Chapter 10

"England!" Spain and Chibitalia shouted as they burst into England's hotel room. "Bloody-! What are you two doing?!" England held a hand to his fragile, little, old heart. "You have to change me back now!" Chibitalia informed him, eyes and expression determined. "What? Why? The spell will be completely ready and prepared tomorrow, if I do it now, there's a chance that you could turn into a cat." England frowned as Spain instantly recoiled. Oh, if that happened and Romano knew that Spain had had anything to do with it...

Spain chuckled nervously. "Ah, I think England is right, we should do it when the spell is completely repaired." He smiled slightly toward Chibitalia, hoping the kid wasn't going to be too stubborn about it. "That's a chance I'm willing to take." Chibitalia nodded to himself as Spain and England blanched. Romano would kill them if anything went wrong.

"A-Ah, how about we go for scones and gelato instead?" England's lips twitched in his smile. "No. But we can do that after." Chibitalia told them. "Wh-What about churros and gelato and sweets, lot of sweets?" Spain asked hopefully. "No. Try and manipulate me into not going through with this again and I'll be upset at you both." Chibitalia's eyes narrowed on them. England and Spain sighed simultaneously.

"Alright." England vocalized, the two defeated. "Let me get everything ready, it should only take me ten minutes to do that and mere seconds for the actual spell." England looked hesitant and like he knew he would realllly regret this.

"Alright!" Chibitalia cheered.


Romano twitched in his sleep. Fucking. Hell. His brother-is-scared-or-hurt-or-in-danger-or-something-somewhat-bad-just-happened-to-him-in-general senses started tingling. Romano immediately jerked up and looked around, straining his ears. Nothing. The hotel room was completely silent. "Oi! Antonio? Feliciano?" Romano called as he stood up, beginning to walk through the entire hotel suite.

"Goddammit," Romano growled, "where the Hell did they go?" He frowned. A lightbulb went off. "Holy shit." He breathed. "I swear to God, if they're doing something stupid-!" Romano tore off to where he knew England's room was.

Back with England, Spain and Chibitalia

"Ve~ Let's do this!" Chibitalia cheered happily. "Yay..." Spain and England weakly cheered. "Alright, step back, Spain." England warned. Spain felt and looked weak in the knees as he sat on the bed. He buried his face in his arms with a groan. "Please, please, God, don't let anything bad happen. I know I annoy Romano and sometimes I have pervy thoughts and I used to conquer and steal and whatever a lot, but I really am sorry. For most of those things. Okay, for some of them." He admitted as Chibitalia and England ignored him.

"Alright..." England breathed. "Here goes nothing." He muttered before starting the chant. He finished the chant just as Romano kicked open the door and witnessed a bright light envelop Chibitalia. Romano lunged for the younger nation as eyes widened. Both Romano and Chibitalia were enveloped in a bright light.


England and Spain reluctantly uncovered their eyes, then were forced to look down.





The two breathed.

Italy-cat purred and cocked his head, while Romano growled and hissed.

Spain let out a high pitched scream when Romano lunged for him, claws outstretched.

He closed his eyes and accepted his death.

When after numerous minutes, death did not come to him, he allowed himself to peak. The first thing he saw was England cooing and holding his cheeks as he swooned. "Cute, so cute." England murmured. Antonio looked down and absolutely squealed as Veneziano-kitty was stretched on top of a struggling Romano, cuddling him.

"Ah! So cuuuuuuuute! Siisodhoaahfiqndkqkdjjeoajs!"

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