Chapter 1

The Heir

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"Character Dialogue"

'Character Thought'c


"Telepathic Conversation"

"Magical Spells"

"Demon /Monsters/Summon"

Far away from the islands of Japan, a completely different island that the world had ever seen lay hidden. It was a beautiful, turtle-shaped island filled with colours. A flat, but rich plain with giant trees and rolling hills, ranging from small to large, with a mountain rising up as well. The most noticeable thing about the island was a spiral-shaped lake surrounded by a large thick forest. It was a very dangerous place, filled with various flora and fauna, often gigantic or poisonous — or even more likely, both —and various magical creatures.

The island was the property of the Uzumaki Clan, one of the three noble clans of the Japanese Magical World, also reputed to be the most powerful of the clans, producing wizards and witches that were exceptionally talented in the magical arts. The island had numerous charms and wards on and around it that made it impossible for a Muggle (non-magical) to locate it. Such people cannot see the island; rather, they see a thick fog and an empty expanse of seawater.

Heading to the eastern side of the Uzumaki Island, there stood a massive Japanese style castle in a deep valley area, with surrounding mountains acting as the background, almost as if on a painting. It was a complex structure, built in a watchtower style that appeared to be five stories from the outside, but had in fact six levels inside. It was supported, like most magical homes, by magic. Most of the walls of the castle were painted a deep black. It was a strong structure, built to withstand warfare, yet at the same time was majestic and solemn. It had a fairly large lake to the south of the main building and beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees on both sides of the stone streets of the main entrance. The castle also possessed extensive grounds, flowerbeds and other outbuildings, and a large training ground.

The castle was the home of Kushina Uzumaki, the head of the Uzumaki clan and last member of the main Uzumaki branch, and her husband Minato Namikaze. Kushina was a woman well-known for her beauty. She had a slender, feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes and fiery red hair—a common trait among the members of the Uzumaki clan—with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left. As for Minato, he was a fairly tall, fair-skinned man. He had bright blue eyes and spiky blond hair. He also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. He was considered to be a very handsome man by many women. Minato's family was a pure-blooded, and was originally from England.

Both Kushina and Minato were considered to be among the most powerful witches and wizards in Japan. They were most famous for their unique, original spells and powers. Sadly, they died as heroes, sacrificing their life to save Japan from the most powerful demon known to wizard kind. They died the same day their son was born, October 10th.


(Place: The Library in the Uzumaki Castle)

The library was located on the fourth floor of the Uzumaki Castle. It was enchanted to be bigger and larger on the inside than it appeared to be on the outside. It was incredibly big, a large room that goes up to at least three floors, with bridges connecting the opposite sides of each floor, and shelves upon shelves filled with various kinds of books and scrolls, and desks with lit torches for study.

The library held a vast, ancient collection of books and scrolls, gathered by the Uzumaki Clan, Minato and Kushina. Its collection contained not only a great amount of information on the Magical world but also on the Muggle world—it had separate sections on cooking, cleaning and many other simple things. The library had tens of thousands of books and scrolls on thousands of shelves. The books and scrolls had various spells on them to prevent them from being defaced or stolen.

Books and scrolls were divided into five categories: D-class, C-class, B- class, A- class and S- class. Each class had a higher level of books and scrolls than its lower class. The S-class was the highest class, containing the most powerful and dangerous magic. It was separated from the main library by a large magical wall and only accessible to a person who had Uzumaki lineage.

It was late at night. Two figures, one who was significantly shorter than other, entered in the library. The first was a light-skinned woman of average height with brown eyes and straight, pale blonde hair. It was waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face. She had a violet rhombus mark seemingly tattooed onto her forehead. Her name was Tsunade Senju—the last living member of the Senju clan, one of the three noble clans of the Japanese Magical World, and was also a descendant of the Uzumaki clan through her ancestor Mito Uzumaki. Even though she was in her early fifties, she maintained the appearance of her younger self through a unique and constant charm.

Tsunade was reputed to be one of the most powerful witches in magical history. She was famous for her immense physical strength and ability to perform any medical procedure flawlessly, to cure and heal illnesses and injuries that others would consider impossible, or a lost cause. She was wearing a grass-green haori over a grey kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Around her neck, she was wearing a beautiful green crystal necklace. It was a Senju heirloom, made from a special "Crystal Gem" (結晶石, Kesshōseki). It was once worn by her ancestor, Hashirama Senju.

