Marree Verana, 16, D11F

I'm not sure of Raidan slept much last night, me and Raidan took it in turns to guard. All three of us slept in the trees, Sparrow's injured so we let her sleep the whole night, we also gave her Borris' knives and we took all of his things and he had exactly what we were looking for. Not water exactly but something as good as water, water purification tablets. And not the mediocre ones you find in the districts, I'm talking about the high-powered Capitol made ones that makes water literally spotless. After we killed Borris we had to move, travelling with Sparrow was tough with her injured leg and all, so we eventually started heading towards the south, towards the mountain, it's quite a long way away but we're hoping to find a place Sparrow can rest.

When I wake up in the morning I find the Game Maker's have dropped the temperature back to freezing, they're just screwing with us at this point, first by making people look for water all day, only to make it rain and now making it super hot or super cold. The sun isn't even out anymore, there's just a bunch of gray clouds hovering over us, maybe if we're lucky they'll back it rain again. The grey clouds watch over us, stare us down, intimidate us with their swirly movements and depressing colors. I untie myself and then slowly climb down the tree. When I make it down I find Raidan is already behind me, I let out a yelp of surprise, almost throwing my saw up in the air. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I startle you?" He asks and I reply with a quick nod. "Sorry about that." He says, his machete is clutched in his right hand and he has a backpack slung over his back. "We should get Sparrow down from there, we should keep moving." I explain and Raidan simply nods in agreement. So I hand him my saw and begin to climb up the tree, branch my branch, my light body easily goes up the tree and I shake the sleeping Sparrow awake. She gives me a tired look and wipes her eyes, she's clearly wondering why I've woken her up. "It's time to go," I whisper quietly and then she slowly unties herself from the branch.

I have to help Sparrow climb down because she is injured. "Th-thanks." Sparrow pants when we finally make it down. What I do notice is that the water level hasn't risen, have the Gamemaker's stopped trying to slowly drown us? Sparrow has to sort of limp to get from place to place, we just want to get away from the stream and towards the mountain, it seems safer there (well as safe as you can be in the arena), Raidan is walking to the sigh of us and I'm trying my best to try and support Sparrow as best as I could. Just get away from the stream, head towards the mountain and that is our goal.

Brendon Kenzie-Corenor, 18, D12M

There is a dull sense of security in the mountains, but we need food, surely there is some sort of wild animal up here in the mountains that we could cook and eat because it's not water logged at all in the mountains and I prefer it that way, now our firewood won't go to waste. Me and Aksha right now are sitting on the ground, resting; I don't think the Gamemaker's like it very much because we're just sitting on our asses doing nothing. To be honest we must be the most boring couple in the games right now, staying away from all the other tributes and just having our own little arguments. Are we going to get killed off? Not that I care about entertaining those snobs in the Capitol anyway, just rich guys born with silver spoons in their mouths, I could kick any of their asses. "So, what do we do next?" Aksha asks me. I, for one am quite stumped, we reached were we wanted to go and that's it, maybe we can camp out here for the rest of the games. "I don't know, I guess we-" but then I am cut off mid-speech by a tremendous roar that instantly makes me head dart to the source of the noise.

And what I see instantly makes me grab my knife and stand up, pointing it at the huge bear that seems really angry. "Brendon, let's get out of here!" Aksha says but I shake my head. "It would just catch us!" I reply, ignoring her commands.

"Brendon don't be stupid, we need to escape it!" Aksha shouts, sounding quite annoyed but also really fearful. The bear is large and black, it's fur seems to bristle in the cold air that surrounds us but I don't fear it. "Well you can hide if you want, but I'm killing it." It would be great to eat for food. I take a fighting stance, come at me you ugly fucker. The bear lets out another roar and charges towards me on all fours. It lets out a roar and swings it claws at my face and I quickly move out of the way, meanwhile I see Aksha backing away from the fight slowly. I weakly swing my knife and it just about managed to cut into the bear's arm which only seems to piss it off even more. It lets out and angry roar and swings it's long claws at my face, I just about manage to raise my left arm in time and it rakes across my forearm.

