A/N: I watched the Doomsday episode last month, and I've just now had the heart to go on and watch some more episodes. But I still miss Rose. Anyways, I got this idea when they were talking on the beach and Rose said something about a baby and the Doctor looked like he thought it was his, and yeah.

Dear Doctor,

I found out I was pregnant today, it's yours. Couldn't be anyone else's. I only wish you could be here with me, it's hard without you. I need you.

I think the baby is a Time Lord, I'm not sure how I know but I can just feel it. Must be mothers intuition. Now you won't be alone, you'll have another Time Lord traveling around the galaxy. Just not yours, but still. I don't even know why I'm bothering with writing this, you'll never get it, stupid parallel universes. I just want to be back in your arms again, you'd be so happy to know that you'll be a father. You'd be the best father, teaching our son or daughter about the galaxy and everything in it. It would be amazing, and I'd be right there at your side. You'd probably be better about telling my mum too, I still haven't told her, though I did just find out a few weeks ago, but I wanted to tell you first.

Well I suppose I'm not really writing to you am I? You'll never get this sadly. I'm actually kind of scared to tell her. What am I supposed to say it? Hey mum you know the Doctor? Yeah well we got drunk and had sex and now I'm carrying his child, going to get milk, see yeah!

Yeah, that'd go over well. But I really should go tell her.

I just hope that you know that I love you, to the edge of the galaxy and beyond.



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