Standing next to her was her attendant and apprentice, Shizune, wearing a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi. Shizune was a fair-skinned woman of average height and slender build with black eyes and hair. Her hair was straight and shoulder-length with bangs that covered her ears and framed her face.

After entering the library, they saw the familiar face they were looking for. Sitting in his favourite spot in the library, he was reading a large, black leather book, its cover faded with age. He was so engrossed in the book that he didn't even notice Tsunade's and Shizune's presence. They watched him reading the book in silence for a few moments.

"Naruto," Tsunade called, trying to catch his attention.

Naruto—or Naruto Uzumaki, was the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. He looked about to be an eleven-year-old, fair-skinned boy, wearing a green ninja style shirt with black pants. Naruto bore a striking resemblance to his father, having Minato's blond, spiky hair, but it had a slight red tint on it. From his mother, he inherited shape of her eyes and face. He had heterochromia, meaning two different coloured eyes—his left eye was violet while the other was blue. He had a small violet rhombus mark on his forehead similar to Tsunade's.

"Yes, Grandma," he replied, looking up from his book seeing both his godmother and adoptive big-sister.

"Don't call me that brat!" Tsunade shouted as she and Shizune walked in front of him. "Call me Aunty or something, anything other than Grandma."

"You're too old for that, though."

"Stop calling me old!"

Shizune sweat dropped at the behaviour of her Master and little brother. 'There is never a dull moment with those two,' she thought. She did a fake cough to catch their attention.

"Yes, Shizune."

"Shizune nee-chan."

"Are you done?" she asked. Both Tsunade and Naruto nodded dumbly. Walking toward Naruto, She sat down on his right side of a chair. She pointed at the leather book, he was reading, and asked, "Now, Naruto-kun, what are you reading?"

"I'm just looking at my family tree from father's side of the family," Naruto said, opening the book that peaked Tsunade's interest. She sat down front of him. "My father's family was originally from England. It was a pure-blood family like my mothers and they were descended from Salazar Slytherin, who was one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." He took a breath and continued, "If they were descended of one of the great wizards from Britain then why did they move to Japan?"

"I can answer your question," Tsunade said. She noticed both Shizune and Naruto looking at her with surprised expressions. "I asked your father the same thing; he told me that like any pure-blooded family, his family were supreme advocates of blood purity. They did everything they could to maintain that purity, even inbreeding, which often made them violent and unstable.

"Anyway, his parents, which means your grandparents, were the oddballs of the family. They never liked what their family was doing, so they decided to run away.

"They took money and magical knowledge with them, and then came here, to Japan to start new life. Here, they adopted new names and identities for their safety."

Shizune asked, "So Namikaze isn't Minato-sama's real surname?"


"Then what is my dad's real surname?" Naruto asked suddenly.

"It's better if you don't know," Tsunade answered.

'Damn it! I hate secrets,' Naruto thought angrily, looking at the book. 'But I've got my ways to find out about them.'

He turned his head toward Tsunade and said, "I want to go to the Hogwarts for my magical studies."

"Why do you want to go to the Hogwarts for your schooling?" Tsunade asked, surprised. "Mahoutokoro Academy is the nearest magical school for us, where your parents went for their own magical studies, and it is in Japan."

"Well...because I want to see the school that was founded by my ancestor."

"Really?" Tsunade asked him, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. Naruto nodded. "I will talk to Sarutobi-sensei about it. But for now, go to bed."

Naruto nodded as he closed the book and set it aside. He stood from his seat and left the library with Tsunade and Shizune following him. The book flew up in the air from its space on the table and went back to its original place in the shelf.


(One Week Later)

(Place: The Uzumaki Dojo on Uzumaki Island)

The dojo was separate from the castle and was centred around a large hall for sparring or fighting. The floor was covered with thick mats. The walls were white with all sorts of weapons hanging on them, and there were benches on one side; presumably for anyone who wanted to watch the activity.

Just like every day, Naruto was starting his morning practicing early in the dojo for daily training. A bokken in his hand, he was practicing his swordsmanship. It was an elegant style, and blazing fast, focusing on speed and centrifugal force to deal damage. Unlike other wizarding families in the world, his and some other families in Japan not only focused on magical practice but also on traditional fighting styles. Mainly the three noble families taught their children sword styles because some of their wandless spells needed a sword as a medium.

