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A relatively large dog swam through the north sea, the main feelings going through it's mind were something along the lines of unparalleled joy at being free. You see the dog wasn't just a dog it was also a wizard. A wizard named Sirius Black.

Sirius was ecstatic and at the same time more than a little furious. Just a short time ago he'd been visited by his godson, he didn't know how Harry had done it. He'd been been awoken that night to an unknown person that somehow entered his cell without the guards outside.

The questions he'd been asked had raised their own questions in his mind, questions about how all this had happened in the first place, how he had ended up in Azkaban without a trial as the law should have required. All these thoughts were rampaging through his mind as he made his way towards the shore.

Sirius was giddy with excitement, joy and hope, for the first time in years he was able to feel something more than the bitter truth of his betrayal and innocence, the unhappy shield he'd held against the dementors—thoughts that the dementors hadn't been able to take away.

His godson Harry, through some unknown method had somehow contacted him through a golem that could change shape, Harry told him to come to Little Whinging, Surrey.

Even with the potion Sirius was barely holding himself together as he swam towards the shore. Eventually he may have possibly blacked out, he couldn't quite recall. Somehow though he'd slipped his animagus form and washed up on the beach. He found himself waking up to a shrill scream and light shining in his eyes.

"He's alive!" A man yelled next to him.

"We can't just leave him! He looks starved." A woman said.

"We'll take him to the doc." The man said resolutely and Sirius groaned.

"Easy there. You look as though you've been starved." The man said before asking humorously, "Do you have a name?"

"Sirius Black" he said without thinking. If it had been a normal escape then he'd be in trouble with that slip. However, with the simulacrum or whatever it was his godson used to take his place still in his old Azkaban cell he got lucky.

"Alright then Sirius, I'm going to take you to the local doctor. Don't worry about cost we can more than cover it. Just promise to help someone else out if the opportunity presents itself."

Sirius grunted in acceptance before blacking out again. It may be summer but the waters of the North Sea were damned cold.

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

Adrian awoke early and realized he needed to turn the rat in today. Over the past week he'd discovered that Bartemius Crouch the elder had been forced to step down after the discovery of the younger's involvement in the torture of the Longbottom's. The current head of the department was Lorcan Lochrin a crotchety old auror who'd been put off his retirement when he'd been asked to step in as the department head until the next election.

As much as the opinion in the court seemed to favor Crouch for his denouncement of death eaters even so far as to say he had no son while presiding over the trial of the younger. The scandal was enough for him to be moved from the Law Enforcement to International Cooperation.

In Crouch's place Lorcan was left with dozens of open cases and missing persons reports. The older auror having looked forward to retiring mostly ignored making sure everything had been above board with the death eater trials and auror action reports, for rebuilding the auror force which had been decimated after decades long battle against the terrorism of the death eaters.

Lorcan had done his level best to stay out of the eye of the public wanting only to finish his term in office and retire quietly the only record of note for him being a stronger auror force left behind. In a way he'd been grooming Amelia Bones as his replacement since the day he stepped into the office. Seeing in her the iron will and slight paranoia that would protect her from manipulation and see her straight in the pursuit of justice.

Adrian made a split second decision to dump Pettigrew on the Head Auror's desk instead of the department head's desk. Followed by a brief note to the morning editor of the prophet informing him that Pettigrew had been found alive and confessed to the crimes Sirius had been accused.

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

The two were standing in a well lit, yet featureless room. There didn't seem to be any shadows as everything in the room seemed to shine with an inner light. The woman turned to the man. After observing silently for an indeterminate period of time she spoke.

"I hope you know what you're doing David."

"Of course Gloria. The other's didn't even notice a flicker."

A third voice spoke, "The other's don't pay attention to the lower planes unless one of those of us already branded as a troublemaker are involved."

Dave and Gloria jumped slightly startled.

The third person continued. "Obviously, I noticed."

"You didn't give us away now did you?" Dave asked.

The third one looked back calmly, "Of course not. While I'm free from surveillance whilst not among those of a more corporeal nature. The other's have ensured that when I am walking the lower planes, I am under constant supervision. Otherwise I would have joined in your efforts."

"Forgive me for ever doubting you Oma." Dave turned back towards the display that had been unnoticed until that point.

Oma's breath hitched. "That's Furling technology!"

"How else would Earth suddenly receive a population of Alteran-Avalonian Hybrids?" Gloria asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Dave spoke, mostly to himself, "the Furlings always did enjoy understating just how advanced they were. Just as much as we liked to show off our achievements."

"I'm still not convinced our little intervention was the correct path to take." Gloria sighed staring at the multi-colored holographic gyrating over the Furling console. A few minutes later she gave a huff and muttered, "Department of Premature Deaths. Right!"