The pain shoots through the wound and I let out a scream of pain and find myself falling back, I take a quick look at my forearm and find three large claw marks on it and my own scarlet blood running out of the wound, and being soaked in by my clothes. "Shit!" I hiss as the bear brings it arm back in for another swing and it swings towards the side of my head and I take this opportunity to duck in, slipping past it's guard and sinking my knife into it's chest. And I know this caused the bear pain as I tug out the knife and what seems to be a pool of blood forms on the bear's chest, dying it's black fur red. I take a few steps back, but I don't have time to be proud of my handiwork because the bear is obviously not dead.

However, this time I get too brave, I go in for another swing and the bloodied blade rakes against the bear's forearm. However it lets out a roar and swings it's over arm towards my... throat.

And in that moment I think I'm dead, I don't know what saved me. I took a step back and the instead of tearing my throat out it rakes against my chest but it was too close to my throat. The pain is an explosion through my chest and I can feel a red river flowing down my chest and I fall onto my back. Shit, shit, shit! However before the bear can tear my throat out for real a large rock soars through the air and strikes it in the side of the head, this distracts the bear enough. Thanks Aksha. I think to myself as I get up and literally throw my self at the bear. The point of the knife sinks into it's eyes so easily, the one weak point in the skull, it continues and probably pierces it's brain. And at that moment I know the bear is dead because it lets out a defeated growl and collapses to the floor and I wrench my knife out of it's eye.


Aksha Kayne, 18, D9F

I've never been so pissed off with someone in my life. How dare he? Even now as he lays there next to the corpse of the bear with a large stupid grin on his face. I throw the rock at the bear so he didn't get mauled by that huge thing. I begin storming towards him, he doesn't sense the anger in my mood as he slowly gets on his knees. "So you wanna help me skin it?" He asks with another smug grin on his face and I clench my unarmed fist and shoot it towards hisface. It connects with his lip and his head snaps back and he lets out a grunt of pain, probably more from the shock of me punching him in the face.

"What was that for?" He asks, covering his probably now fat lip with both of his hands.

"YOU IDIOT!" I begin, screaming in his face, "YOU NEARLY GOT YOUR FUCKING THROAT RIPPED OUT!" I scream and grab him by the collars and shake him violently. At this point he removes his hands from his face and frowns, deciding to retaliate. "Yea well I got us food didn't I?" He retaliates. That statements makes my rage stop. He did that for us? "Look, we can eat this so how about instead of raging at me you give me a fucking thank you!" He shouts and stands up, shoves me to the ground. And then he turns around and storms off, leaving me alone and speechless with the bear corpse.

Death list so far

24th - Kris Cecil: Jaw broken by Dominic Roscow. Axed in chest by Mason Hammerfell. (Killer is Mason Hammerfell)

23rd - Johan Stattic: Slashed in chest and then stabbed in back by Cedric Avery. (Killer is Cedric Avery)

22nd - Victor Fagin: Knees broken my Jamee Holcombe. Stabbed in neck by Diamond Illuminare. (Killer is Diamond Illuminare)

21st - Joshua Breckan: Skull split by Jay Stark. (Killer is Jay Stark)

20th - Michelle Nami: Stabbed in neck by Ziana Cubic. (Killer is Ziana Cubic)

19th - Lori Ariza: Speared in lung then speared in neck by Dominic Roscow. (Killer is Dominic Roscow)

18th - Olive Birk: Shot in the throat with an arrow by Scout Palmer. (Killer is Scout Palmer)

17th - Amabel Greyson: Throwing knife in stomach, stabbed in chest twice and then chopped up into pieces by Gemma Lint. (Killer is Gemma Lint)

16th - Borris Tango: Slashed through neck by Raidan Bisalt. Severed Jugular vein. (Killer is Raidan Bisalt)

15th - Dominic Roscow: Shot in shoulder and stomach by Scout's arrows. Decapitated by Diamond Illuminare. (Killer is Diamond Illuminare)