For this fanfic, I created an original character named Lady Nala, kind of like a foster mother to the generals/shitennou. J

Anyway, hope you like the story, it was actually based on a fanart by Kaze that I happened to browse at in Anipike – Generals Love, I think, under the Sailor Moon category.

Now, on with the story.


The beautiful woman stood with her delicate head held high as she looked down on the kneeling young men before her in their crisp and impressive uniforms, heads bowed low as they kneeled before her.

All were silent, except that is, the young lad with short blond hair who was muttering grumpily about being called at such an ungodly hour, just as he was about to turn to his cozy bed for a night of blissful sleep.

The woman's face crinkled with a smile, chuckling silently at the obviously infuriated young man.  For indeed, the fiery young man was not one to mess with when it came down to his precious 'beauty sleep.' 

She sighed.

Silly old boy...


All of a sudden, her serene face became serious as the tallest of the men, who seemed to be the head of the group, slowly lifted his silver-platinum head and with such grave manners, addressed the lady respectfully before him.

"My lady..."

"Oh, do drop the formalities, Kunzite.  You and I very well know that you would rather throw curses at my face at this very moment - not that it hasn't been done yet, mind you..."

The woman gazed back at the young blond who was cursing a while ago and saw him looked at her - not even bothering to hide a naughty grin - and gave her an affectionate wink. But he suddenly straightened up when the brunette beside him elbowed his ribs and gave a grunt of disapproval.  An amused cough then came from another form beside the growling brunette - another blond with long wavy hair tied up in a long ponytail.  He gave the woman an apologetic nod, but was also having a hard time hiding a grin on his handsome face.

The old woman smiled.

Sigh. Boys will always be boys...

The woman, who was very well known for her wisdom, shook her head in amusement, and with a tinge of regret...

It's time...


With such regal grace, she stepped down from her throne, and approached the four young men who now stood up in front of her, all sporting curious glances and traces of affectionate concern as well.

For indeed the woman was beautiful. . .but old as well.

For years, the woman not only became the men's mentor, she was also their loving foster mother.  And the young men, despite their mischief and immaturity at times, would suddenly become the most noble and courageous of men when it came down to the safety and welfare of their beloved "Nala".

The woman, Lady Nala, stopped in front of her "boys" and gave each one a long serious look.

"Nala, is there something wrong?" asked the brunette with the intelligent eyes and a slight frown on his handsome face. 

Usually, after the initial formalities, the woman would either start "babying" the men by scolding them of their crazy antics during the day and pinching their 'cheeks' (located in the more nether regions), which often resulted to the men squirming in their seats once in awhile; or just giving them motherly hugs, after which, certain businesses are to be discussed.

Now however, the expression on her serious face suddenly triggered an alarming bell in the back of the their heads, telling them that something was definitely –

- wrong.   

Nala replied gravely, "No my son, in fact, the time has come when everything should be put to right..." and with that, she raised her arms above her head, and started whispering words of incantation in a language foreign even to the young men's ears.  The room suddenly glowed with strange flickering lights and the men felt warmth spreading from within their bodies.


"Lady Nala, what are you doing?  What is going on..."

"STOP IT, Nala!" shouted Kunzite as he saw the woman suddenly having breathing problems as she continued with her muttering. 

He started to approach the woman when an unseen strong force suddenly pushed him back.  Stunned, the silver-haired Kunzite staggered back - the sound of the colossal impact echoing throughout the halls of the palace.

The young man was baffled.

"W-What the...?"

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL'S GOING ON?!" shouted the blond, Jadeite.

Sharp sounds of cracking can be heard all throughout the hall as beautiful stained glass windows lining up the sides of the palace were beginning to break apart from their sills.

The men were using their cloaks to protect themselves from the shattered glasses that flew all over the place as a seemingly strong blast of energy completely obliterated the windows.

As much as the men wanted to shelter the older woman, an invisible field that surrounded her body seemed to act as her shield and protection.

Nala, whose long luxuriant grey-tinged hair flew all over her divine face, just looked at the young men and said in a very solemn voice,

"I love you my have been my life and my world since you came to me so many years ago...and I am ever grateful of the circumstances that brought you to me however tragic they were..."

Lady Nala then took a deep long breath and whispered in a sad but firm voice,

"However, it's time you find your life in a world that would truly make you happy..."

"Lady Nala! What do you mean?"  The young brunet asked helplessly, his head shaking in confusion and trepidation.

Nala gave him a tender smile as tears blurred her brown eyes,

"Dear Nephrite, you and your brothers were not what you thought you were not responsible for the misdeeds you thought you have committed a long, long time ago...let go of the past..."

The young man with long locks of flaxen blond spoke urgently, "We know Nala, we realized that a long time ago, YOU made us realize that...but I don't see how it has anything to do with this...what's going on?"

"My dear Zoisite,'ll understand soon why I must do this..."

"Do what Nala?  Dammit!  STOP! What is it that you want to happen? Nala,..." the short-haired blond tried to reach out to the woman again, stretching his strong arms out, willing to reach the woman despite the seemingly powerful force pushing him back.

...I love you, my sons...


A sudden huge explosion of light enveloped the whole room and a strong gust of wind swept shattered glasses on the floor to the end of the hall as the final words of incantation left the woman's lips.  Shattered pieces of stained glass fell all over the palace like showers of crystals.

After what seemed like an eternity. . .the strong winds calmed down, and still silence followed.  The hall was swathed in darkness, the soft radiance from the full moon that shone outside the windows, its only source of light. 

Lady Nala, head bowed down, tiny sweat drops coming down the sides of her face mixed with salty tears, tried calming down her ragged breathing and the furious beating in her chest.  She then looked up, keeping her lips in a firm straight line to keep the sobs from escaping.

Gone were the tall dashing young figures of moments ago.  In their place...

Nala walked unsteadily a few steps forward and kneeled down with tears in her loving eyes as she looked down at the seemingly-lifeless forms of her "sons".

They were no longer tall, nor moving.  They were still, yet Nala knew while looking at their eyes, that they were very much alive. . .and confused. . .and even frightened.

She reached out a hand and smoothened silky blond strands.

My dear Jadeite, you will soon know.  Soon, my sons."