Rose heard the voice call out from behind her as she looked up at the picture of the young Doctor. She thought that she must be hallucinating, the Doctor couldn't be here, it was impossible, not without collapsing two universes. She looked around to make sure. There, standing in front of her, in the doorway of their baby's nursery was the Doctor.

"Doctor." She breathed, cracking a huge grin, she ran over to him as fast as she could with the baby as he walked over to her, picking her up in a hug and attempting to spin her around. He set her down and they stared into each others eyes for a moment before lowering their heads into a kiss.

It lasted for years or perhaps it was only minutes, but too soon they broke apart and stared into each others eyes. "Awwww." The red haired woman said from the doorway. They turned towards her and glared at her. "Sorry, sorry, I'll leave you guys for a minute." She said, walking out of the room.

"Rose Tyler I love you." He told her. She smiled, "And I love you Doctor." She told him, nuzzling her face into the crook of his shoulder. They stood there for a while, until the Doctor broke the silence. "So you're really half Time Lord?"

"Yes, you're no longer alone in the universe." Rose smiled. "And the baby's a Time Lord as well?"


The Doctor grinned, "Oh Rose Tyler you are amazing." He told her. "I'm so glad you're here." Rose told him. "But I thought it was impossible."

"It is."

"Then how can you be here?"

"There were two empty universes. No one needed to use it."

Rose hugged him tighter. "But the question is, when do we get to see the baby?" The Doctor asked. "Only a few more days, I can't wait." Rose laughed.

They separated and grasped each others hands, walking into the living room. They sat down close to each other, hands still clasped. "Where's Jackie?" The Doctor asked. "She's at work, so is Pete."

They continued to talk for hours, neither of them knowing where Donna had gone off to.

Suddenly Rose froze. "Are you okay?" Doctor asked, a worried look on his face. He suddenly heard a splash of water. "Doctor." Rose said. "My water's just broke."

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