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Chapter 1: The Other Boy Who Lived

After the events of the Tri-wizard tournament last year Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, had returned. Harry witnessed all the horrors of the third challenge and its aftermath first-hand. Yet, after all that had happened, his holidays were quiet… too quiet… and boring. He hadn't seen a Daily Prophet and felt cut off from his usual group of friends from Hogwarts. Listening in to the muggle news had become a last resort of Harry's, trying to find out what was happening now that Voldemort had returned. The silence was excruciating. The Dursley's who he lived with over the summer were not particularly friendly towards him and did nothing to ease his tension. Harry truly feared he would become bird-brained with Hedwig as his main talking companion.

Thankfully Harry's boredom was interrupted by a pleasant visit from a pack of dementors who had come to feast on his happiness. Not so thankfully, Dudley Dursley was with him at the time. In order to save them both Harry had to use the patronus charm to ward off the dementors. However, in doing so he had performed magic in front of a muggle and would now have to attend a hearing at the Ministry of Magic.


So here he was now inside number 12 Grimmauld Place, his godfather's home. It was pretty inconspicuous and a little dark, to be honest. After the dementor incident he had been rescued from his relatives' house in Privet Drive by various members of 'the Order'. His date with the Ministry had been set for next week, meaning he had some time to spend with his friends and his godfather Sirius before-hand. But he didn't see much of Sirius on his first day here because he was hurried upstairs and into his room by Mrs. Weasley so that the 'Order' could finish their meeting.

Upon entering his room he was greeted by his best friends since his first year at Hogwarts; Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. After a short spat about how they hadn't been sending him letters the matter was resolved as "Dumbledore's fault". Then Harry started asking the more important questions.

"So what is this Order?" He asked.

"The Order of the Phoenix? They're here to try and stop Voldemort." Hermione replied, always quick to have the answers to everything.

"Then why aren't I a part of their meetings? After all I saw him! I fought him!" Harry began to yell.

Ron and Hermione exchanged glances which somehow told him the answer: "Dumbledore's fault".

It was then that Fred and George apparated into the room behind the spectacled boy.

"Hi Harry." Fred said.

"Heard you from up-stairs!" George continued.

"You might be interested to know some blonde stranger's just walked in alongside Dumbledore." Fred informed them.

"Haven't seen him at any of the Order meetings yet." George added.

"Fancy a listen?" Fred finished holding an extendable ear in his hand.


All of them were joined by Ron's younger sister Ginny as they crowded around the ear in the stairwell, listening in on the conversation with this stranger occurring in the dining room beneath them. The first voice they heard belonged to Dumbledore.

"I would like to introduce all of you to Kaien Cross. He is the headmaster of Cross academy in Japan. As we've talked about he has come here to help us with the situation at hand as well as the situation in his own country regarding the second boy who lived."

They then heard the voice of this stranger.

"As Albus has said I am from Japan, though I do speak English just fine." He said with a mild accent.

There was a series of greetings exchanged among the various members of the Order gathered, with the occasional pause so that this Mr. Cross could show off pictures of his "adorable children~". Eventually however, they did get back to the serious business.

"Me and Albus have discussed what is currently happening and it seems that our predictions were right. As a result, some of the Cross Academy students and others involved shall be coming to England under the guise of-" *snap*

All the teenagers could do was watch in horror as Crookshanks, Hermione's cat, decided to play with, attack and then proceed to eat the ear.

"Bad Crookshanks!" Hermione scolded.

"I don't think it's listening Hermione." Ron pointed out as the ginger feline paid her no attention and walked off looking content, proud even.


They had re-grouped in Fred and George's room to discuss what they had heard.

"I thought Harry was the boy who lived. But there's a second one?" Ron was the first to talk.

"A second Harry running around…"George mused.

"Maybe you've got a secret twin no one's told about." Fred joined in.

"Who lives in Japan?" Harry said questioningly.

"I'm pretty sure if I had a twin Dumbledore, Sirius, Hagrid, Lupin or one of the others who knew my parents may have mentioned it to me by now" Harry pointed out.

"I think Harry's right. Someone, especially Sirius or Hagrid, would have let slip if he had a twin." Hermione added.

"But they said there was something about a situation in Japan. I haven't been getting news but have any of you heard anything in the Prophet maybe?" Harry enquired.

"Nothing I can think of. Then again, the Ministry has been covering up anything to do with You-know-who as well as saying Dumbledore and you have gone loopy or are lying." Ginny informed him.

None of them would find out more until they returned to Hogwarts.