Ryo lay awake later that night reading several pages from the journal to himself while the others slept and smiled from time to time at the descriptions of events and the people involved. Apparently Kay was a little bit of a loner. But she did have a small circle of friends that she relied on. One such person was mentioned several times. A person by the name Robyn.

From what he could tell the two had known each other since they were toddlers and had grown up just a few houses away from each other. She described some of their jokes and antics growing up with such precision that he wondered what sort of major she would have been trying for in collage. She mentioned dreams of being a writer. Or maybe even a painter. Along with several other interesting facts, one of which was the eerily strange fact that she had been having some peculiar dreams about people in armor running around the city.

Frowning he thumbed through the pages a little more and found sketches of some of the Dynasty warlords and creatures that he and the others had dubbed 'the tin cans', followed by several pages of sketches of himself and the other ronin's. "Holy shi-" Ryo started to say when Yuli moaned and rolled over and threw one of his little arms across Ryo's lap, making the older man jump a bit and look down at the boy, startled and just a bit worried at the same time.

Mia and White Blaze both would tear him a new one if he woke the kid up. But after a moment or so of making sure the boy was still sleeping soundly, he carefully removed Yuli's arm from his waist and laid it next to him. Then went back to the journal and after checking out the accuracy of the sketches, turned the pages again and came to a stop when some photo's fell out of the book and into his lap.

"What the-" He breathed as he slowly, and carefully picked up the pictures and started to look through them. His eyes widening a little bit when he saw several pictures with Kay's name on the back of them. Dear god- So this was his mystery girl. The one he'd been dying to meet ever since he had first cracked open the journal.

She was beautiful.

Almost like what one expected an angel or a fairy princess would look like.

She was petite, and delicately boned with angelic features, wide soft green eyes that were rimmed in turquoise, her hair silky was long, mid back length at least in one of the photo's (he had no way of knowing how much longer her hair was in the last photo since that age of the girl in the picture's varied from photo to photo) and it was a peculiar combination of silvery blond with pale red highlights that in the direct sunlight made her hair a soft almost translucent pinkish blond that went well with the color of her eyes and the soft ivory of her skin.

Picking out a picture of Kay when she was at least, by his estimate, in her late teens to twenties. He set the other picture's aside and leaned back against White Blaze who twitched slightly as he accepted Ryo's weight against his stomach, yet didn't awaken. He merely let out a loud rumbling purr that made Ryo smile as he ran his thumb across the photo's surface as he stared at the image of the young woman staring back.

Those wide pale green/turquoise eyes of Kay's looked as if they could look right through a person's soul.

He liked her eyes. They held the spark of fire, stubbornness, and strength in their depths.

And if there was something he understood well- it was fire, stubbornness, and strength. Shifting again to get more comfortable, he placed the picture on his chest, on top of his sub armor's breast plate- directly over his heart- and closed his eyes and tried to imagine that Kay was there. Her body was curled up against his own, her head laying on his chest in place of the picture, her long silken hair slipping across her cheek like a curtain as she slung one of her slender arms across his stomach and snuggled closer as his eyes drifted closed he could almost imagine his fingers buried in her thick hair, petting it as he drifted off to sleep.


Kay never bothered to come out of her most recent hiding spot unless it was pitch dark outside. Ever since the city had become a ghost town, she never bothered to leave her hiding spot during the day. It didn't matter if she was hungry. It didn't matter if she was thirsty or sick. She refused to be captured by the strange, creepy people in armor. She refused to be just another person taken against their will and imprisoned somewhere. Or have who knows what done to her for no good reason...

And the best way to avoid being taken was to use the cover of night to her advantage.

Slipping into the empty house she'd just found not far from her most recent hiding spot, she decided that a shower, some clean clothes and food would be nice for a change. She'd keep the time she spent here down to no more than forty five minutes. That's all she needed to take care of things anyways.

Carefully closing the door, the first thing she searched for was candles. Because aside from flashlights which to some extent were unreliable- candles had saved her life more times than she dared to count these past few weeks. They kept her from making mistakes, too much noise, and even breaking her neck tripping over some random thing. Like animals, toys, exct...

After locating the candles and lighting a few, she went from room to room. Slowly checking things for any signs of life. After all the last thing she needed was to accidentally step on an decaying animal carcass and freak out again. Her screaming alone had cost her fresh clothing and food for close to four days straight.

Once she was sure the house was clear of any signs of life- she went through it again noting that there were five bedrooms. A master bedroom with a man and woman's stuff inside and several smaller rooms with children's things in them. It took several minutes of going through the things in one of the bedrooms, but eventually she found some clothing that would fit her. And then took a moment to search for towels before heading to the bathroom.

Knowing that if she didn't hurry, her time would run out.