Naruto moved swiftly through the moves and smoothly like water gliding off the leaves of a tree. With a wooden sword in his hand, he practiced tirelessly. One swing after another, one blow following another, but before he could complete yet another swing, he was interrupted.

"Naruto-kun, it's time for breakfast," Shizune called out after she entered the dojo.

"Ok, Nee-chan," Naruto said, "I'll be there in a minute."

"Ok but don't take too much time, because Tsunade-sama wants to talk with you," she sniffed the air, "and plus, you need another bath."


(A Few Minutes Later)

(Place: In the Uzumaki Castle)

Naruto was sitting in the dining room table with Tsunade and Shizune. Suddenly, there was a loud crack sound and a small greyish brown creature with a big grin on its face appeared beside the breakfast table.

"Master Naruto, forgive Yuki for her lateness," it said in a high, feminine voice

Yuki was a female house-elf. She had bat-like ears, a pencil-like nose and huge dark blue eyes. She was wearing a long white sundress, as long as she was tall, with the Uzumaki clan symbol shown proudly on the back and front. When a family gives their house-elf clothes, it usually means they don't want it anymore, that they are free, but Yuki wasn't like any normal house-elf. Even though she was free, she was very loyal to the Uzumaki Clan, and liked working for them just like most members of her family before her. She was also fiercely loyal to Naruto's mother, Kushina, who treated her with kindness. Kushina offered Yuki ten golden ryo per week and every weekend free, but she refused Kushina's offer, opting instead for one golden ryo per week and one day off a month.

"It's ok, Yuki-chan," Naruto replied.

"Yuki is now happy, Master," Yuki said, politely as she bowed to him. "Thank you."

By snapping her fingers, Yuki summoned a huge breakfast on a table. After that she disappeared from there with another loud crack noise.

"So what do you want to talk to me about?" Naruto asked Tsunade while eating his breakfast. His table manners were perfect. It wasn't surprising, mainly because he came from a noble family.

Tsunade took a sip of tea and said, "Last week, I wrote a letter to Sarutobi-sensei about you. Today, he has given a reply on it."

"So what did he say?" He asked. His voice almost cracked from excitement and nervousness.

"He wants to meet you today." He heard Tsunade's reply, and he breathed a sigh of relief. "We are going to the headquarters of the Japanese Ministry of magic," Tsunade took another sip of tea, "We are going to Tokyo."


(Place: Tokyo City in Japan)

Tokyo was the capital of Japan, the centre of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area in the world. It was the centre of the Japanese government for both Muggles and wizards and witches. It was an important city because it was where the headquarters of the Japanese Ministry of Magic was located.

The new headquarters of the Ministry was in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1, also referred to as Tokyo City Hall or Tochō, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on the 33½th floor of the Building. Six month before, it was shifted from Tokyo City Hall at Yūrakuchō to here. It was headed by the Minister for Magic.

"So this is the New Tokyo City Hall," Naruto said. He was standing beside Tsunade, outside of the brand new building. It was 48 stories tall that split into two sections at the 33rd floor. "Impressive."

Tsunade nodded. They went inside the building and walked up to the security guard in the lobby.

"33½th floor," she said.

The security guard looked up at her and immediately recognized the face of the famous witch.

"Tsunade-sama," he said, hurriedly, standing on his feet. "What can I do for you?"

"33½th floor," she said again.

"Ahh, yes, sorry," he apologized. He pulled out a silver coin from his pocket and handed it to her.

Tsunade took the coin and instead of heading towards the elevator, she headed to the one empty room at the back of the lobby.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked, because he had no clue what Tsunade was doing.

"Just follow me," she said as they went in and she closed the door behind them. "Let me show you something." She took her brown coloured wand—11", cherry, unicorn hair—from her pocket and placed its tip on door.

"To o akete kudasai!"

The door slid open to reveal a semi-transparent girl in an elevator girls' uniform. She had a grey-silver coloured body. She was a ghost, and was standing in the elevator.

"Welcome," Ghost-girl greeted as both Tsunade and Naruto entered the elevator.

Tsunade gave Ghost-girl the silver coin and said, "33½th floor."

