Six years later...

Carol heard soft laughter and smiled to herself knowing Robyn was likely up to something but couldn't help to smile. Carol looked over at Stacey next to her and grinned at her, "What you think she's doing?"

Stacey looked at her and her eyes danced with amusement, "With Daryl's untelling."

Carol nodded in agreement and slipped from the room and quietly down hall not wanting to Robyn to hear her. She followed the sound of laughter and frowned when she got closer and didn't hear Daryl at all. She had assumed he had been playing with her and that was what had the girl laughing. Robyn was always a ball of energy around Daryl but in all fairness he was just as bad.

Carol peeked around the corner and her face broke out in to a smile to wide she felt pain in her cheeks. Daryl was knocked out on the recliner his arm through up and over his eyes shielding the evening sunlight from his eyes and soft snores were slipping from his mouth. Her eyes swept his body and she shook her head at his dirty shop clothes being what he was still in but her eyes softened when they landed on his torso.

Snuggled across his chest was both of their sons. She wanted to laugh at the way they were all laying but held it in knowing he'd wake up and cause their boys to as well. Both boys were laying on their backs like their father arms in the same position and Daryl's arm other arm was thrown across the both of them keeping them from rolling in their sleep.

She cast her eyes down at Robyn's light laugh again and her eyes widened. Daryl had kicked off his boots as soon as he came in and apparently his attention was claimed by both boys as they knocked out. Robyn had took it upon herself to get out all the nail polish that Carol and Stacey had been rifling through earlier as they painted her little nails for her earlier in the day.

Daryl's foot up his shin was a multitude of colors and she could clearly see his leg hair slicked and spiked with the dried nail polish. She knew he'd be pissed off once he seen it but never say a word being that it was Robyn. That girl had all the Dixon men wrapped around her finger so tightly that she could break them with a look.

Robyn looked up at Carol just as Stacey rounded the corner and covered her mouth. "Oh my God. He's going to shit bricks."

Carol nodded and walked into the room followed by Stacey closely. "Robyn Lucille! You know better." Stacey hissed picking her daughter up.

Both boys stirred on Daryl grumpily and Carol winced hoping they didn't wake up. The boys tended to be like just like their father in almost every way possible. They went to bed just as late as him and were up just as early. They seemed to have a near constant supply of energy that was damn near impossible to keep up with. Daryl's arm tightened around his boys and his sleep heavy voice broke the silence instantly calming them both and they settled against him turning over and snuggling down into the warmth of his body.

Carol smiled grabbing her camera snapping pictures of them as she crept around the room. She could still hear Stacey scolding Robyn in through the house and she smiled knowing the girl wasn't listening a bit.

"You aint as sneaky as you think Carol Ann." Daryl groused.

Carol's eyes snapped to his and seen him watching her. He was wide awake and alert but his eyes were what had her attention. They were heated as they swept down her form and she felt his gaze like a touch on her skin. She swallowed and walked towards him setting on the armrest. If the boys still insisted on climbing on him they were going to have to get a bigger recliner soon.

Daryl's eyes went to her stomach as he set up shifting his boys around. His hand flashed out sliding across her small baby bump and he growled low in his throat causing her to clinch her thighs. His eyes flashed down to her thighs and then up to her eyes a knowing smirk gracing his face.

Daryl's head was jerked down and to the right suddenly by the small fist that their son had on his beard. Daryl grimaced but didn't say anything to correct his son and Carol shook her head at them. She watched as both boys started trying to climb up his body and Daryl stood up swiftly sweeping both of them up with him and leaving them dangling upside down.

Both of them were howling with laughter and Daryl moved with ease through the house like the weight of both their sons wasn't a bother at all. Daryl set them down in the kitchen seeing Robyn setting on the counter scowling at her mom. Her eyes went to his then to her mother and she huffed out a angry breath crossing her arms over chest.

Carol set down at the table watching them with a smile. Robyn clinched her tiny little jaw and spoke through her teeth, "Mom says I need to apologize. I was a little shit again."

Daryl barked out a laugh and Stacey through her arms up in the air, "Robyn! Language."

Robyn looked at her bewildered, "Dad talks worse than me!"

"You aint ya daddy!" She snapped.

Daryl shook his head grabbing a bottle of water and taking it down in almost one drink. "I don't know Ace she acts just like him half the time."

Stacey scowled at him, "Well let's see how you feel later when your getting all that off your leg."

Daryl looked down his body and shook his head. He raised his eyes to Robyn and her face was red and tears welled up in her eyes her little lip quivering as she watched her uncle. It always amazing Carol at how much Robyn sought out Daryl sometimes. There was times when Stacey had first got her home and they finally got Daryl to hold her his niece had settled immediately gazing up at him. And it had been that way every since then. Stacey had showed up and called multiple times seeking Daryl out when Robyn had become inconsolable.

Daryl drank the rest of his water down not speaking but looking at Robyn steadily. He stepped forward tossing his bottle in the trash and scooped her up and her arms wrapped around his neck tightly. Daryl leaned in whispering to her and her little face cleared and she smiled at him. She set back nodding at him and she heard Stacey huff.

