I do not own the Hunger Games. It is all owned by Suzanne Collins.

Diamond Illuminare, 16, D1F

I lazily drag myself out of bed and inspect myself in the mirror, ugh I have such bad bed hair. My brown hair is sticking out on all sides, up, down, diagonal, to the sides. I'm so happy no boys or anything can see me like this because this is completely and utterly horrible. My light brown eyes are very sleepy, barely open and I have 'sleep' in my eyes from having them shut for a long time. I know its reaping day today and I'm slightly anxious, my parents want me to volunteer today because they believe in me. I believe in myself for sure, but I've seen kids that are better than me in the career academy. I lean over and open my curtains and the sunlight shines into my depressing dark room. "I need some fresh air" I say to myself and swing open the window, I guess I should probably get ready, the reaping is in about three hours, I have plenty of time to get ready but I don't want to be late that's for sure. The last guy who was late to the reaping got whipped about twenty times.

After I finish showering (yea almost everyone in district one can afford a shower) I throw on my reaping clothes. I brush my hair and blow dry it, leaving it looking excellent and smelling nice again, no more bed hair for Diamond. I throw on my reaping clothes, a large light blue dress that stands out from the crowd and a blue bow in my hair that will make all my admirers swoon when they see me. District one won the last games and I intend to keep that streak. I may not be the best in district one but I sure as hell will be the best in that arena. I just have to believe. I finish getting ready and for good measure put on my high heels I bought yesterday, I don't want to be wearing something so last year on my day right?

"Come on Diamond hurry up!" My dad calls out as I finish putting them on.

"Coming dad!" I reply.

I don't hate my family in the least, but sometimes they can be a bit annoying. So I open my wooden door and walk down the steps, my mother smiles proudly at me. "You're going to do great out there Diamond!" She says and pulls me in for a hug. The three of us make it to the reaping just in time, I register and stand with the other sixteen year old girls. Our district escort then starts his speech and starts with the girls.

"Cashmere Grillian!" He announces.

I instant step out and yell "I volunteer!" I bravely walk up on stage and snatch the microphone from him. "My name is Diamond Illuminare and this is my time!"

Scout Palmer, 15, D1M

I can't believe I have to do this, I'm actually expected to either get my name drawn or volunteer. You see our career coach really likes me, apparently I'm some sort of 'career prodigy' meaning I can use almost anything after only being a career for a few years. The weapons weren't that hard if I'm perfectly honest, it just took me a while to master first aid. He really thinks I'll be the next victor when I'm only fifteen. I'm not even strong, I'm only like 5'6 and I'm pretty skinny, I'm not like some of the huge muscular guys you see pumping weights at the gym every day. I guess after I beat one of them in a spar the career coach thought that I was the one, he wants me to be in the games this year. He said that if any careers tried to volunteer for me they'd be kicked out the academy.

So I guess I'm in this one way or another.

I've just finished getting ready. I take a look at myself in the mirror, I have light blue eyes and jet black hair that I like to keep gelled up. But I guess in the arena it won't be gelled up. A lot of people like to say 'I'm too cute or too small to be a career'. This actually pisses me off, just because I'm small doesn't mean I can't win the games. I swear our district is so fixated on physical strength they forget all the other basic things you can do in a fight. Like throwing a knife or hiding in a tree while raining down bow and arrows on your enemy, maybe even some traps! There's so much more to being a career than just snapping neck and beating someone down with your fists.

I sigh as I walk over to the reaping and register with the other fifteen year old boys, I don't have any friends, I'm not of the quiet type. I guess if I died the only people who'd miss me are my family. I don't like to socialize much; I guess that's the only thing that needs work, my leadership. But then again I'm not so intimidating so I guess there's not much I can do about that. Our escort announces a name and of course there's a volunteer called Diamond, she seems like one of the arrogant types. And then the boys.

"Scout Palmer!"

Huh I guess I didn't need to volunteer after all. I'm kicked out of the crowd and I walk up to take the stage and our escort is surprised when no volunteer presents themselves. And then I'm forced to shake hands with Diamond. I see the career coach, he has a wide smile on his face and gives me a a nod. He wants me to make district one proud, I have to make district one proud. And together me and Diamond march into the justice building.