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Chapter 17: Teamwork part I

I have given us the best information resources possible through Snape, Dumbledore and the Order.

I am protecting the boy who cannot protect himself.

I have made it so that Dumbledore's Army has a place to practice and a competent teacher in Yagari.

I have given Hogwarts more security by going against the ministry in the press.

I have placed us in the best place to strike against Rido when he revives.

I have even agreed to help take down this wizard named Voldemort as well, free of charge like a two for one deal.

What more do they expect of me?

I gave her my heart.

I want to protect her till the end…

Yet, she left me alone.

What more does she expect of me?

What else can I do?

What have I done wrong?

*crack* *crack* *crack*

The window threatened to break for the hundredth time that evening.

Since Akane had left his room that morning he had been in a decidedly bad mood. He had locked himself up in solitude.


Mrs. Weasley knew that Grimmauld place was possibly a little shabby on the outside but she could clearly see the cracks in that window as she returned home. She pulled out her wand and tried to repair the small cracks.

"Reparo" she announced, flicking her wand.

The cracks mended and she went to continue on her way into the house…until…

*crack* *crack* *crack*

The cracks reappeared.

"Reparo" She tried again, only to have the cracks occur once again.

Feeling frustrated at not being able to fix the window she entered the house with a determination to find out whom or what had broken it and why it wouldn't repair. Then, she fully intended to fix it.

The rest of the night class as well as the Weasley siblings, Harry and Hermione had grouped together in the twins' room and they had received a nice long explanation about Kaname's plans. Upon hearing this information they had agreed with Akane that Kaname should be brought back on track with teamwork. They were about to make a plan of their own in this regard until they were interrupted by a rather miffed looking Mrs. Weasley.

"Do any of you have any idea what has happened to the windows upstairs!?"

All of the Weasleys tensed, sensing that their mother was about to give them a long lecture.

"Cracks everywhere and the door is locked! I have tried unlocking it by force but it seems as if my magic is ineffective. From my experience, no one alone would just go breaking windows for no reason. So, if any of you know anything you had better speak up now." Mrs Weasley insisted.

They all knew the reason why Kaname was in such a bad mood. People weren't doing specifically as he wished, particularly Akane who had left him alone that morning. She truly believed that she was the reason behind the broken windows and raised her hand, not wishing for the others to incur Mrs. Weasley's wrath.

"I-I packed up my things from his room because he wasn't being nice. He didn't take it very well and has been like this ever since." She explained, lowering her head in guilt.

"So it's a lovers spat?" Mrs Weasley confirmed.

"A vampire lovers spat." Ichiru corrected.

Akane just nodded.

Mrs Weasley then came over and hugged Akane.

"Now there, there. I completely understand. Every couple goes through their little troubles at some stage."

Akane looked up thinking that Mrs. Weasley understood her position a little.

"And I can assure you that the best thing to do is to talk it out as soon as possible."

Akane's face paled at the thought of conversing with her angry pureblood such a short time after making him angry as Mrs Weasley dragged her up the stairs to talk to Kaname.

*Knock* *Knock*

Mrs Weasley knocked on the door to Kaname's room.

"Go away." He replied moodily.

"Mrs Weasley, I really don't think this is the time to-" Akane was about to insist.

"Akane?" Kaname spoke her name after hearing her voice.

"Yes, Akane is here." Mrs Weasley announced.

"I-I'm not talking to you until you see the error of your ways." Akane stubbornly refused, determined to make Kaname face the music.

"I have made no error that I am aware of!" Kaname insisted.

"Yes you have!" Akane insisted.

"No I haven't!"

"Have so!"

"Have not!"

"SHUT IT" Mrs Weasley's voice cut them both off and she pulled the door open effortlessly.

"Kaname Kuran! Don't you dare insist you have done nothing wrong! When your girlfriend packs up her stuff and moves out, you have definitely done something wrong!" Mrs Weasley yelled at him.

"Y-yeah." Akane said, thinking that Mrs Weasley was on her side.

"Do not think you have gotten off scot-free miss Cross! It takes two to tango and I strongly suspect that you have also not clearly communicated your thoughts to Mister Kuran!" Mrs Weasley added.

"How did you-" Akane was still confused about how she had broken through Kaname's mental door lock and tried changing the topic.

"I heard from Mister Cross that a vampire's power comes largely from mental ability. Because of his deal with Dumbledore to protect Harry he is already consuming some of that. Since he loves you, your presence was enough to distract him to open the door. Congratulations, he loves you. Now, please sort out your problems fast and fix that window!" Mrs Weasley replied, pushing Akane into the room and shutting the door behind the two quarrelling lovers.

The two of them blinked at each other.

"What is that woman?" Kaname muttered.

"A scary mother who wants a window fixed?" Akane suggested.

They shared a small chuckle before Kaname invited her to sit down, both having agreed that they did need to talk. With each other first but then everyone else.