A.N. Umm, hi guys. So this is a story... About this guy called Martin... He's a mutant (Shh, don't tell anyone)

Disclaimer: You never know... Maybe I do own X-men Evo.?

I woke up... Late... Again... I sigh. I think I'm the only teenager in America who actually wants there alarm-clock to work. Yeah I know, it's sad, But hey, when you have a teacher like mine then... Well, you'll see. I get up quickly, quickly get dressed, then quickly grab my bag before quickly running out the door. "Bye Mum, see you Dad!" I quickly shouted. You might have noticed was in a rush. I sprinted to school and made it to class a whole five seconds before the bell went, I'm feeling lucky today.

So I should probably tell you about my self, huh? Seeming so you're going to be inside my head, hearing what I see, seeing what I smell and smelling what I hear and all that kind of stuff? Well... I'm Martin, hey... I'm 15, brown hair, brown eyes... nice brown eyes if I do say so my self, I go to some high-school, someplace... What? Just because you're inside my head, does not mean that you get to know where I go to school! Cough, cough, stalkers cough, cough... Anyway, back on track. I have a Mum, a Dad, they both look Palestinian... I was adopted... yeah... I like my life, it's pretty cool. I do fairly well in most subjects apart from art, blah. I do rock-climbing, that's fun, and yeah... That's me...

So I was at school, just having arrived five seconds early, feeling pretty great about my self and my teacher locks the door... No, serious, she locks the door. Anyone who is late gets locked out for the entire lesson and she marks them down as absent. She then proceeds to go around and collect everyone's excursion permission sheets, which of course I had forgotten all about. I attempt resolve the problem by trying my very best not to face-palm. Somehow this doesn't fix anything, and she eventually gets round to me.

"Martin?" She gives me a stare.

"Uhh... Yes?" I squirm under the attention.

"Your sheet?" She asks reprovingly, her eyes narrowed as if already having assumed my guilt.

"I ugh... I..."

She clears her throat impatiently.

My cheeks heated up at the unwanted looks, "I maybe, might have possibly forgotten my-" I start, though she interrupts before i can finish. Rude.

"Right then, what are you doing here then?" she asks sounding about as exasperated as anyone I'd ever met.

I open my mouth to speak before she interrupts, sighing.

"That was a rhetorical question Martin."

I hate the way she says my name, like I'm an idiot or something. Not that I'm saying I'm not an idiot, but sometimes it's nice to pretend, you know? "I like answering rhetorical questions..."

She gives me another stern look and moves on. My shoulders slump.

"Go to office Martin." I sigh and head off. Fat chance of me going to the office, I'm not about to sit in an overly air conditioned all day whilst my friends are out staring at dead mummies or something. I wasn't entirely sure what the excursion was actually for. I walk out of the school and catch a bus into the city. I hop off next to a café I frequent and figured I'd do a bit of window shopping before grabbing lunch.

I start heading over when I hear I clatter of bins and thump coming from an alley I had just passed. Odd, bins don't tend to clatter and thump on their own... I double back and peer in, never one to miss a possible sighting of a fabled giant rat. "Hello, Anyone there?" I call into the dim gloom. Here goes my curiosity, what ever happened to my excellent street sense?

Hearing no reply I head in, my eyes struggling to adjust to the dark. "Gone so soon?" I murmur, wondering not for the first time whether or not i was channeling my inner Steve Irwin properly. My foot hits something and I trip. Yelping as I catch my self on the wall, I hear a groan. What... My eyes finally adjust enough to see a human like figure limp on the floor... I say human like because they had a tail... With?!

"Yo... Are you okay?" I ask tentatively of the strange motionless- person?

I get a groan in reply. I guess not... I pull out my phone to call the emergency services, but it's snatched out of my hand by someone who looks suspiciously thugish. You know, the tattoos and piercing, crooked nose- not to stereotype or anything. How they managed to sneak up on me with my super duper good awareness, I'll never know.

Feeling my heart beat even faster, I start backing up, though my feet get tangled on the unconscious guy's leg again, eliciting another groan.

He pulls out a gun in response. "Shut it kid, we're only here for the mutie" he snarls, before shoving me out of the way. I stumble into a wall, though manage to keep my feet.

Wait... "We're"? I start as another guy appears out of the shadows... "Whoa, hold on- wait a second" I say, trying to ignore the incredibly dangerous situation I had found myself in. "You can't just..."

Without so much of a moments hesitation, the man with the gun turns turns towards me and I hear a bang.