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Gathering Clouds

Harry nearly unconsciously drew in a deep lungful of the rain damp air as he exited Seattle-Tacoma International. "That's becoming a habit," he murmured to himself with a small shake of his head. But he couldn't help it. It was as though his body needed to make the connection of air and home. The scents of home needed to be infused into his very being. The indrawn breath had muscles relaxing that he hadn't known had been tensed since he'd left three days ago.

And, there was just something about arriving home that made him want to cherish it. And Seattle was more home to him now than England had ever been. He wasn't sure when that had happened or how but he knew it was true. Seattle was home.

He reluctantly shook off the feeling and headed for the exit. No one knew he was back so no one was going to meet him. He should probably call Callie at least and let her know but…well, he'd left his cell phone in the Viper and he really didn't want to deal with the recriminations and hysterics of his disappearance yet. He had some issues to sort first.

He had had an interesting time in England but then dodging his old teacher and the Minister for Magic had always been amusing to him. And he had dodged them religiously this time. He had no desire to waste time listening to whatever it was they needed from him knowing he was going to say no and do whatever he wanted to anyway. They hadn't yet caught on to the fact that he wasn't theirs anymore. England wasn't home. And the British Wizarding World wasn't his family. Mostly.

The friends and family he had on British soil numbered less than ten. Daphne, Astoria, Blaise, Neville, Luna and Griphook. That was it. As long as they were safe then he didn't much care what happened in England. And they all had emergency portkeys to get out of any situation and to him if the need arose.

Daphne and Blaise had housed him and fed him and Daphne had let him cry on her shoulder. He wasn't sure why he was so upset about George's death, but he had been. He'd been expecting George to pass for nearly a decade and yet…it had still been surprisingly painful. No matter what George had said, to Harry George had been the last Weasley. And his passing had brought about the end of an era.

Before he'd left England for hopefully the final time, he'd spent an evening with Neville and Luna. That had been fun. They had shared dinner and stories about the twins antics in and out of school. As the meal was finishing Luna had given him one of her dreamy looks and smiled with genuine happiness. "You've found it," she said happily, her large gray eyes shining.

Harry had swallowed his bite of fish before blinking at her in confusion. They'd been recounting the last days of the twins at Hogwarts and the Swamp they'd left behind for Umbridge. "Found what, Lu?" He asked her.

She simply grinned brightly at him, her eyes already unfocused again and staring off over his shoulder. "You already know," she huffed in amused frustration when he continued to stare at her in confusion. Then she'd started on a story about Canary Creams in the Ravenclaw common room.

At the time he'd simply brushed it aside as one of Luna's eccentricities, she was an odd girl and was never completely comprehensible. It was just her way.

But, now, standing in the misty rain outside of SeaTac he thought he finally understood what she meant. He'd found a place to belong. A place that was his. A place where he could be himself and no one expected him to be anything else.

They will find you. Duff's words whispered through his mind and he crossed his arms over his chest. It seeks to destroy everything. It will find you. Protect them. Family first. Harry stopped by the elevator to the parking garage and drew in another deep lungful of air. Family first. He'd finally found one. And he wasn't about to let anyone take it from him. Not this time.

He shook off the dark thoughts and headed towards the parking slot where he'd left his beloved Viper. A bright orange slip rested under the wiper on the driver's side. He frowned, confused and a little wary, but pulled it loose and unfolded it.

Call me as soon as you get in, jerk. –Callie

Harry sighed heavily and refolded the note before he put it in his pocket. This was going to be bad. Maybe he should have taken his phone with him. She was going to kill him.

After another long moment of staring without seeing anything, he heaved in another breath, unlocked his car and sat in the driver's seat. He opened the glove box and removed the small phone from inside it. He debated briefly as he stared down at his phone. He'd turned it off for a reason, he thought. But he was home now. He turned on the phone and winced at the amount of missed calls and texts. "Damn," he thumped his head on the steering wheel and keyed in Callie's number. She was going to kill him…or at least yell really loudly and call him names and demand cookies.