Girl nodded, taking the silver coin from Tsunade's hand. She pressed the 3, 3, 1 and 5 buttons of the elevator panel. The doors of the elevator closed and it went up. About 15 seconds later, a 'ding' sound was heard as the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

"Fast," Naruto said as he and Tsunade stepped out of the elevator.

"It's the new magical elevator developed by Uzumaki Enterprises, your company. It is connected to every magical department in Tokyo," Tsunade said, peaking Naruto's interest. "For the last two years, our Magical Research Department has been working on a project to make a more effective and controlled traveling system than the Floo Network. These elevators are just a prototype.

"It was launched last year in Tokyo for a demonstration, our department is working on its more advanced and commercial version now and it will take more than five years."

Naruto said, "It's an interesting project, and I didn't know that Uzumaki Enterprises had a Magical Research Department. Who is the project head?"

"Kisuke Urahara," Tsunade answered, looking at Naruto. "You need to know more about the company, Naruto. You are the heir of the Uzumaki clan and owner of Uzumaki Enterprises. One day you're going to take over the company." He nodded. "Now, let's go. Sarutobi-sensei must be waiting for us."

The Japanese Ministry of Magic Headquarters was comprised of a very large, fifteen story building housing several offices, departments and courtrooms. The magically enhanced elevators—they can move both horizontally and vertically—were provided to access every level, except level eleven and onward, the Wizards' Council and Courtroom on level twelve, which was only accessible via a set of stairs from level eleven. After that level thirteen, fourteen and fifteen were confidential. It was only accessible for wizards and witches with special permission.

Naruto asked, "Where is Gramps' office?"

"It's on the eleventh floor."


(A Few Minutes Later)

Both Naruto and Tsunade stepped out on the eleventh floor. They saw a corridor that led them towards the golden door which was guarded by two wizards. They were dressed in white shirts, black pants and black capes, wide-brimmed hats, black hooded cloaks and black gloves.

Guards saw Tsunade as they recognized her.

"Welcome Tsunade-sama," one guard said. He and his partner placed their respective wands on the door.

"Kiotsuketene!" They said at the same time as the golden door turned silver.

"You may go inside," other guard said politely, opening the door for both of them.

When they entered, they were greeted by the sight of a large room that was filled with fully-grown cherry blossom trees and a ceiling which looked like the sky. There was a stone pathway leading towards somewhere with cherry blossom trees on its both side.

"Let's go," Tsunade said.

The wind blew blossoms from the tree branches and each one passed them by. Naruto smiled at the sight of the flowers.

'Such beautiful flowers,' he thought as he let one fall into his palm and gazed at the beauty of the flower.

He released the blossom and continued until he saw what appeared to be a large wooden door.

Tsunade opened the door and they entered Sarutobi's office with Naruto shutting the door behind them.

There was a huge wooden desk in the centre that drew the attention of anyone entering the room. Sitting behind the desk, on an office chair, was an old man who was looking at some files with a pipe in his mouth. He was a light-skinned man of below-average stature. He had pronounced cheekbones, a long and thick goatee, a prominent crease across his forehead, grey hair, a few wrinkles, a wart near his left nostril, and a few liver-spots.

He was Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Japanese Minister for Magic. Before he became Minister, he was the Headmaster of the Mahoutokoro School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and teacher of Tsunade. He was wearing a haori, along with a red, full-length kimono that was tied using a white sash.

"Yo, Gramps," Naruto greeted Sarutobi.

Hiruzen smiled. Standing from his seat, he went toward Naruto to give him hug. "Naruto, long time no see you. How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"Sarutobi-sensei, you look like shit," Tsunade said as she looked over the huge pile of paperwork on his desk.

"I know." He sighed. "Do you want my job?"

"Hell no!" Tsunade shouted.

"Well, I tried," he said, walking in and taking his seat behind his desk. Both Tsunade and Naruto took seats on chairs opposite him. "Now, let's talk about you, shall we, Naruto?"

"What is it, Gramps?"

"I wrote letters to both the British Ministry of Magic and the Headmaster of Hogwarts," Sarutobi said. "They replied back, they would be happy to have you in the Hogwarts for your magical studies."

"Well, why they wouldn't be happy about it. After all, he is the heir of the Uzumaki Enterprises, which controls the majority of trading business in the wizarding world," Tsunade said, suddenly.

