This is the very short prologue to my new story. It is a AlecxClary. You have been warned. Please review, give me advice, PM if you want to! I'm new to writing fanfiction so yeah... All the characters and canon events/things belong to Cassandra Clare.

I finished the rune, "Open". The ship groaned and started coming apart bolt by bolt. I had to get out of here. I took two steps and crumpled to the floor. I have to get up. Get up Clary, get up! I struggled to push myself off the cold steel floor. I heard rapid footsteps approaching and I look up as they stopped at the doorway. There was Alec, bloodied and matted hair in his face who smiled in relief...and Jace, who looked like a downright livid angel.

"I told you she'd be at the heart of this, help me get her out of here," Alec came towards me and helped pick me up. Jace turned on his heel and started back towards the top of the rapidly falling apart ship. Alec got me to my feet and I blacked out. The last thing I heard as I drifted into darkness was "Hold on Clary. I'll get you out of here."