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Meet Frost


It was bitter cold.

The chilly air bit my nose and ears. I stood outside my house taking in icy breaths, stinging my lungs and making my eyes cloud up. The sun set to my side, the cirrus clouds above me turning a bright pink. I shifted my feet, frosted leaves crunching under me. A thick rolling storm covered the mountains in front of me, probably snowing.

I smiled at the thought of winter. It wasn't that I love being cold, I wasn't too wildly keen on that. It wasn't skiing, even though that was fun. It wasn't that I got to wear sweaters.

"Hi Hanna."

I whipped around. A pale boy with snow white hair stood on my room grinning down at me. His bright blue eyes gazed down at me in amusement.

"Jack!" I called. Jack lept off the roof and landed beside me. I gave him a warm hug. Well, it was actually freezing, but you get used to it after awhile. "You kept your promise."

He stepped back and ran his hand through his un-kept hair, "Well you still believe." I nodded, being almost fourteen years old it was almost unheard of to believe in guardians anymore. Somehow I was just special. "Not to mention," He added, "It is December first, just like our deal."

If you haven't gotten it already. My best friend is Jack Frost. Yes, the one who brings winter and snow. Does he nip peoples nose's, well... I'll ask him.

He smirked at me, "Shall we?" He thrust his hand out with a dramatic flourish. I rolled my eyes and took hold. He jumped into the air, the wind lifting us up and propelling us forward. We soared into the clouds, to avoid being seen. The frosty wind pinched my exposed ears and face. Jack looked over and grinned at me. Man, he was hot when he did that.

We reached the tip of the huge mountains. I gasped from not just the frosty air and the lack of oxygen, but the stunning view of the sunset from here. My feet crunched the snow cover ground. The air was silent as the snow gentle fell around us. I took in the beautiful view taking in the-

"Hey!" I shouted as a snowball struck my neck. The frozen crystals stung as I gathered some snow.

Jack just grinned and flew above me, "Hay is for horses," he called, zig-zagging back and forth, easily dodging my attacks. I threw one snowball after another, hitting him maybe once. Jack, on the other hand, covered me head to toe in fluffy snow. I laughed and fell on the ground. I looked up at the darkening sky above me.

Wait, dark?

"Crap!" I sprang up, "I need to be home." Jack nodded, a glimpse of disappointment in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and took off.

"Here we are," Jack bowed and gestured to the yard with a huge flourish. I pushed him playfully.


"Yeah, Hannie?"

"You'll be back tomorrow, right?"

The winter spirit smirked, "Of course, I am going to bring you the best snow day EVER."

I laughed, "We don't have snow days here. We have things called snow plows and rocks salt that clear the way for school, yippy," I added dryly.

"I'll take that as a challenge," Frost took off into the cold night air.

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