"Yes, you could say that," Sarutobi said before turning toward Naruto. "Anyway, Naruto, I would like to introduce you to someone."

"Who?" Naruto asked.

"He'll be here soon," Sarutobi said. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. "Looks like he's here now." He made hand motion as the door of office opened.

A person entered the room. He was tall and thin, with silver hair and a beard so long that it could be tucked into his belt. He had a very long and crooked nose. He was an old man, wearing half-moon spectacles and a bright red robe.

"Welcome to Japan, my old friend, Albus," Sarutobi said as he stood up from his chair and greeted his friend by shaking his hand.

"Thank you, Hiruzen," Albus said in a perfect Japanese. He took seat beside Naruto.

"Albus, this is my student, Tsunade Senju," Sarutobi said, pointing at Tsunade.

"I know who she is," Albus said, "She is pretty much famous not only in Japan but also in England."

"Yes, she is," Sarutobi said, smiling. He was proud of his student. Then he pointed at Naruto. "And this young man is Naruto Uzumaki."

"So you are Naruto?"

"Yes," Naruto said. "And you are Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, formerly the Transfiguration Professor, and then later and currently, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Hmm, you are well-informed," Dumbledore said as he was impressed by the blond boy's knowledge.

"Because I like reading, Gramps." Tsunade slapped Naruto upside the head. "Ouch! Hey, what was that for?"

"Brat, be respectful," Tsunade scolded. "He is one of the greatest and most respected wizards in the wizarding world."


Dumbledore smiled at their behaviour. "Naruto, I don't have any problem with you calling me gramps. Just, don't call me it in public or in front of my students, ok."

Naruto nodded, smiling. "Thanks, Gramps."

Dumbledore smiled again and said, "You have Kushina's mouth and Minato's brains."

"Did you know my parents?"

"Yes, they were great wizards and my friends," Dumbledore said. "Sadly, they died too early. Your father had potential to surpass the greatest wizards of all time." There was a few moments of silence before he asked, "Anyway, can you read English?"

Naruto nodded. "I can speak, read and write English perfectly," he said in English.

From his pocket, Dumbledore took a cream-white envelope with a very official-looking seal on it and gave it to Naruto.

Naruto took envelope and opened it.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Uzumaki,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your replay by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Then he took the second paper out of the envelope.



First-year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)

by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic

by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory

by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration

by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions

by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection

by Quentin Trimble


1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl OR a cat OR a toad.



Yours sincerely,

Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus

Chief Attendant of Witchcraft Provisions

"I accept," Naruto said, looking at Dumbledore. "Also, can I bring other animals in place of those three at the Hogwarts?"

"Yes, you can bring other animals at Hogwarts. As long as it is not disruptive, dangerous or disgusting," Dumbledore said. "However, you need approval from your Head of House for anything out of the ordinary animals."

"So Karasu-chan can come with me," Naruto mumbled himself but Dumbledore heard him.


"She is my guardian angel," Naruto said, smiling, as shadows beneath his feet twisted and curled before it expanded then took shape into a large five feet tall raven. The raven gave a loud cry before shrinking down to a smaller size and perched on Naruto's left shoulder.

The raven was bigger than a normal forest-raven of any kind that Dumbledore recognised. She had dark black feathers that had a very lustrous sheen and noble appearance, an incredible wingspan and the feathers on her wings were notably big and straight, the same could be said for her erect and sharp tail feathers. She also had a jay-like crest on her head, giving her a proud and regal appearance. Her whole body was covered in purple coloured runes. She had blood-red eyes glowing in the darkness. However, despite all that, the most noticeable thing about her was her legs. Instead of the normal two, she had three, with each being a deep pruple colour with sharp black talons. She also had a long and sharp purple beak. On her left leg, she had a silvery-black metallic leg band that was engraved with the Uzumaki clan's spiral, showing her loyalty to the clan.

"Gramps, meet Karasu-chan," he said, happily, introducing her to Dumbledore.

"Is she a Yatagarasu?" Dumbledore asked, seeing a three-legged raven.

"Yes, have you seen a Yatagarasu before?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "This is the first time I personally have seen a Yatagarasu. I have heard about them before but have never had a chance to see them. They are powerful magical creatures. They are even rarer than the ever elusive phoenix," he said. "They are secretive, and in the magical world, there is not much information on them."