"It's about damn time, Potter," Callie's voice growled out at him without a hello, bloody caller ID. "Where the Hell have you been? What was so damned important that we didn't even rate a phone call for three days!?" She wasn't yelling. A shudder worked its way down his back. Her words were soft and that was worse than her screaming could ever be.

Harry frowned and then drew in another breath. He knew his absence would have this reaction. He could have told her why and where he'd gone before he'd left. But he hadn't been thinking at the time. He'd been reacting. He hadn't wanted to tell anyone from here about the life he'd had in England. Not even Callie.

He knew he'd have to tell her eventually and at least she couldn't attack him with comforting tears and arms over the phone. So he let the words spill out. "I was in England. London to be precise. George died." He knew he was being curt but he couldn't make himself stop. "I don't want to talk about it." And he really didn't. The thought of his old life clashing into his new one gave him nightmares. He didn't want the darkness from England to taint his family in Seattle. They were all he had now. Callie, Addie, Mer, even Mark though he wasn't here were his family. And he needed them clean of the crap of the past.

"Okay," Callie said slowly long, silent moments later with a catch in her voice. "I'm sorry I yelled at you," she said after another long period of silence on her end. He wished he could see her face and know what she was thinking.

Harry shrugged in the darkness of his car, uncomfortable with her sudden lack of anger. It only made him feel more guilty. "No matter," he said stiffly. "I'm sorta used to it by now and I should have called or something." He paused for a moment and put the keys in the ignition. "So what's up?" It had to be something big with nearly 100 missed calls on his phone in only three days and she hadn't been the only one to attempt to call him. Mer and Addie and a few numbers he wasn't sure of.

He heard her sigh heavily. "It's not important." She paused and he heard the tapping of her fingernails on something hard. "Well, it kinda is but…well, there's not really anything you can do about it…so…yeah. Never mind." She didn't sound right. Something was off. Something was bothering her. Something she wasn't sharing with him.

"Callie!" He said sharply well aware he was probably being a hypocrite. "You wouldn't have been so angry if it was nothing. So just tell me."

He could nearly see Callie shaking her head at him with her next words. "No, no, no, it's fine. Just…go home and do…whatever. I can tell you everything tomorrow." She was babbling. That raised even more alarms in his head. Whatever was going on was bad.

Harry groaned in annoyance. She wasn't going to tell him. "Fine. Don't tell me. You at the hospital?" He asked instead. He'd find out one way or the other. Something happening at the hospital was the only explanation for her reluctance. If she'd blown up his house or something she'd have told him…wouldn't she? Or she'd be trying to get him to stay away from it.

"Yes," she answered warily. "I'm working. Go home. Get some rest and I'll see you in the morning."

"Be there in half an hour," he told her and flipped his phone closed before she had a chance to protest.


Harry parked his Viper in the employee parking lot and then stared at the building before him. His gaze tracked up the building towards the roof. The gray swirls seeping in and out of the walls. The clouds of sorrow. Sorrow, defeat, anger…hopelessness. The emotions that fed the gray clouds were always bad. Necessary but bad all the same. There was no escaping some things.

The gray clouds were always there. It was a hospital. Sorrow was always around. Again it was something that was necessary and inescapable. Normally he barely even noticed those clouds. But they seemed much thicker today. Much more ominous.

He sighed heavily. He knew his perception of the clouds was only because he had a sick feeling that his friends were involved. Addie or Callie or Meredith were hurting and sad. With his luck it would be all three of them. If he didn't have bad luck then he'd have none at all.

Well, there was no help for it. He'd have to go in and find out what the Hell had happened while he'd been gone. With the way those clouds were still swirling and the feeling of dread hanging over everything it couldn't have been good at all.

Harry opened the door and stepped from his car. He took one last look up to the clouds as he stood on the asphalt and then sighed. He hit the button to lock the doors and strode towards the doors of the hospital. This was going to be way fun, he thought to himself with more than a trace of sarcasm.