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

Adrian noticed that being physically younger was affecting his patience more than he initially expected. He felt himself growing impatient with waiting to learn how the paper would handle Pettigrew. So to distract himself, Adrian decided to check on the progress of the nanomorph he'd sent to find Neville.

Sinking his awareness into the controller, Adrian had found Neville about to be pushed into the lake and he decided to step in.

"Hey, Mister! What are you doing?" He shouted from his nanomorph avatar running up and kicking Neville's great uncle Algie in the shin. Neville was flabbergasted. This strange boy had caught him right before he fell into the lake. "Wh-w-who are y-you?" he asked with a stutter.

"Name's Adrian or Adric," Adrian introduced himself holding out a hand to Neville. "Wanna be friends?"

Neville's uncle interrupted. "Now you listen here..."

Adrian rounded on him, "No, you listen here! I saw you about to push my new friend here into the lake there. And judging by the way he's flinching this isn't the first time you've tried something that could harm him. You're not going to get his magic to show up doing stunts like that, more likely to make him lose control like Dumbledore's sister Arianna." Algie flinched at the accusation as Adrian continued, "Neville's a powerful mage he doesn't need to have magical outbursts because his magic is already refined and tightly controlled—isn't that right Neville." Adrian gently nudged Neville next to him.

"Um... sure?" Neville half whimpered.

"Come on! I'll show you something cool." Adrian said to Neville as he dragged the boy away from the dock. First Adrian wanted to get Neville to be able to form a relatively harmless wandless spell, the light orb. But he also wanted to start indoctrinating him in how to think like an Alteran, Some of the historical files he read from the repository made him realize he couldn't do this alone. There was something out there that would require more than just him to counter. He would need to steal a good number of untrained magi from the wizarding world, and it would be easier to start on them before they learned to think like wizards.

A short while later and he had Neville making contact with his core via meditation. Just finding his core was enough to bolster the young boy's confidence and prove to Neville that he was indeed magical. After an hour or two Adrian had Neville memorise the process to form the unimaginatively named Mage Light orb.

"Gotta go Neville, see you later?" after a firm nod from Neville happy to learn he did indeed have magic Adrian cloaked his nanites and set them to watch Neville and continue talking with him once he was alone. Adrian retreated from the tablet and left his room to go convince his family that they needed a pet dog.

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

Lord Yu unknown to the other System Lords had been the last to truly leave earth. As such he was still there when the timeline received the massive edit from the Furling device. The crafty serpent stayed just a century longer than normal and fell in love. The effects of that change altered Yu's path.

The reason for his stay a malfunction in his ship that damaged the hyperdrive and sarcophagus. His initial year of withdrawal from the sarcophagus had pained both him and his host greatly. Yu's original host dying shortly after the symbiote left jumping into the young man who had been caring for him. In his time living as Yu the son of Gun who the goa'uld symbiote had overtaken after the pain of his host became too great, Yu had discovered with each passing decade the fire of insanity within him had faded.

His heart captured by the Lady Tushan. Yu realised the danger of the sarcophagus and with that revelation named his son Qi, literally revelation in the chinese tongue. Shortly thereafter as his son grew in age, Qi with each emotional outburst displayed the most remarkable of abilities. Yu truly feared for Qi's life should the other goa'uld return and discover the boy.

Yu the man in collaboration with his symbiote Houji took over Gun's work studying the rivers and land to understand the floods that plagued his homeland, with the greater understanding of his symbiote Yu decided on an alternative tactic. Instead of holding back the rivers as his father had tried with locks and dams, Yu built great irrigation canals into the fields diverting the flow of the rivers and giving the flood waters a place to go. For thirteen years he worked, he refused to hold himself apart from the common workers who assisted him each day, earning their respect as a leader.

When he left after ruling the Xia Dynasty for 45 years; Yu faked illness, he had grown fond of the people of this planet and did not desire reintroducing them to the other Goa'uld.

Yu left after finally repairing his ship, taking with him his wife and younger sons. Instead of relying on the Sarcophagus to heal him as he had done before, Houji the Symbiote took the name Yu in honor of the man who had helped him.

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

"Dad?" Adrian walked into Jason's office. He'd been a bit antsy all day since leaving Pettigrew. Spending an hour with Neville just before lunch by way of the nanite double had helped keep him from being a nervous wreck somewhat. Now he was looking for other things to distract him from waiting on the news or possible lack thereof.

"Yes, Adric?" Jason responded from his moderate sized oak desk. Which was piled high with papers from the various investments associated with Jason's role as head of Evans family finances, and any additional investments he'd taken on for Adrian. The study was a traditional and comfortable room with bookcases along the walls filled with various volumes of books, awards and other interesting items.