"Because most of us prefer the Spirit World to the Human World," An ethereal feminine voice said soothingly inside his head.

"You can talk telepathically!" Dumbledore wondered. "But how did you even get past my mental barriers? I'm an Occlumens. It's not easy to access my mind."

"We are natural telepaths so it doesn't really matter to us."

Dumbledore nodded and asked, "So your species live in the spirit world?"

"Yes," Karasu she flapped her wings and flew into the air with a long black coloured ghostly tail following her.

'That explains it. Why we have so little information about them,' Dumbledore thought, watching Karasu disappear into Naruto's shadow. He turned his head toward Naruto. "Where did you get her?"

"She has been with Naruto from his birth. She is very protective over him, and is extremely loyal to him." Tsunade answered his question. "She is also highly intelligent and powerful. She has complete control over shadows and much more."

"You've really got a fantastic animal companion," Dumbledore said, looking at Naruto.

"Thank you," Naruto said, smiling slightly.

"Anyway, Naruto, the school term will start on 1 September, so I'll send someone to pick you up."

Naruto nodded.

"Naruto, time to go now," Tsunade said. Naruto looked at her questioningly. "I think sensei wants to talk with Dumbledore-san alone."

Naruto gave a nod. "Goodbye Gramps, Other Gramps," he said. He and Tsunade left Sarutobi's office.

"What do you want to talk about, old friend?" Dumbledore asked Sarutobi.

Taking a deep breath, Sarutobi looked at Dumbledore. "Take care of Naruto. He is special. He is not only the Heir of Uzumaki Clan but also the son of Minato and Kushina," he said. "They have many enemies, who will do anything to harm Naruto for revenge."

"I will do my best, Hiruzen."


(Around Two Months Later)

(Place: Naruto's Bedroom in the Uzumaki Castle)

It was a large, elaborate room. The huge, fluffy bed was perfectly made, the light from a chandelier hanging above, completely showing the pale blue wallpaper and multiple portraits on the wall. A large bookshelf full of books on spells stood against one side wall. A wooden sliding door leading out to a balcony was visible on the other end of the room.

Today was August 30th. Naruto was packing his trunks for his year at Hogwarts.

"Naruto-kun, is this enough for you?" Shizune said as she was standing in front pile of a clothes.

"Yes, Shizune nee-chan. This is enough," Naruto said.

Shizune took her bluish-black wand—11", cedar, hippogriff feather—out from her pocket. With a quick flick of her wand, she packed all his cloths in a large silver-black trunk that had the Uzumaki Clan symbol on it.

"Anything else?"

"Yes, extra shoes."

"They are here, Master Naruto," Yuki said after she appeared in the room with a loud crack, holding Naruto's extra shoes in her hands.

"Place them inside the trunk, Yuki-chan," Naruto said.

Yuki nodded her head and placed his shoes inside of the trunk.

"You forgot these," Tsunade said as she entered the room.

She was holding her pet pig Tonton in her hand while many books and single wooden sword were floating in the air behind her.

"Oink," Tonton whined, trying to catch Naruto's attention.

"Hello, Tonton," Naruto greeted her.

Tonton was a light pinkish colour, much like any other pig. Her cheeks were blush in a darker shade of the same pink as her skin. She was wearing a pearl collar and a dark red jacket.

"Naruto," Tsunade said, catching Naruto's attention. "These are some advanced medical books and your practice sword. You need them if you don't want to slack off in your medical and sword study." Motioning her hand, she placed books and wooden sword inside of the trunk. "Also close your eyes, Naruto, I've got something for you."

"O-kay," Naruto said confusedly, but closed his eyes nonetheless.

Tsunade bent to one knee and put beautiful green crystal necklace around Naruto's neck. It was made from a special magical "Crystal Gem" with an unknown magical property.

"Now, open your eyes."

Naruto's eyes winded when he saw Senju Heirloom. "T-this is—"

"I know, this necklace is my heirloom, but I want to give it to you. It's your gift. It looks good on you," she said, smiling. "This necklace holds one powerful magic. Nobody knows about it. Many tried to find about it but they all failed. Maybe you would succeed where they all failed."

"Thank you, Granny," he said and hugged her tight.

