it had been a short sword) and a colander on his head. He began with reconstructing his couch, then moved onto the vacuuming. He was singing into the handle of his vacuum, being in a great mood, when someone knocked on his door. He shrugged his shoulders and turned off the device before heading to his door.

He totally disregarded his appearance. He was already known for being the most eccentric tenant in the building. It didn't matter to him, really. He opened it without checking in the peephole. Not meeting anybody at his height, he looked down, expecting to see some girl scout selling cookies. While it was a girl, she wasn't selling his favorite thin mints. Scratch that, it wasn't a girl. He was looking at a woman. He was looking at Jennifer Jareau.

(She still wasn't selling thin mints)

Suddenly, he felt sick to his stomach and painfully aware that he was only in his boxers and a shirt. A lump grew in his throat when he saw the tear tracks on her cheeks, and no matter how much he wanted to hug her and tell her that whatever happened, she'd be okay, he knew he couldn't. That was her husband's job. Not his. He wasn't sure if he'd be strong enough to do that without breaking completely.

Damn it, Reid! She was your friend before any of this hormone crap!

The thought startled him into action, and he sidestepped immediately, gesturing her in. He turned around after she had entered and was almost knocked down by the force of which crashed into him. He froze; he wasn't big into touching people, but when it was JJ, things just weren't standard. He brought his hand up to her back and rubbed soothing, gentle, circles, and held her steadily as she cried. Reid could feel her grip on his shirt tighten and a wetness seep into his shoulder. His heart cracked to have her so close, but so far away.

Gravity decided it would torture him, and the colander fell. And hit JJ on the head.

Oh, boy.

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