We came back from the war a couple of days ago. It was hard fought and hard won. A lot of demigods, titans, and giants died fighting on our side. So when we came back Chiron decided to have a week of celebrations. We've been having all kinds of games and big meals morning to night. Late wake up times and big brunches and stuff like that. It would be cool if everyone was getting recognition. Coach Hedge, Reyna, and me, we aren't so much as given a second thought. Reyna tried to contact Camp Jupiter but it was clear that Octavian had turned the Romans against her, Frank, and Hazel. He said they were traitors and could never come back. I know what that felt like for them. Being rejected, uncared for, and unloved. Only a few people here and there would say "Hey good looking out Nico!" or give me a pat on the back or a handshake. But other than that total and utter silence. From everyone.

Tonight's games were supposed to be huge and all that with 3 children of the big three and the romans and the saviors of the world and blah, blah, blah and all. I wasn't too excited but yet here I am getting my armor out of my closet and putting it on. It's surprising that it still fits me like an oversized outfit made for someone that's like 6 feet tall. As I struggle to put my sword in the ratty sheath at my waist I hear a sound. I start and spin around so quickly that I almost lose my balance. And then I almost have a heart attack because he's there. Percy Jackson is standing in my doorway all high mighty like. "What do you want Jackson?" I spit at him "You know Nico people would be more enjoyable if you didn't act like you hate them all the time." He says calmly with just a dash of sarcasm.

"Who said it was acting." I mutter in hopes that he won't hear me, but of course he does. His only retort is a dry "Good luck Nico" and with a sad huff he's gone. "What's he sad about?" I think to myself as I finish securing my breast plate. I stalk off to the battlefield and head towards the Roman's side. I find Hazel and stand by her.

"Hey big brother." She says with a smile and a nudge of encouragement.

"Hey Hazel." I say with a tinge of sadness

"What's wrong Nico? You've been acting weird lately."

"Nothing I'm fine." I lie but of course she doesn't buy it

"Nico, you can't lie to me…"

I open my mouth in attempts to say something but Chiron is blowing the horn signaling that the games have begun. Hazel decides to stay on the front lines and distract the other team. I decide to go for the flag before any kind of resistance can be formed. I'm running through the forest fending off the other team. I shadow travel to where the other team is keeping their flag. Percy is there with Riptide drawn ready to fight. He looks so strong and sure of himself. He makes me feel weak and vulnerable. For a moment I lose my stance. My heart starts racing and my palms start sweating. My sword is about to drop but I grip it before it can fall. I feel a burst of wind and I turn on my heel. Bad idea. With my stumbling unsure movement Percy notices me and immediately goes into over drive. He's off the rock in seconds. I realize how close he is and barely have time to grab my sword, but I do. Next thing I know I'm fending off Percy and strikes of lightning from Jason. He sends down a decent sized bolt and I send it back to him. It knocks his sword out of his hand and it lands in the lake. He's stunned. He retreats and leaves me alone for Percy to handle. And boy does he handle me. Just as I feel like I'm going to be overwhelmed my powers start to hum. The dead rise to help me and next thing I know Percy is on top of me yelling to call off my helpers. I blush at the closeness of his skin to mine and his sword to my neck. I drop my sword and close my eyes. I summon all my anger and imagine Percy being thrown all the way across the clearing and landing at the rock and it happens. I get the flag and run in fear of what I've just done. I Nico di Angelo, just single handedly, murdered, Percy Jackson. I don't stop once I'm out of the forest. I throw the flag on the ground, and the tears start to fall before I make it to my cabin door. I pick up the first thing I can grasp and throw it at the wall. Once it makes contact I realize it's glass. It's that stupid vase that Persephone gave me as a gift to try and say sorry for the last time she turned me into a flower. It's probably the only thing tying me to reality right now because the only emotion I can conjure up is anger. I just killed a man. Not just a man. My best friend, the only person that I can remotely consider family. Dead. Dead. Dead. All because of me.

"STUPID!" I shout as I pick up another item and fling it across the cabin aimlessly.

"GOOD FOR NOTHING!" I choke out. I can't breathe. I'm crying too much. I start choking on my own tears, snot, and spit. Gods I know I'm a mess right now but I don't even care because Percy is dead and it's all my fault.

"Why are you so stupid?" I ask myself as I flop down on my pillow.

"And why did you have so much power over me?" I stutter as I continue to cry. I let out a raspy sigh and one last depressed plea before I pass out.