"You're welcome, brat."

A small coughing sound caught their attention.

"Naruto-kun, this is for you," Shizune said as she gave him a small brown package.

Naruto opened the package. It was large, black-grey hooded varsity jacket with red interior linings. The jacket had multiple visible and hidden pockets, and the Uzumaki clan's red coloured spiral on its left side.

"Thank you, Shizune nee-chan," he said, "but I don't think it will fit me."

"It is magically enhanced to fit to any sized person perfectly," Shizune explained. Naruto took the coat and put it on himself. It shrunk down to Naruto's size. "Do you like it?"

"Yes, it's comfortable and soft."

"Now, pull the hood on your head."

After pulling the hood over his head, Naruto vanished in front of them.


"It's a custom-made jacket just for you. By pulling its hood over your head, it will make you invisible."

"Hm," Tsunade said as she placed her hand on Naruto's invisible head. "It's an interesting item. Even though it's only covering Naruto's upper body. It still has managed to make Naruto's whole body invisible."

Naruto pulled the hood down and became visible again.

"Thanks Nee-chan, it'll be really useful," He said as he took the jacket off and put it in his trunk.

"Yuki also has something for her Master," Yuki said.

"What is it?" Naruto asked, looking at his female house-elf.

"This," Yuki said. From nowhere she summoned a twisted looking bag and gave it to Naruto.

"What is this?" Naruto asked, taking a bag from Yuki's hand. He started to examine the bag.

It was a greyish-green and brown coloured, twisted looking bag. It looked like it was designed after the head of a monster. The zipper was designed to look like its mouth. (Like Charmcaster's bag from Ben 10)

"It's been a long time since I've seen this bag," Tsunade said when she saw the bag. Shizune nodded her head in agreement.

"Have you seen this bag before?" Naruto said.

"Yes," Tsunade said. "It's your mother's Magical Charm Bag."

"Yes, it's Mistress Kushina's bag. She had given it to Yuki, so Yuki can give it to Master Naruto for his first day of school," Yuki said.

"Naruto, this bag is special. It's connected to a personal pocket dimension. It means it can store an unlimited amount of any sized items," Tsunade said. "However, only an Uzumaki can put an item in the bag or pull out an item from the bag."

"And it is also sentient," Shizune added.

"What?" Naruto asked in confusion.

Suddenly, the bag in his hand opened its mouth like zipper, showing its pointed teeth—which were practically harmless because they were made from the same material as the bag—and started to bounce up and down in his hand.

"It recognizes you as its master," Tsunade informed him.

The bag jumped from his hands and wrapped its belt around Naruto's waist. The bag was now hanging on the right side of his waist.

"Thank you for the gift, Yuki-chan," Naruto said.

He removed the bag from his waist. Then he lifted the bag up and set it in front of him. He placed an index finger on the bag, incanting "Sleep" and placed a sleeping spell on the bag. The bag then became normal. He put the bag inside the trunk.

"Did you pack everything?" Shizune asked last time.

Naruto nodded. She pointed her wand at the trunk. "Reducio" And the trunk shrunk down to a small size. She took the small trunk and put it in her purse.

"Let's go. We are going to be late if we don't leave soon."

"Huh, are you also coming with me?" Naruto asked confusedly.

"Yes, she is coming with you to make sure you reach the Hogwarts Express safely," Tsunade said. "And take this key." As she gave him a gold key. "I've transferred a small amount of money to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You will require this key to open the vault 721."

Naruto took the gold key from her and put it in his pocket.

"Time to go, Naruto," Shizune said.

She placed her hand on Naruto shoulder. They disappeared to the location the portkey was set to..



1. The Three Noble Clans of The Japanese Magical World are the Uzumaki Clan, the Senju Clan and the Uchiha Clan.

2. In this Story both Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki are not Tsunade's Grandparents. They are her ancestors.

3. In this Story,

**Currency in the wizarding Britain is Gold Galleon.

1 Gold Galleon = 17 Silver Sickles = 493 Bronze Knuts

Silver Sickles = 29 Bronze Knuts

1 Gold Ryo = 50 Silver Momme = 4000 Copper Mon

1 Silver Momme = 80 Copper Mon

**The Exchange Rate of Galleon to Ryo

1 Gold Galleon = 2.76 Gold Ryo

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