A/N: Story will eventually be full of wincest. If you only want to read the cute sisterly chapters, don't worry, I'll give you a full warning once the wincest lands.

She heard the crossbow bolt thud into her shoulder before she felt it.

"ELSA!" A desperate scream came from somewhere to her right.

A second bolt slammed into her just below the first, the force of it almost throwing her backwards.

Looking down at the dull, black projectiles, she blinked, slowly, trying to connect some sort of feeling to the sight, but the numbness hung around her like a heavy cloud.

Through the ringing in her ears, she could hear the devil himself laughing. Or was it Anna crying?

The smell of copper rose from the small, ruddy blemishes encircling the bolts. Like rising suns, they became bigger and brighter, until she forced herself to turn away, exhaustedly dragging her eyes over to her sister.

"…Elsa," like a snowflake, the younger girl's plea drifted on a gust of icy wind, carrying just far enough for the blonde to hear the note of despair. "Please, don't let him do this!"

Elsa held her sister's distraught gaze for a beat, before solemnly turning back to the brute holding the crossbow, locking eyes with him and giving an imperceptible nod.

Attempting to lower herself to one knee as graceful as was becoming of Arendelle's former queen, she bowed her head to the figure a few feet in front of her.

"Fine. It is yours," she proclaimed, in a deceptively steady voice.

The man curled his lips up into a sinister grin and bellowed, "then, as the new ruler of this pathetic kingdom, my first act will be to free these piteous people from living in the shadow of the fear you've cultivated here, monster!"

Elsa's head snapped up in time to see him deftly lift the crossbow and draw a bead right between her eyes.

The redhead screamed "No! You gave us your word!"

Barely turning his head, the man smiled lecherously at Anna, "My dear, I never keep my word."

And pulled the trigger.