Hi guys,

I just got an email from a very "concerned" reader with regards to the status of this particular fic. (Thanks for the wake-up call there.)

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to update this story as promised. My computer got infected a few months before and I lost more than half of my original files, which unfortunately, include subsequent chapters of this fic.

I got so pissed and so frustrated that I kinda lost interest for a while there (imagine all those chapters gone! Sigh). I have yet to find the inspiration to read the chapters all over again in order to come up with those I lost – and making them even better! And because it's been months since I last updated, I have forgotten some of the scenes that I wrote. You bad fanfic writer, Rain!

Well, I hope to be able to redeem myself in your eyes.:-) And soon. All I ask...is that you please bear with me a little longer. Thanks!

Rain's flexing her writer's fingers right now… :-)