Notes: Oliver's POV. Not sure where this came from.

Not safe for work, Part III.

Oliver has been trying, really, but now Felicity is ruining his plans.


He doesn't mean to notice those things, but he does. He is a man, after all, and Felicity is ridiculously beautiful, and they spend almost every moment together. Really, when he's awake the person that is almost always there, is Felicity. Even Diggle is absent at some moments, like when it's way too late and Felicity is trying to hack into some database and he decides that Oliver can tell him all the information in the morning.

Point is, he notices things. Like Felicity pressing her body against his in the elevator because it's really crowded, her breath tickling his neck in a way that makes his skin tingle in very pleasant ways. Or the way her dresses are tighter sometimes and her butt looks fantastic when she's walking away from his office to go sit on her desk. Or the way she bites her lip when she's watching some episode from a TV show in the computer, because some days are really slow and sometimes she doesn't have much to do.

It's just harmless fun, really, just Oliver Queen appreciating the beauty of a very stunning, intelligent woman. It's not like he's thinking about bending over the desk and just take her, and it's not like he's thinking about installing a privacy setting on the walls or something (because, really, who had the great idea of having transparent walls in this company?).

He would tell her to stop, but the truth is that she's not at fault of the dirty thoughts running through his mind at the most inconvenient times. Maybe he can find a way to let her know he's attracted to her, without being too obvious or having to say it.


It's been weeks since the last time he was able to be alone with Felicity in a room without thinking terrible, delicious things he would love to do with her. And now they are alone, without Diggle, in a place that almost no one knows about… And it's making him think about stuff he promised himself he would stop thinking about.

He doesn't even want to kick dummies anymore, but he knows he will make a terrible mistake if he doesn't keep himself busy, so he keeps kicking as snapping plastic necks and it's really boring compared to all the things he really wants to do. He doesn't know how much time passes like this, but when he hears the beeping coming from her computer, he smiles, glad to have something else to keep his mind busy.

He walks towards her, chuckling softly at the way she pumps a fist in the air when she reads the results of the search. "It had good results, I'm guessing," he says, now directly behind her. She laughs; the sound is so low he almost doesn't hear it.

She moves her hand to rub her neck and he's pretty sure she doesn't notice the way her knuckles are grazing his leg, but is making him go crazy.

"He's based on this abandoned warehouse; it's not too far from here. But you should totally wait for John because there's no rush and he should be here any second," she fills him in.

He needs to get her hand out of her neck and far away from his leg, so he puts both hands on her shoulders. That does the trick, though he doesn't know if that's good or bad, and she drops her hand before tilting her head to smile at him, "I know I'm great with this stuff, you're welcome."

"Do you have the blueprints?" he asks, his voice coming out a little lower than he intended to.

"Well hello there," says a third voice. Diggle, of course.

"Hi John," she greets, and her body is now a little closer to his, and her shoulder is emanating heat against his leg and it's unbearable.

"Dig, hello," he says, trying to distract himself before he does something horribly inappropriate and takes her right there in front of John without caring about his reaction.

Felicity freezes a little under his touch, as if she just noticed his hands on her shoulder, and she gives a little sigh before turning around, holding into his hip for support before walking away.

He needs some fresh air.


There's a downside to everything, Oliver knows. Felicity patching him up is great, really, because she's gentle in ways that Diggle could never be; but it's highly inconvenient when he's trying to avoid kissing her.

Her finger always trail on his skin, and he feels her hot breath as she leans in to clean the cuts on his face, and he can see down her shirt when she leans over him to search for the bandages… and it's terrible, because he's way too close to just throw her on a table and have his wicked way with her.

She's finished patching him up this time, and he wonders if she notices the heated look he gives her. She looks at him strangely, so he smiles at her. He puts on a sweater before squeezing her shoulder, his body feeling heavier and lighter at the same time.

"Thank you," he says, and he's rewarded with one of her brightest smiles. She's really beautiful when she smiles at him.

"You're welcome," she puts her hand in his bicep and he know he has to get out of there right now. So he walks away from her, but the feeling of her hand slipping down his arm and her fingers grazing his haunts him all the way upstairs.


He promised himself that he wouldn't touch her at all while they were working at Queen Consolidated, because he didn't want to add fire to the already fiery rumors about them, but he really can't resist the urge to hold her there.

She doesn't seem to notice, though, and it makes him both glad and incredibly sad.

He couldn't resist the temptation. When she almost fell while leaning in, he took his chance to wrap his arm around her, relishing the feeling of her body secured around his arm. Her hand is on his right left, and even through the material of his pants he can feel the heat of her curled hand against the muscles.

He's had quite a lot of fantasies starting this way.

"Hi," says Diggle from the door. And Oliver suddenly remembers that this is real life and not some weird daydream of his. He suddenly wants to rip his arm from around Felicity, but that would only make Diggle suspicious that something is going on.


He doesn't know if this is the best idea he's ever had or if it's the worst. He's had some pretty bad ideas, so it must be the best.