Making note of the veritable library gave Adrian something to distract himself from the situation with Pettigrew. A niggling question from back when he made his first visit to the goblins the day after his birthday. "Um… well, I was wondering," Adrian paused, "how does the inheritance test the goblins give actually work? I mean, how do I have full access to the family vault. For that matter why did it name me as head of family."

"A bit late to be wondering that isn't it?" Jason smiled, "well obviously the test isn't a genetics test like the non-magicals have been working on perfecting. It's actually an ingenious bit of magic really. It tests a set of identifiers in your blood and magical signature and matches them with records in the bank. I don't know the full details, jealously guarded secret that it is."

Jason walked over to one of the shelves moving his hands across the title before selecting one which he pulled off the shelf. Faded gold lettering on the jacket reads inheritance and genealogy records and rituals. "However," He continued as he opened the book skimming through it as he talked, "I do know that each vault required blood from the wizard or witch who opened it and receives an update to the recorded signature each time the vault passes ownership. The protection varies in strength some doors require a direct blood donation for first entry each time it passes ownership, where others need only confirm the detected signature matches a recorded sample."

Jason tapped his finger on a page "Ah here it is. The inheritance test parchment uses the drop of blood which happens to contain a magical signature to search through the unclaimed vault records for a match. It's the cheap and easy way of doing it and doesn't require a more invasive potion. Also it tends to break if there are more than three or four generations between the last vault owner and the person being tested. Disputes of ownership can be a bit drawn out as the goblins require a blood and magic bound family tree to verify a secondary claimants rights of primacy."

"Oh," Adrian said, "And the ring?"

"Well, my dad was the last to wear it. Most members of the family with magic tend to stay out of Britain until we reach the age of maturity for the magical side of Britain. If only so we don't get forced to attend Hogwarts. Part of the reason we aren't seen as a 'pureblood' family is that we stayed well away from the political arena so much so that the family name is unrecognized by the modern purebloods. So unlike the usual pureblood headship ring, within the family it doesn't so much denote headship as it does ownership of the family vault."

"So, I'm not the head of yet another family." Adrian sighed in relief.

"Well, actually, technically you are." Jason replied. "See, as owner of the family vault with all of our wizarding gold, and wearing the ring that proves it. You've somewhat taken up the role as head of the family for the wizarding side of things. It became more official when Sandra and I adopted you magically and legally the first night you spent here, changing your name to Adrian Edward Evans."

"While your old name is still legally yours and you can still legally use it. Magically for the most part it's inert. Owls can deliver to you with your old name if you specifically have told their owner to use that name. Any existing or future contracts filed under your old name are useless if not backed up by a willing blood signature. Your inheritances aren't affected as they rely on your blood and magic and not your name. Identification wards when they work will show your name as Adrian Evans."

The piece about the identification wards is interesting to Adrian. If he needs to be in Hogwarts at the same time the twins are using the map he won't be discovered. Also, he considers the bit about contracts, means that if he let it get far enough that the triwizard tournament happens then he won't be forced into the competition.

"Dad? What's a soul bond?" Adrian asked next, as he remembered Dave and Gloria went on and on about his potential soul bond.

"Soul bonds occur on a level of intimacy that forms after years of living with someone who is compatible with you in both soul and magic."

"So none of that first kiss and you're bound for life rubbish?"

Jason smiled, "None of that, though there can be a bit of heat or an electric feeling in a kiss from a compatible soul mate. Usually that's just your magic telling you that the other person would be a very compatible match for you and with some work the two of you might live very happy lives. What's all this about Adrian?"

"Just some things that have been bugging me for a while now, that and I needed to take my mind off other things."

"Oh? So all I am is a distraction now?" Jason asks laughing.

"Not at all, I think you're brilliant!" Adrian gives a genuine grin. "It's only two-ish, I only just remembered something else I can do. Mind if i'm outside of the house for a few hours?"

"I'll be sure to send you a message dart if you need to return earlier. Now away with you scamp!"

"Thanks Dad!" Adrian yelled back over his shoulder as he ran out of the study.

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

Sirius' introduction to the small town on the coast started out with meeting the local doctor a man who could probably give Pomfrey a run for her Galleons. As soon as he'd entered the good doctor had him stripped of his soaked rags, and into a light cotton gown. Then he'd been herded to a small room and placed in—what for Sirius—was a very comfortable bed.

This being a small town doctor and not a major hospital it didn't have that sterile hospital feel. Though the room had certainly been properly cleaned and sterilized it felt more like a normal room and that helped put Sirius at ease. After some a few minutes alone in the room the doctor returned.

