I yawned and turned over. I blinked twice and looked up at Alec's sleeping face. I nuzzled my face into his neck and put my cold nose just under his chin. He made a sound halfway between a strangled cry and a growl. I giggled and his arms tightened around me. I put my head on his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. He kissed the top of my head and rolled out of bed. I watched him stretch and he turned around to face me. He smiled deviously and I hunkered down in the sheets. Alec went to the end of the bed, grabbed my ankles, and dragged me out of the bed. I grumbled and tried to kick out, but Alec just laughed and pulled me up and into a hug.

"Morning Clary. Go get dressed and eat. I'll meet you in the training room at ten." Alec pushed me towards the door and kissed my cheek on the way out. I walked to my room, got dressed in some Aeropostal sweatpants, a black fitted tee, and walked down to the kitchen. Church met me on my way and walked next to me. I stepped into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I hopped onto one of the counters and Isabelle walked in.

"Hey Iz. How'd you sleep?" I grabbed an apple and tossed it to her. She hopped up on the counter across from me and shrugged.

"Just another night. Hey, have you seen mom?"

"No. Is she missing?"

"Kinda, she left a note in the library saying she had to go see Brother Jeremiah. She didn't say when she'd be back." Iz looked at the apple in her hand and tossed it in the trash. She said she wasn't hungry and left. I finished my apple and looked at the clock. 9:50. I had just enough time to get to the training room, so I hopped off the counter and walked through the silent hallways leading to the training room. I pushed open the door and spotted Alec slicing apart a dummy. He turned to look at me and smiled a little. I nodded at him and he pointed to the far wall, which had a rock wall built in.

"Clary, before we can do weapons and killing, you have to move like a shadowhunter. Right now, you're cute, but clumsy, loud, and not flexible enough. Start climbing the wall. After you can get up the face in thirty seconds, start using only your arms. then only your legs. Then with no harness. then by leaping from foothold to foothold. So on until mom and I think you are agile enough. Then we move on to the next. Got it?" Alec strapped me into the harness and checked it was tight. I nodded and started up the wall. This was no kiddy wall, that's for sure. The foothold were small, far apart, and to make it worse, the wall rained on itself to make visibility terrible and the holds slippery. I got about half way up before the rain kicked in, sending me back to the bottom. Every time I climbed, I got slightly higher before falling. My limbs ached and I was sweating. I turned around to see Maryse and Alec watching me. I sighed, got up and climbed again. I reached the point I usually fall, and I paused. I analysed everything in front of me, and looked for a foothold that was close but still moved up. I spotted it. To my right there was a foothold that was my route to the top. I moved right, trying to keep my height the same, and came right below the foothold. I couldn't reach it by just putting my arm up, so I had to decide: push off and try to grab it or look for another route. I thought about it and realized this was part of the drill. I had to make this jump. It was only two feet out of my reach, but when you have to jump vertically and while tired, it makes it feel a lot farther. I slowed my breathing and focused all my energy into making this jump. I pushed off and clutched at the hold with both hands. My body met gravity and the force of my body resettling almost knocked me off the wall. I took a moment to try to regain some energy. I looked up and smiled. The path to the top was almost a straight shot, so I know the rain is gonna come on any minute. I memorized the placement of the holds and started pulling myself up the face. I got to the top and let go, repelling down to sit on the floor. Alec came over to me and gave me a water bottle and a towel.

"Good job. Five minutes and then you do it again." I groaned but nodded. If I ever wanted to be a shadowhunter, I needed to master this. After five minutes, I hauled myself up and launched myself up the wall. I lost track of time and when I finally got my time up the wall to twenty five seconds, I was starving and it was pitch black outside. I sank down on the ground and tried to relax for a minute. I wanted to get up but now my legs wouldn't move and neither would my arms. I sighed and decided I'd sit here for a little longer. Before I knew it I started drifting off and I did nothing to stop it.


I woke up the next morning in a bed. I didn't remember leaving the the training room so I started freaking out. I looked around and relaxed. It was the infirmary. I laid back and groaned as my limbs started protesting all movement. I tried to figure out why I would be in the infirmary but couldn't come up with a reason. The doors opened and I looked to see Iz strutting in wearing her seven inch heels and a red dress. She had a new iratze on her arm, so they must have just gone hunting. Iz came over to my bed and poured me a glass of water.

"Oh good, you're awake. I went to find you last night and I found you slumped on the training room floor. I tried shaking you, hitting you, even the wide awake rune, and nothing worked. You must have pushed yourself way too hard." Iz handed me the water and I gratefully chugged it down.

"I guess. I was trying to get my time under thirty seconds consistently on the wall. When I stopped it was dark outside. I sat down to relax and fell asleep." Iz nodded and sat on the edge of my bed.

"Well, now you're awake you should go find Alec. I haven't seen him since last night. He saw you slumped against the wall like that and took off," Iz thought for a minute and her eyes went wide, "Aw hell. I haven't seen Jace since last night either." I groaned and I understood her worry.

"Okay, let's go find Alec. Hopefully he didn't kill Jace." I got up against the protests of my body and got dressed. I followed Iz out of the infirmary and took the left side of the house while she took the right. I got to the fourth floor when I heard muttering. I picked up my pace.

"Alec, Alec is that you?" I came into the doorway where the muttering was coming from and gasped. It was Jace, but he looked manic. His hair was matted, his eyes were puffy, and the entire room was destroyed. I backed out of the room quickly and ran down the hall. I heard footsteps behind me and they were gaining fast. I took a deep breath and threw myself to the floor as the footsteps came up behind me. The person tripped and rolled over me. I saw a glint of golden hair so I pulled myself up and ran in the opposite direction. My body aches were getting worse and as I got to the hallway with my room, I collapsed. I dragged myself to lean against the wall and tried to control my breathing. The door to my right opened just as footsteps started echoing down the hall to my left. I groaned as Jace came into view, forgetting about the open door to my right. Jace stared at me and started forward at a deadly pace, before stopping, his eyes wide. I finally looked to my right and saw Alec, dagger in hand, staring menacingly at Jace. Alec took a step forward, and Jace backed away, going back down the hallway. He crouched down to me and looked me in the eye.

"Clary, are you okay?" I nodded.

"Where have you been? In your room this entire time?" He nodded and I sighed heavily. "Iz is gonna murder you. She couldn't find you or Jace since last night and we thought you had killed him or something. Then I run into Jace while I'm looking for you and I find you in your room." I huffed and Alec laughed a little before becoming serious again.

"You sure you're okay? I saw you last night slumped against the wall…"

"I pushed myself too hard. and this morning didn't help. Now help me up so I can sleep for a few minutes before getting ready." Alec helped me up and into the room. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep before I could take another breath.

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