Last time:"...I plan to adopt or foster every magical and partially magical orphan in the UK before I'm eleven…"

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"What!" Jason spluttered incredulously. "Adrian, could you explain that last part, a bit slower possibly?"

Adrian sighed and sat back down looking far older than the mere seven years of his current form, "We're going to need an army of highly trained and educated individuals dad, there are equal parts amazing and terrible things on the horizon out there." he said gesturing towards the ceiling, "I—We've been given an incredible legacy dad. We can't stop with just orphans. Magicals for some reason tend to stop thinking rationally after they begin to attend Hogwarts even those born from mundane parents."

"I can see how this would require us to generate a lot of money, and not just a one time payment. You're talking an almost insane amount of resources on this Adrian. Ab infinitas, you aren't planning small, are you." The older man said with stunned look before shaking his head and asking, "but who is Tom Riddle?"

"I had forgotten that nobody knows about that. I've spent a long time analyzing the facts and rumors since I was first told them." Adrian said leaning forward. "Prepare yourself for this is a sad tale of the bad choices of a witch and the consequences everyone paid. Some time ago during the second world war, a certain witch fell in love with a mundane member of the gentry. Unfortunately for her she was less than comely, and he probably seeking a reason to be rid of a clingy suitor chose to humor her."

Adrian paused for a breath and continued, "To put it simply, she fearing his leaving, decided to use potions to chemically alter his emotions, and for a time it worked. Until she believing him to be truthfully in love with her stopped dosing him. Whether he was or not, he couldn't very well trust her or his own feelings after being dosed and left, not knowing or perhaps not believing that she was now pregnant with his child."

"Unfortunately, the elements were not kind to her and after selling what few possessions she had for what was probably far less than what they were worth, she found herself at the door of a mundane orphanage and shelter knowing that she was very weak, and quite possibly also knowing that she would not survive the birth of her child. Her name was Merope Gaunt." The boy paused to grab a pencil and a sheet of paper.

"The inbreeding her family engaged in had quite probably twisted her magic and body that she barely had anything left for spells leaving her almost a squib. The healthy genes from Thomas Riddle Jr. repaired much of the damage, and her son owing to the harsh environment of the orphanage found his magic early and trained it to counter the threat of those bigger than him. Was introduced to the rest of magic and Hogwarts by Albus Dumbledore and graduated with record breaking N.E.W.T.S. and O.W.L.S. — His name was Tom Marvolo Riddle." Adrian said writing it down and then rearranging the letters crossing out each as he went to spell out 'i am loRd voldeMorT.'

Seeing the incredulous look on Jason's face Adrian said, "Yes the most feared dark wizard of this half of the century, the one responsible for the bloodwars was in their terms the half-blood son of a squib and a muggle."

"Mea Clementi!" Jason said softly before blinking and asking with a puzzled expression, "Why am I using Alteran interjections?"

Adrian looked down at his socks sheepishly, "It'll fade I promise, just a minor side effect of the download since you're older it had to rearrange a few things and the language part of your brain gets hit first."

"Alright, if you're sure." Jason said skeptically.

"Yeah, if the download were too much, you wouldn't have even noticed and you would definitely be using more Alteran words than just their swears." Adrian said nodding vigorously.

The older man laughed, gratefully as the tension he felt building with the seriousness of their earlier conversation evaporated, "I needed that."

"Well, I can at least get started on setting up a research firm to control the patents for all this if you have any ready for release." Jason said gesturing at the piles of papers.

~ Death Derailed ~

"Psst!" Neville jumped at the whisper. "Hey Neville, over here."

Neville looked with wide eyes around the greenhouse before finally spotting the scrunched up form of his new friend. "Hey, Adric! How'd you get in here."

"Shh, Keep it down Neville." The nanomorph shushed the other boy peering over the verdant rows of potted plants some of them waving tendrils in an almost hypnotic pattern. In a way for Neville this was fun treating their meetings like some sort of secret spy business, "I got word from the boss."

"Yeah?" Neville was curious having been informed that his friend Adrian was kind of like a golem through which the real adrian could spend time with him. If his gran or uncle knew about that they would surely forbid any further contact between the two of them for no other reason than paranoia.

"The Boss visited your mum and dad. There is a way that you can go to sleep at night and while dreaming interact with and talk to your parents." The nanomorph said without blunting his news.

Neville looked hopeful, "Really?"

"Yeah, I warn you though the first step, it's really painful. It involves getting this stuff inside of you," the nanomorph said holding up a container of pre-programmed nanites having calculated ahead of time that Neville would go through with the process anyway.

Neville paused for a moment before snatching the container. "So, what I just drink this?"

The nanomorph nodded and Neville looked at him closely for a moment before downing the contents of the container. The smooth metal rolling over his tongue and down his throat before making him feel as though he was being tickled from inside.

"Tastes kind of like blood sausage." Neville said before the pain kicked in and he fainted.

Several minutes later.

"Neville," the duplicate of a boy currently having a serious conversation a long way away gently prodded the boy. "Get up."

Neville roused from his slumber, his posture more relaxed than before, a feeling of confidence radiating from him. "You weren't kidding, my head hurts but it's sort of fading now."

The nanomorph just grinned at him. "So, how was your first reunion?"

"After explaining how I got there, Dad scolded me for just taking 'the bloody nanites' as he referred to them without knowing what they were or really having ever met the real Adrian." Neville said wincing, "Mom just kept crying and hugging me. How long was I out? felt like I was there for hours!"

"Maybe fifteen minutes." The nanomorph replied, it could have supplied the exact time but programming told it that exact measurements were undesired unless asked for specifically or under very exact circumstances. The nanomorph froze for a moment switching to avatar mode for the control tablet back in Surrey.