"Mr. Black." He said giving him the look all medical professional must have been trained in that told you they would accept nothing less than full compliance with their orders. "Thomas said he picked you up on the beach just outside of town. Given the state of your clothing and the look of you I'd say you've had a rough time of it. You will be under my care for the next week at the very least while I work to correct some of the damage that's been done to you. You will not leave my care without my clearance unless you want to have a nice long chat with the bobbies in the local jail until I get there to bring you back. Follow my orders and you'll only be my prisoner long enough to recover."

Sirius could only nod and politely agree.

"Good now that we've settled that, I'm Doctor Marcus Galbraith. Call me Mark. I expect you're still exhausted so I'll wake you in a few with food."

Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed ~ Death Derailed

Omake: Hijacking the wormhole.

Harry had decided to have some fun with SG1 when they arrived through the antarctic gate. The time dilation field had snapped into place the moment they arrived speeding everything up except for the team. Harry and his team rushed back and forth casting Illusions over everything. After a good two hours everything was set.

He adjusted the time dilation field to included the team and stepped forward in his majestic robes of red and gold and the fantastic circular design that spelled out his name in Gallifreyan mounted behind his head like some kind of halo made visible.

"Welcome to Gallifrey!"

The illusion of a large window behind the gate showed an orange sky and terrain and a few spires of a city of great beauty.

"I'm afraid you'll have to forgive us. We weren't expecting anyone if you'll follow me to the meeting room we have refreshments available."

"You seem strangely familiar." Sam said.

"DNA being what it is it's quite possible to share a few common sequences describing appearances with other living people." Harry replied.

"If we could dial earth and report in i'm sure the General is worried when we didn't show up."

"I'm afraid our gate just doesn't have the necessary power to reach earth's gate you're more than welcome to try. However, one of our offworld operatives should be returning any minute with his vessel. Her designation is the Doctor."

"Oh? Doctor who?" Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

"Just the Doctor."

"Yes, she's quite fond of your planet. Visited quite a few times or so she tells me." Harry turned to see luna coming in the door behind SG1, "Ahh here she is now."


"Doctor! Good to see you back I'm afraid i'll be sending you right back out again. These poor chaps seemed to have hit a snag with their gate travel. Seems they've stranded themselves and need a lift back to earth." He turned to SG1. "Anywhere specific on the planet you'd like to end up?"

"Oh nowhere in particular somewhere out of the way near our base in colorado, somewhere in North America, preferably the united states." Jack snarked.

"I'm sure it can be arranged."

"I don't mean to be impolite but we really do need to get back." Sam explained.

"Ok Just step right this way into the TARDIS." Luna said leading them out of the room to an old beaten up blue police box.

"A police box." Daniel said quizzically.

"I know! Isn't it marvelous!" Luna gushed.

"Indeed" came the stoic reply from Teal'c

"Hold up what's a TARDIS?"

"It stands for Time and Relative Dimension In Space." Luna replied opening the door to the police box to reveal a console with a rather large number of nobbs and twirly things surrounding a central pillar. "Step right in."

"It's bigger on the inside." Jack said impressed. "How does it do that."

"Well sir," Carter started about to go into a complex explanation about dimensional shifting as implied by the name. before Jack cut her off with a raised hand.

"Ah! whatever you're about to say I won't understand anyway."

Luna called out "Keep your appendages inside the vehicle at all times while it is in motion." She started flipping switches and flicking things.

The tardis made it's signature noise while luna waited for the time dilation field to be taken down. After a brief thump on the side of the box by one of the crew she activated the portkey to take them to the frozen tundra outside.

Luna gave it another thirty seconds before opening the door. SG1 stared at the bright snow outside. "Oops, I think we may have gone a bit past the point. Seems we've landed in the middle of the Ice Age." she yelled over the wind. "If you want to explore we can or we can get back in where it's warm and try again."

"Let's try again." O'Neill yelled in return as they pushed back into the police box and closed the doors behind themselves.

Luna started flicking things again while the team outside cleaned up. A few minutes later and they cast the portkey charm on the box to take it to a back alleyway in colorado springs. The portkey picked the ship up and the stabilizer kicked in keeping the spinning motion from being to bad. A moment later a brief thud was heard.

"That should do it." Luna said.

SG1 stumbled out of the little blue police box. Soon as they cleared the door Luna looked around and said "Yup this looks the place. ooh and I even got the exact date for once! Well i'm off see you all later." She headed back into the police box and activated the light on top of the box and the sound effects followed by the disillusionment and then the return portkey to make it look like it slowly faded out of existence.

"Well that was odd," Jack said. "Better call the general."

A few minutes later back on base. "Anyone want to explain to me why you didn't come back through the gate like usual?"

"Apparently we hitched a ride on a time ship sir."

"Indeed, the goa'uld have never met this people. If they had they would have surely attempted to annihilate them after stealing the secret of time travel."

"Apparently we took a detour via the Ice Age sir." Daniel commented.