"Daryl how am I supposed to be taken seriously by my daughter when you undermine me?"

Daryl grinned at her as Robyn buried her face in his neck. "You stink."

Carol laughed at her soft little voice and Daryl barked out a laugh nodding his head as he passed her off to Stacey. Carol looked in through the house hearing the door open and the sound of boots thudding through the house. Will appeared suddenly and both boys launched themselves at him climbing up his body demanding his attention.

"PAPAW!" Dean howled up at his grandfather.

Will scooped him up just as Daryl grabbed up his other son. Difference in the boys was astonishing to Carol and she smiled looking at them. Dean was more out going and loud leading his twin brother into trouble half the time. While William tended to be more like his father and keep back from people and only mess with you if it suited him.

"What the hell happened to your leg boy?" William questioned wrestling Dean around in his grip.

Daryl scowled down at the riot of color gracing his leg and shook his head looking at Robyn. Robyn was watching Will with the same look she had given Daryl and Carol grinned knowing she was going to get whatever she wanted.

"Pap tell mom to stop being a baby." Robyn huffed out sliding away from her mom and walking in between the men.

Will laughed and looked up at Stacey who was shaking her head and gathering up her stuff to go. She smiled at Will as she leaned down to hug Carol and her hand pinched lightly at her stomach, "Here's to hoping you have a girl. We're getting outnumbered by men."

Carol laughed and stood up moving with her through the house as Robyn clung to Daryl's pants leg. "Robyn baby don't you wanna go see daddy?"

"He can come here."

Daryl and Will both laughed looking down at her. Daryl motioned Will to him passing his son off and scooping Robyn up as he went. Daryl had her laughing as he growled snapping at her neck and tickling her. He walked past Stacey and out the door padding softly down to her vehicle.

Carol waved good bye to them as Daryl made his way back up the steps to her. Carol grinned at him as he cleared the top step and his arms wrapped around her pulling her into him his face going to her neck. She felt his smile against her neck and held on to him tighter.

Carol was busy buzzing around the cooking and picking up after her two little Dixon hurricanes. She walked into the kitchen and right in the middle of Will and Daryl's conversation.

"How'd Merle take it?" Will's voice was low and concerned.

Daryl shook his head and gave a sad shrug to his shoulders, "He took it about like a kick to the balls."

Will sighed rubbing his face, "Shit."

Daryl nodded at him, "Only thing he said was that at least Dean and Will will carry on the Dixon name and any other boys we might have." Daryl's eyes flicked to Carol for a minute and then down to her stomach before going back to his dads.

Will nodded at him but his eyes were faraway. His eyes shifted to Carol and she smiled at him as she handed snacks off to her boys watching as they scrambled up onto Daryl and Will to eat.

"Did she say anything to you about it?"

Carol nodded her head and chewed her lip, "She was crushed but she's working through it. She said she just expected me to have enough kids for her and me both."

Daryl choked on his drink and Will laughed slapping him on the back as he stood up, "I gotta jet though. Me and Merle will be by tomorrow to get the boys."

Daryl nodded at him as he grabbed Carol pulling her into a hug and then grabbing up the boys. Will and Dean squealed and laughed as he messed with them and Daryl smiled the that pang of sadness lessened than it was so many years before. He had missed all the moments with Will that he should have had but the man was there for his boys in more ways than Daryl could ever name or thank him for.

Carol was laying in bed reading waiting on Daryl to come to bed when she heard a thumb and a groan in the hall way. Daryl growled stepping through the door in nothing more than grey basketball shorts as he shut the door and flipped the lights off. She felt is weight on the bed and then his lamp flicked on his back to her as he set there.

Carol waited for him to settle on the bed with her but he kept sitting and she moved to him. "Something wrong?"

Daryl looked over at her a smile dancing across his face, "I didn't forget you know."

Carol raised a eyebrow at him but she smiled at him, "Didn't say you did."

"That why you didn't mention it at all?" Daryl laughed.

Carol watched him shuffle some stuff around and produce a small box. He handed it to her, "Happy Mother Day."

Carol set back indian style in the bed and opened the small box. It was a ring that held Will and Dean's birth stones with hers in the center. Her eyes watered and she looked up at him slipping it on.

Daryl kicked back on the bed and she dropped next to him, "Do you ever think about our wedding day?" she smiled against his chest.

She heard the hum in his throat before he spoke, "Yeah."

Carol raised up looking down at him, "What do you remember the most?"

Daryl shifted his eyes to her and brought his hand around running it up her neck and cupping her face, "You married my sorry ass for some fucked up reason."

Carol grinned at him, "Mr. Dixon I'm being serious."

Daryl pulled her up on top of him his hand smoothing across her bump again and he smiled up at her, "What do you think about the most then?"

Carol sighed, "That's hard for me to answer. I think about walking down the aisle to you the most though. But I loved it all."

