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Claim: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, John Diggle.

Summary: 5 times Oliver and Felicity touched each other inappropriately without noticing and the one time they definitely did notice. Diggle POV.

Notes: Please be gentle. English is not my first language, this is unbetaed, and it's my first olicity fanfic. Sorry.

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Or, 5 times Oliver and Felicity touched each other inappropriately without noticing

And the one time they definitely did notice.


If she wasn't so worried about his well-being, she might've noticed how her hands were slipping to all kind of places on Oliver's body, Diggle thinks. Had Oliver been out of danger, she would be mortified at her clumsiness and her wandering hands.

Now that the Barry Allen kid is working on trying to save Oliver, John has some time to look around and notice things like Felicity standing next to him and touching his face every five minutes checking for pulse even though he is connected to the machines. Her fingers run across his chin, and his cheeks, and his lips… and then to his neck, and his chest, and basically to every part of his body because she is really out of control.

If the situation wasn't so deadly serious, Diggle might've laughed when Felicity's hand stayed on Oliver's crotch for a minute before there was a sound coming from the computer and she had to get away from the table.

The sensors just picked up someone passing by the alley near Roy's place, so she just went back to Oliver and touched his neck to feel the pulse with her fingertips, as if the mere feel of his heartbeat could save her from going insane.

Barry Allen is just four feet away, and for all the sweet smiles she shared earlier with him, Felicity doesn't even spare him a glance at that moment.


When John makes his way into the Foundry, he doesn't know what he expects, but Oliver standing right behind Felicity with both hands on her shoulders, her head thrown a little to the left side as he caressed her neck lightly, wasn't it. For a moment, he thinks they finally have decided to act on the feelings they obviously have, but then he realizes that Felicity is talking about her latest findings and Oliver is nodding along and asking if she has a blueprint of the building.

Nothing about the conversation is romantic… or even friendly teasing, and they don't seem to notice that he is massaging her in such an intimate manner. Which is crazy, because how could they not notice?

"Well hello there," he says, trying to see if they would spring apart at his voice.

But they stay in the same position, Oliver's hand tracing weird patterns in her neck and softly playing with the hair that curls around her ear.

"Hi John," she says, and even though her voice is a little breathy he knows that they really, really don't notice what they are doing.

"Dig, hello," Oliver replies, almost as if it were an afterthought. His left hand moves down Felicity's neck and it grazes in a place that would be really, really inappropriate if she was wearing a deep v-neck shirt or something like that.

Then she turns around, and as she stands her hand holds onto Oliver's hip for support, and she walks closely around him on her way to the bathroom.

For all of Felicity's genius and Oliver's awareness of his surroundings, they were really oblivious about the most obvious things. Because, really, that kind of held gazing and not-so-subtle touching is usually reserved for people that are in a sexual relationship of some kind… and not for friends, or coworkers for that matter.


He actually doesn't know when he and Felicity switched places and she started taking care of Oliver's wounds, but he surely notices that Oliver tends to act like a big crybaby when she's patching him up.

Which is kind of funny, considering that Felicity runs her fingers gently on the area surrounding the wound and doesn't pour alcohol on it without warning, and actually covers him without applying too much pressure, and those are things he used to do when he patched him up.

Oliver puts on a sweater and then puts his hand on Felicity's shoulder, thanking her. Her left hand comes to rest on his bicep and she smiles at him like the sun is shining again, and if he didn't have such a deep appreciation for both of them he would find the scene absolutely disgusting because they are terribly oblivious to the way Oliver's body angles towards hers and then his right hand drifts lower and squeezes her waist before turning around.

Or the way Felicity leans towards him as he goes, her hand slipping from his bicep to his hand as he walks away. Then, their fingers graze and he sees how Oliver's flex a little to hold onto Felicity for just a second more.

This time, appreciation of both of them doesn't stop him from thinking that the scene is really disgusting in all kinds of lusty and lovey-dovey ways (as Felicity herself would say).


He goes to buy some painkillers for the terrible headache he has. It takes him eight minutes at most, but when he comes back to Queen Consolidated the scene that greets him is completely different to the one that was playing when he left.

Oliver had, sometime in those eight minutes, come out of the meeting with Isabel, and is now sitting in his chair while Felicity stands beside him, leaning to show him something in the computer. But that's not the absurdly inappropriate thing that is going on, not at all.

(And they wonder why everyone in this place thinks they are involved. Poor oblivious souls.)

Felicity's entire left side is pressed against Oliver, her left hand holding onto his leg as she leans in, her right hand pointing at something at the screen, and her butt is in direct contact with Oliver's right arm… that is wrapped around her as if he was the one holding her together.

Surely this was intentional, right? There's no way you hold onto someone's leg while their arm is around your thigh without meaning it.

"Hi," he greets from the door. They don't even turn to look at him and just mumble their acknowledgement of his words. Oliver's hand actually tries to point something on the screen, which causes her to lean even closer to him as the movement presses her more into the table.


Now, that is absolutely ridiculous.


He was sure their personal space boundaries couldn't be more broken, until he broke his left leg and couldn't train Felicity.

Oliver offered. And now here they are.

Felicity is pinned to the mat with Oliver's right hand holding both of hers above her head, she has her legs spread apart with Oliver between them and their chests are touching with each breath they take. And to top it all, Oliver is actually whispering in her ear things that Diggle hopes are self-defense techniques (or maybe he hopes they aren't, because all this obliviousness is really exhausting).

Then she starts struggling against his grip and their hips meet in all kinds of indecent, not safe for work, ways. Oliver grunts and thrusts her to the mat with even more force and she lets out a shocked gasp and her hips go up in a manner that has nothing to do with self defense and everything to do with sexual desire.

All this in front of him. Without noticing.

Oliver stands up and gives her a hand to help her off the ground too. She smiles at him and then he tucks behind her ear a stray lock of hair that fell out of the ponytail, her smiles widens and she leans towards him, all shaky breaths and smiling eyes…

And then Oliver pins her to the floor and Felicity's only reaction is to wrap both legs around him. So John clears his throat, because there's no way they didn't notice that, but they stay in the same position for a few more seconds, Felicity trying to get out of his grip and Oliver giving her directions. As if they weren't a few clothes away of having sex in front of a friend.

Five minutes later Felicity is sitting in front of the computer and Oliver is on the salmon ladder, as if nothing had happened.

Now this was even more ridiculous.


Three months later, he walks into the Foundry in the exact same moment that Oliver takes Felicity by the right arm, spins her around and kisses her full on the mouth.

So he claps, because finally.

"Took you long enough," he says, and then he turns around and leaves the dumfounded pair alone.

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