The Babysitting Chronicles

Written by AndiCullen104

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It's Always the Quiet Ones – Part Two

"Do not disobey me again, lover." He growled in my ear before stepping out of the shower leaving me panting for more.

Though I knew there wouldn't be more anytime soon.



I was standing in front of the mirror in only my towel looking at the mark Embry had left on me. It seemed like he had put it there just to taught me of what could have been amazing shower sex.

I sighed for the fourth time while a part of me was furiously trying to come up with ways to get Em to forgive me and get what I wanted at the same time. That man owed me!

"Get yourself together, Swan."

Nodding my head I moved to go pick out my clothes.

I debated on wearing really skimpy clothes or just my regular every day wear.

No skimpy clothes if he doesn't want me then I'm not going to try.

Hell I won't even come down the stairs yep I'll just stay right here.

I could always read one of my books because damned if I am going to go begging to him. Embry will just have to entertain himself. Hah!

I am my own woman and I don't need a stinking man to make me happy.

Who am I trying to kid?

I'll just sulk up here.

Lick my wounds that sort of thing.

Edward POV

"We should go back," I said to Alice for the hundredth time but she didn't even spare me a glance as she continued on her way to Jasper.

"I mean knowing Bella she's getting into all kinds of trouble," I reminded her which lead to a scoff but no other response. "She did cliff dive and ride motorbikes."

"For the LAST time Edward, she is on house arrest with the mongrels babysitting her. She's fine!"

"Is he still complaining about Bells?" Emmett asked coming into the clearing and clapping Jazz on the back.

"Yes," Alice hissed. "And it's getting really annoying."

"Stop being a spoil sport Eddiekins."

Emmett grinned liking this new nickname causing me to growl at him.

I plopped down onto the ground digging my hands into the soil as if I could take my frustration out on it. Just the thought of Bella being home without my protection was sending my anxiety sky rocket.

She needed to be kept safe.

I can't lose her again.

That time when I thought she had killed herself left I was in agony and it made me do all I could to have her next to me. I wanted to make sure that she did things that didn't endanger her in anyway and how was I supposed to do it this week?

Other than having the mutts look after her.

I should have stayed home with her.

Maybe I could go back…

"Don't even think about it!"

Sometimes Alice was more of a curse than a blessing.

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