Daryl nodded at her and she smiled watching as his hands rucked her shirt up and slid along her stomach cupping her. She let her mind drift back to their wedding day as he explored her body.

Carol didn't feel nerves like she thought she would, instead she felt the need to get out there to Daryl. She just wanted to be married to him already, to be Mrs. Daryl Dixon. She wanted to really start their life together.

"Calm down Carol he'll be there." Dean laughed tugging on his daughters hand. "I know his ass is out there I seen Will with him as he smoked."

Carol smiled up at her dad and took him in his tux. She was surprised that she had convinced them all to where tuxes. She had expected a round of fuck yous and a bunch of shit for it. Surprisingly though Daryl had agreed with her and hadn't fought her on anything she wanted. He had just asked that she not make everything pink.

Stacey breezed in the room carrying her flowers with Michonne close behind her. Things weren't back to where they had been with Michonne and part of Carol didn't think it ever really would be but she still loved her. She had been the first person to push her to leave Ed. Because of her she had opened her life making room for Daryl, making room for her happiness.

Carol couldn't take her eyes off Daryl as she made her way down the aisle with her father. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. His eyes were solely fixed on her as she took him in the tux for the first time. The cut was perfect drawing your eyes t the perfect T that his shoulders made right now to his narrow and beautiful waist.

Merle and Rick were standing up there with him and she smiled when her eyes met Merle's. His eyebrows waggled at her lewdly and he gave her a shit eating grin while Rick was stoic and smiling. He had got over everything and had apologized to Daryl for accusing him off murder. Oddly enough Daryl had laughed in his face when he done it but never told Rick what he found funny.

The I do's went fast and she fell in step with Daryl quickly as they escaped the crowd. As soon as they cleared the door and were alone he had her pinned to the wall his hips pressing into her and she could feel his erection as he kissed and licked his way up her neck. She moaned and sunk her hands into his hair feeling all kinds of dirty and sexy at the same time considering they were in a church.

Daryl released her from his grip still keeping her close to him as his chest heaved and his smile split his face. She smiled at him as she heard the sound of people coming their way. He growled at her but quieted down as Dean and the Dixon's walked into the room laughing and smiling. Stacey stepped through carrying Robyn whose little hands immediately reached for Daryl.

Carol smiled a sly smile knowing if he stepped away from her that they would see the erection he was sporting. Carol kept her grip on him making it seem like she was keeping him there with her so that Stacey had to walk to her.

"So Carol you finally gonna let us know where you picked to go for the honey moon?" Norm asked.

Carol nodded enthusiastically but her eyes went to Daryl. She had kept it a secret from him wanting to surprise him. "Brooks Lake Lodge in The Rockies. Shoshone to be exact."

Carol watched his face but knew that with so many people around he would have his face closed off. His eyes though shined and he nodded at her. "We leave at seven."

The reception had been fun and simple much like she had wanted and it was beautifully done. Stacey had set it up on the family property that Norman owned. There was more flowers and random things that screamed Daryl than Carol could really take in. It was something she would remember forever. Much like their honeymoon.

Nine months after their wedding she gave birth to her two twin boys, a last minute gift from Daryl for the wedding.

"What you thinking so hard about Carol Ann?" that rough honey bathing her in his lustful gaze.

Carol swallowed and smiled at him feeling his hands slide along her skin. "The wedding and the boys."

Daryl smiled at her, "What you think we're gonna get this time?"

"What do you want?"

Daryl shrugged, "As long as your healthy and the babies is, I don't care."

Carol leaned down and snuggled into him, "We'll have to add to the ring. I want your gem stone on there too."

Daryl hummed in his throat and kissed the side of her head, "You got it. Love you woman."

"Love you Daryl." Carol kissed his chest letting her tongue slide against his skin cause him to hiss through clinched teeth.

His grip tightened on her as his other hand slid into her panties causing her to moan burying her face in the crook of his neck. He stroked her knowing just how to get her there and doing it quickly. "Want you she pleaded."

Growling he circled his thumb faster setting her off and she grabbed his wrist keeping him there as she rocked her hips into his hand harder and harder. When she released him his fingers slipped into his mouth his eyes never leaving hers. Carol raised up her hands reaching for his shorts just as the door opened.

Will and Dean stepped into the room in there underwear rubbing their eyes. They didn't say anything as they climbed in the bed and started working around how they wanted to lay. Carol heard Daryl grunt and looked over seeing Dean drop his weight on Daryl's groin. She grabbed him and pulled him into her as Will snuggled into his side.

Daryl looked over at her adjusting himself in his pants and she smiled at him. She loved him more and more everyday and wanted to thank him every day for giving her the best thing ever when he agreed to kids. She let her hand slide through their hair, "They look just like you."

"Poor kids." Daryl chuckled.

"Oh hush up." Carol scolded.

Dean's little hand flashed out pinching Daryl hard enough to pull a bruise on him, "Ush up dad."

Will growled from his side sounding more like his dad and he kicked out at his brother. Daryl laughed flipping it around to where Will was laying on his other side putting himself between the boys. "Go to sleep."