Neville slung an arm around the synthetic being's shoulder, " Hey, think I could convince Gran to let me attend a muggle school?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Adrian was only just getting caught up with the log of the conversation and took a few seconds to respond to his friend's question. "That would depend on how you present the thing to her."

Neville noticed the difference between the calculated response he would normally get and that of his friend using the golem to talk directly to him. "Adrian, not that I don't enjoy your company but my dad pointed out that I should really know more about you."

Adrian looked down feeling a bit guilty about not being completely honest with his friend. "Truth is, my name is Harry, Harry Potter. I was adopted at the beginning of august by a cousin on my mother side and used the opportunity to magically change my name to Adrian Evans."

Neville's jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide. "You're Harry Potter?"

"Yeah," Adrian said weakly. "But none of those books about me are true. The only thing in them that is remotely true is my mum and dad died that night after mum did something to cause the curse to rebound. Please don't look at me like that Neville, I'm not some legendary hero who had some epic battle." He pleaded holding Neville by the shoulders.

"But… Gran.." Neville started to stutter.

"I was what, one year old?" Adrian cracked not looking at Neville as he started wheezing, "What could I do throw my nappies at him?"

Neville was breathing heavily and looked like he was about to hyperventilate. "Breathe Neville, In and out, that's it," Adrian coached deciding he'd wait until later to tell him they should have been god-brothers. "You are my brother by choice, Neville. I won't let anything change that."

After Neville calmed down enough to speak again he asked, "So, what do you look like? Um… that is I've only talked to you through your avatar golem thing."

Adrian gave soft laugh before mentally commanding the golem to shift appearance. "I used to look like this." He said motioning to the black messy hair and green eyes before shifting back, "but I discovered I can change my appearance kind of like a permanent polyjuice potion or metamorph, so I changed it when I moved in with my cousin to better hide my identity. So now I actually do look like my avatar. Hey let's see if you can give your gran an adequate argument to let you attend the non-magical school I'll be going to."

~ Death Derailed ~

"You realize how much this makes me feel like we're re-enacting one of those science fiction B movies," Jason said looking at Adrian before trailing off. The two of them standing in Jason's study before a table with a large map of the area laid out.

Adrian gave a soft laugh before replying, "we do have the suspicious behavior down with the hidden compartment and the repository don't we."

Jason just shook his head before pointing to a spot on the map, "How about here, this is an old abandoned boarding school, the location is decent enough that we could open it up for those who still have parents. I remember visiting it once when I was a kid."

Jason gave a soft chuckle before looking going back to his desk and rummaging around for a moment. "Aha! Well that's convenient."

"What?" Adrian asked tilting his head to the side and turning towards the older man.

"Seems dear ol' dad purchased the property and had it warded along with three more." Jason said still laughing as he brought the documents back over to the table.

~ Death Derailed ~

Omake: Hijacking the Wormhole round 4: return of the wait what?

As the team stepped through the gate the found themselves in the middle of an open forest filled with giant redwoods. There was plenty of distance between each tree as the huge trunks each appeared to be between ten and thirty feet in diameter. Craning their necks upwards the team took a collective breath at the network of branches and leaves blocking the majority of the clear blue sky.

"Carter," Colonel Jack O'Neill said turning towards the smart blond astrophysicist, "any idea what all this is?" he said expressively waving his arm towards the verdant green forest around them.

Major Carter sputtered behind him before managing, "It's possible the wormhole may have been diverted by extreme spatial phenomenon though the DHD should have compensated to prevent such an accident from occurring."

"Well obviously it happened." O'Neill snarked.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but don't we use a nonstandard dialing device at the mountain." Daniel spoke up from where he was kneeling over a duffle bag of scientific equipment.

Teal'c remained silent though his eyebrow momentarily twitched as he observed the interactions between his team mates.

"True but that shouldn't affect the wormhole's destination, unless," she trailed off for a moment.

"what if the system redirected us precisely because it couldn't detect the standard DHD at the destination gate?"

"If that were the case then the address shouldn't have connected properly to begin with." Sam replied to the dark haired archeologist.

"ah, but if the error or disruptive phenomenon occurred immediately after we entered the wormhole after it had already established then couldn't the gate have forced a redirection?" the teams civilian consultant rebutted.

"Possibly, I'll be the first to admit that the gate program isn't as complete as I would like."

O'Neill who had put on his clueless face for all of this calmly said, "Well fix it so we can get home, I have an episode of the simpsons to catch up on."

The easy going colonel and former black ops officer turned as he noticed Teal'c shifting from his relaxed stance to an at ready position.

"O'Neill I believe I detected movement over there." Teal'c pointed towards some underbrush a short distance away.

Watching carefully O'Neill noticed the bush move again contrary to the light breeze that was comfortably ambling around the trees.

Daniel having noticed the exchange called out in the direction of the rustling vegetation, "We aren't going to hurt you, please come out into the open."

Behind the verdant thick green a small figure covered in fur grumbled under it's breath, "stupid bloody fur is uncomfortable how animals survive having this much fur i don't know, I can't believe I lost that bet with Hermione." Oh well time to get in character the figure thought before calmly pushing itself out of the hidden access to the temporarily forested gate room from the control room.

The undersized fur covered creature calmly walked towards the group before pausing some distance away and chittering in a decidedly excited fashion.

After leading the team some distance from the gate to a clearing where the sky could be seen showing the pale image hanging in the clear blue.

Teal'c relaxed his grip on the staff weapon and turned, "O'Neill does this creature not resemble..."

The Colonel cut him off, "Freakin' Star Wars Ewoks! Now I just Know you're messing with me!" he yelled to the heavens.

Harry spoke up, "Um actually… we prefer furlings."

"We had better not be expected to go shoot down a death star next," O'Neill grumbled.

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