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Cold Shoulder

"So I think I get it all," Emmi stated, "Frost here brings winter and cold. He is a spirit thing and he likes fun and playing tricks. He is in this group of people like him called The Guardians with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Sandman?"

"They prefer Bunny, North, Tooth and Sandy" Jack piped up.

"And he defeated the Boogeyman, Pitch. Who is a bad dude. You can only see him if you believe in him. Oh and he is immortal." Emmi sipped her cocoa.

"Pretty much sums it up." I nodded, sipping my hot cocoa.

"There is just one question I have." Emmi's eyes shone wickedly. "Are you two a couple?"

I sprayed my cocoa all over. Jack just floated there, stricken with confusion. He dashed out of the room and came back with a towel.

"Are you crazy?" I laughed, cleaning the mess.

"Absolutely not." Jack stated.

We met eyes, "No, we do not like each other."

Emmi just smirked and rolled her eyes, "Sure that is what they all say. Besides, you guys would make the cutest couple"

"Emmi!" I shouted. Emmi just laughed and shrugged innocently. She slurped her cocoa dramatically.

"If you don't like each other, prove it." She held her face high, smirking. This is why best friends are the worst. And the best

"If there was a way I could, I would do it." I stated, "But there isn't."

Emmie grinned evilly, "Oh but there is," My ears perked up, "Kiss."


"If you guys kiss and feel nothing, then you guys are just friends. It you feel something, then..." She smirked. Ugh, she can be so annoying at times.

I glared at her, "Fine, just to prove my point." Jack started to shake his head. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his face. We touched lips. A burst of cold hit my lips. I immediately pulled away, a bit of frost swirling on my lips. I turned away from his face.

Emmi just stood there, slightly horrified, "Yeah, you're right. No feelings." I couldn't quite tell if it was sarcastic or not, "I best be going."

"Me too." Jack stated. I couldn't help but want him to stay. He breezed out the door as Emmi waved goodbye.

I was left alone. A feeling of cold biting my lip. There was a spark. I shook my head. He was an immortal spirit, I was just a human.

I couldn't have feelings for Jack Frost.

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Jack: Mnmsmsnn *muffled curses*

Me: Cant hear you sweetheart

Bunny: Now he'll stay put

Me: And stop insulting my writing


Me & Bunny: Ahahahahah *clinks wine glasses together