"I've decided I'm going to call it the Anna," Elsa said, walking with her sister alongside the newest addition to Arendelle's navy, a huge frigate that Halvor had commissioned from Corona. Easily a hundred feet long, it's newly varnished wood sparkled under the sun as it rocked gently on the water. The sails were a deep purple, and at the prow of the vessel was an intricately carved figurehead; a mermaid that looked suspiciously like Anna.

The younger girl turned to her sister, making a face. "You can't call it that," she chastised. "It's not fearsome enough."

Elsa shot her an amused look. "My dear sister," she began, "have you ever seen yourself when you're angry? You're terrifying."

Anna opened her mouth in disbelief. "I am not!" she cried, stepping in front of Elsa and jabbing a finger into her chest. "You take that back!"

Elsa just smiled, gesturing to her sister. "See? Terrifying." Anna just crossed her arms and frowned. "That's less terrifying and more adorable," the older girl said, leaning in quickly to steal a quick kiss from her sister. "Have you thought about my offer?" she asked, changing the subject.

Anna nodded hesitantly. "I have," she began, "but I'm still not sure if it's the best idea…" she trailed off.

Elsa nudged her shoulder, "It's my idea, so of course it's the best." When Anna didn't crack a smile, she moved closer to the girl, taking her hands. "Hey," she said, softly. "What you did for Arendelle whilst I was gone…" Anna looked down at the reminder of Elsa's absence, "You singlehandedly took a kingdom that was on its knees, and you helped it stand again."

Ducking her head to catch her sister's eye again, Elsa continued. "I know you'll make a great queen, Anna. These people," she said, gesturing to the busy town square, "They adore you. And they don't fear you like they do me." She rolled her eyes, "I mean, they hide it well, and they seem to respect me a lot more these days, but let's face it, I'm still an all-powerful, exquisitely gorgeous ice goddess. It's enough to make anyone nervous."

That got a small chuckle from the younger girl, and Elsa found herself encouraged by it. "Under your rule, I know Arendelle will be the greatest kingdom it could ever be."

Anna looked at her sister, a little less unsure of herself. "Well, you know," a cheeky smirk crept its way on to her face, "If Arendelle is going to be the greatest kingdom it can be, it's also going to need the greatest navy we can possibly find."

Elsa looked puzzled. "Yes…" she said, dragging the word out suspiciously. "And Halvor is the best commander you'll find for miles."

The younger girl was grinning now. "But since I'll be taking over your duties as queen, and you'll be left with plenty of free time..."

Elsa's eyes widened when she realised what her sister was implying. "Oh no. No no no, Anna, absolutely not!" She balked at the idea. "I can't command an entire navy!"

Anna shook her head. "You won't. Halvor will remain commander, but I want Arendelle to be a protector of the lands and people who can't protect themselves." Her grin faltered and she looked stern. "I want all those brutish kingdoms – with nothing better to do than try and conquer defenceless countries – to think twice about invading when they see our flag."

She put her arms around Elsa's neck, smiling up at the older girl again. "And who better to be the war maiden standing at the side of the queen, than an all-powerful, exquisitely gorgeous ice goddess?"

Marginally placated by the idea of using her powers to defend rather than attack, Elsa winked at her sister. "Flattery will get you everywhere, Anna," she quipped. A beat. "So does this mean you're accepting my proposal?"

Anna pretended to ponder the question, looking at the sky. "Yes," she said, meeting her sister's gaze once again. "I suppose it does." Then, with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "And that's Queen Anna, to you."

Elsa just smiled, and kissed her.