In some ways is very, very bad, because having Felicity pinned between the mat and his body is definitely not helping to stay away from her with a clear head. But, oh, god, it's very good too. He's between her legs, feeling the heat coming out of every part of her body, feeling the rise of her chest against him, the pounding of her heart on tune with his, and it's just… He has to remind himself a few times that Diggle is watching.

"You can't let yourself be distracted, not even for a moment," he says in her ear, cherishing the small shivers that goes through her body, "If you falter for just a second, it will caught you by surprise and then you will be in a very vulnerable position and they would be able to do everything they wanted with you. And we don't want that."

The thought of someone else putting her in this position makes his blood boil, and he decides that it's a good time to finish their training session. He helps her off the ground and smiles at her, trying to get his heartbeat back to a normal rate, and then she smiles at him too.

He tucks a stray lock of hair beneath her ear, and he can feel her heartbeat against his fingertips; her heart is racing too, he notices, and her smiles widens as she leans a little towards him, her breath coming in short shaky gasps.

Oh god.

He really doesn't mean to pin her to the floor in an attempt to show her another self defense technique, he does it for another reasons entirely. She wraps her legs around him, on instinct, and he can feel the heat pooling on his lower body as he sees her eyes darken before she looks away.

He hears Diggle clearing his throat, and it suddenly comes to mind that they are not alone in there. He really forgot, which is weird considering he makes it a habit to be three hundred percent aware of his surroundings.

"Ridiculous, really," Diggle mutters, and Oliver realizes that he needs to get off Felicity before he kisses her (and does more than that) in front of him.

He bolts so fast that it's not until he's on the mansion that he realizes that he drove shirtless across town.

In Felicity's car.


Felicity has been avoiding him for three months. Three horrible months, leaving the room when he comes in and only talking to Diggle and having lunch outside of Queen Consolidated and arriving just in time, not a second before the required time. It was excruciating.

He let it pass the first month, thinking that maybe something had happened with her family (she never talks about her family, so if she had family issues they wouldn't know), but she still talked to Diggle so he decided he was going to talk about it with her. But she was really good at the lets-avoid-Oliver game.

So he is really surprised when he enters the Foundry and finds her alone, playing with her phone.

"You've been avoiding me," he says, and she jumps in her seat. Her eyes look around, probably looking for John, and then she looks at him. It's been awfully long since she last looked at him.

"I'm not avoiding you," she replies. And it's ridiculous, really, because her entire body language is screaming that she wants to get out of there now. He must have raised his eyebrow because she blushes prettily and looks away from him.

"You are. Why?" he asks, because he really needs to know. He needs to fix it.

"Because you're just so hot and I love you and you keep touching me but you don't like me so I just have to avoid your hotness so I can try to be a functional human bei-"

Touching her? He doesn't… I mean, he does touch her shoulders a lot, but he mostly does it because it's a safe neutral place, nothing sexual or impersonal about it. He's been trying to clue her in about his feelings, adding a few sneaky touches here and there, but doesn't touch her… inappropriately, does he?

"Touching you?"


She must have spoken up without meaning to, he thinks, because she looks adorably confused right now.

"You said I've been touching you."


"And that you love me?"

Does she? Because, really, he was expecting a crush but love is another thing entirely. He did realize months ago that he had strong feelings about her, and it's obvious by the pounding in his chest that that hasn't changed.

"No, I didn't…"

So she doesn't? Or does she mean that she didn't say it out loud?

"And that I don't like you?" he asks, confused, because... well, that's just not true. Is the girl blind? It's obvious that he likes her, she's an attractive, funny, smart woman, his friend and confidant and they spend (or, at least, used to) night and day together in close proximity

"You don't, right?"

And then he can see, clear as day, the moment when she realizes she's actually talking to him. He eyes widen and she blushes bright red; it reaches her neck and he thinks that he would actually love to see how far that blush goes, but he cuts himself short because she's rambling and he is not letting her walk away easily.

"Oh my god, just forget everything I just said… I was just joking, I mean, really, you're not hot. I mean, you are, but you don't make me hot and I should stop talking, and you should stop looking at me! And I'm just going to… go… there," she points to the bathroom, "and then I'm… Bye."

He's so happy she's back to her usual rambling self that he doesn't really think before he takes her by the arm and spins her around and crashing his lips against hers. He feels her freeze, but her body is warm and inviting, and he can't resist seeking entrance to her mouth, because he's wanted to kiss her ever since he realized he cared about her more than he cared about most people.

His hands are clutching her face, not willing to let go, and sighs in relief when he feels her mouth opening and her tongue turn around his, her arms wrapping around his neck in one fluid motion, and it's truly every bit as intense as he imagined (and even more).

And then the moment is cut short because even if he feels victorious about the kiss, he knows that the hands that are clapping aren't his. He pulls away from Felicity and turns around to find Diggle with an amused expression. Obviously he would be the one to ruin the moment, seeing as he's the only other person that knows that this place exists and has access to it.

"Took you long enough," he says. Oliver doesn't have time to react before he's out of the Foundry.

He feels Felicity's stare and he decides that he doesn't have time to think about Diggle, not when she's right there looking at him with her lipstick smeared by his kiss.

"Dig is a very strange person, ignore him," he mumbles, and then he kisses her again.

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