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"It's a date, right?"


"But you and Jack are going out."

"We're having dinner."

"Just the two of you."


"And he's paying."

"Ye—I think. He didn't say anything."

"But you assume he's paying?"

"No. I have my wallet."

"But you're eating out, just the two of you."

"Yes, by the pier."

"By the pier?"

"By the pier."

"That's obviously a date."

Elsa sighed in exasperation. "No, Anna, it's not a date." At least I think it's not.

Anna gave a sly grin as she stretched out on her older sister's bed. "Why? He's so obviously into you." She giggled when Elsa blushed.

"We're going out as friends," she said lamely, waving it off, desperate to change the subject. Anna just raised and eyebrow and gave a smirk when Elsa jumped as the doorbell rang.

"And that's your boyfriend," she sang, earning an icy glare from Elsa. "I'll get it. Go put on your shoes." Anna bounded out of her sister's room and down the stairs.

"Do I wear the black ones?" she heard, and Anna's hand paused over the doorknob.

"The white ones make your butt look nicer!"

"Anna!" With a giggle, she opened the door to find an amused Jack.

"I take it I wasn't supposed to hear that," he quipped, and stepped inside when Anna let him into their foyer. She smiled.

"Don't worry, I did that on purpose." Jack gave a low chuckle. "You clean up nice, Frost."

Decked out in a nice shirt, blazer and dark jeans, Jack gave a noncommittal shrug. "Thanks. Nice bunny slippers."

Anna gave a wicked grin as she wiggled her toes in her fluffy slippers.

"Hey," he heard from the stairs. Jack turned and couldn't keep the grin that threatened to break his face in two. Dressed in a nice white dress that landed a bit above her knees and white shoes that made her legs look really—wow. Did her legs always look that smooth?

"Hello," he greeted, and he felt Anna nudge his side. Jack shot her a look. Anna knew he'd liked Elsa for a while now, but somehow she was totally convinced their relationship was platonic. He could scoff—didn't the abundance of flowers and dates count for anything?

Anna said her sister was kind of dense. She didn't mention that 'kind of' was an understatement.

"Ready to leave?" he asked, offering her his arm as she landed on the last step.

"Sure," she replied, and looked at Anna. "Are you waiting up?"

Anna shrugged. "Maybe. Kristoff's coming over."

Elsa raised an eyebrow. "All right. You know the rules."

The redhead huffed. "No makeshift sleds and no experiments near the living room—"

"Because…?" Elsa pressed, and Anna winced.

"Because Coke explodes when you put a full tube of Mentos in it." She paused and grew excited. "We can do it outside, though. Oh, I wonder how that'll look like if you make Coke explode with Mentos while it's snowing—"

"Anna." Elsa gave her sister a look and Anna gave a sheepish grin.

"Got it." Jack chuckled.

"We should go," he said, leading Elsa out the door. "See ya, Anna!"

"Bye! Have fun!" she called, waving as they left the house.

Jack wiggled his eyebrows at Anna before giving Elsa a sly look. "Your sister was right. Those shoes do make your butt look nice."

Elsa immediately reddened and gave a squeak of embarrassment. "Oh my God!"

Anna cackled as she closed the door.


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