Big Problems Come In Little Packages Chapter 6

"Oh, Roma's so mad at me." Antonio said sadly, staring at where Romano and Chibitalia were sitting and talking. "He's pissed at both of us, cher, and, to be honest, we kind of deserved it." Francis admitted as Antonio nodded in agreement. "Yeah- Oh, no." Antonio whispered, staring wide-eyed a bit further in front of Romano and Chibitalia. "What…? Oh! Mon petit lap-!" Antonio slapped a hand over Francis's mouth a second too late.

England looked back, and Romano looked forward. England connected eyes with France, then Spain, then, reluctantly, looked around for Romano and Chibitalia. Romano glared at him darkly. "Antonio, come here." Romano said coldly. Antonio immediately scrambled out of his seat and back to where Romano was. "Yes?" Antonio asked hopefully. "Give me the receipt for the clothes. Oh, and the gelato, too." Romano said, voice completely calm, whereas his eyes were light green flames.

"Oh! Um, okay!" Antonio said as he fished out the receipts from his pocket and handed them to Romano. "Arthur? Come here a moment, would you?" Romano asked civilly as Chibitalia watched confusedly. Arthur was frozen, then reluctantly and slowly approached Romano. "Yes?" He asked warily. "Here's the receipts. I expect cash." Romano said simply. "Well, I suppose that's fai- THREE THOUSAND EUROS?!" Arthur gaped at the clothing receipt.

"Had to make sure Feliciano had enough clothes." Romano said simply before turning to his younger brother. "This is Arthur, the as- idiot who turned you back into a child." He said as Chibitalia blinked, then cocked his head at Arthur. "Why'd you do that?" He asked curiously, no hint of accusation in his tone, only curiosity.

Arthur was silent for a moment, emerald eyes just soaking up the image of the adorable product of his magic mishap. He looked an awful lot like America did when he was younger, cocking his head like that… "OW! Blooming He-ck." Arthur yelped at an explosion of pain in his abdomen. "Fratello!" Chibitalia gasped. "Creep on my brother again, I fricking dare you." Romano growled as Arthur held his stomach. "My apologies." Arthur said through gritted teeth, whether gritted in anger or pain was anyone's guess.

Chibitalia got out of his seat and approached Arthur. "Are you okay?" He asked worriedly as Arthur smiled slightly as the pain went away and he stood. "I'm okay, thank you." He smiled as he ruffled Chibitalia's hair. Chibitalia giggled as Romano watched with narrowed eyes. "Cher, he's not going to get any happier, so you should talk to him now before he gets even angrier." Francis whispered to Antonio, who nodded.

"Um, Romano, can I talk to you?" Antonio asked hopefully. Romano turned his glare from Arthur to him momentarily. Romano rolled his eyes. "Fine, but after, I'm going on Facebook." He snapped irately as Antonio let out a sigh of relief and Arthur bit his cheek. That was going to follow him for a very, very long time.

"If you do anything else to my little brother, or harm him in any way, I will chop your unmentionable off and feed them to you." Romano hissed lowly as Arthur nodded. Romano turned his gaze to Francis. "You're the lesser of two evils at the moment. Watch them." Romano said as Francis nodded. "Okay."

With that, the three walked off to where Francis and Antonio had sat and left Antonio and Romano to talk.

"Ve~ so you can really do magic?" Chibitalia asked, awed. "Yes, though sometimes it goes awry, as you can tell." Arthur chuckled as he gestured to Chibitalia, who giggled. Francis watched with a smile. Arthur was so… approachable like this. He was so nice and sweet and adorable when he was around children. Francis couldn't help but coo and swoon a little.

Arthur raised an eyebrow, and Chibitalia copied the eyebrow as Francis couldn't help but grin widely and scoop the two into a hug. "Chers, you're so cuuuuuuuute." He squealed. Arthur's eye twitched as Francis expertly cropped in a feel. Chibitalia giggled as he was brought to Francis' chest and coddled.

"Frog, let go of me." Arthur said lowly as Francis wisely decided it wouldn't be smart to severely piss off two grumpy tsunderes in one day. He reluctantly let go of Arthur with a slight pout, though he still held Chibitalia to his chest. "No matter. Feliciano still wants to be coddled by Big Brother Francis, oui, mon petit?" Francis cooed as he snuggled the small boy in his arms.

"Ve~ Francis, actually I want to talk to Arthur some more, so could you let me down?" Chibitalia asked cheerfully as Arthur coughed to conceal a laugh and Francis sulked. "Oui, mon petit." He sighed as he set the small boy down. "Bested by eyebrows." He murmured dejectedly. "What was that, frog?" Arthur growled. Francis smiled. "Nothing, cher. Oh~ Bonjour, beautiful." Francis greeted a flight attendant with a charming smile, hoping to perhaps rejoin the mile high club.

Arthur rolled his eyes as Chibitalia giggled at Francis' antics. "So, do you have any siblings?" Chibitalia asked cheerfully. Arthur smiled sadly. "I have four older brothers, poppet." Arthur answered, then lowered his voice. "Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, and South Ireland." He elaborated quietly.

"Are you all close?" Chibitalia asked, concerned about the sad smile. "No, not at all." Arthur said with a shake of his head. "How come?" Chibitalia asked softly as he sat next to Arthur and wrapped his arms around Arthur's arm in a hug.

"When I was younger, my brothers never liked me much. They'd pull pranks on me and taunt me all the time, and constantly beat me up and hurt me. After I became an empire, I decided to get revenge on them by conquering them. After a lot of dumb things, we could never hope to get along. We'd done too many bad things to each other." Arthur sighed, letting his walls down for the small child.

"That's not fair." Chibitalia said quietly as he hugged Arthur's arm tighter. "It's not." Arthur agreed with a sad smile. "Well, since you don't have any real, close brothers, I'll be your brother!" Chibitalia declared with a grin.

Arthur's eyes widened as they turned to the small, determined child. "I…" Arthur's mouth closed, then opened, then closed again. This child was so pure… Arthur couldn't help the small smile that found its way on his lips. "I'd appreciate that. Thank you, poppet." Arthur smiled as he ruffled Chibitalia's hair.

"You're welcome, Big Brother Arthur!" The small lad chirped as Arthur couldn't help but pick up the child and hug him, coddling him into his chest. "Aww, chers, that's so cute. Let Big Brother Francis get in on the hug, too." Francis purred as he sat on Arthur's lap and hugged the two of them.

Chibitalia giggled, while Arthur glared at Francis, just daring him to touch him inappropriately. Francis wisely backed off… Eventually. "Passengers, please put on your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff." The pilot said. Chibitalia pouted as he got out of his temporary seat. "Ciao, Big Brother Arthur. Ciao, Big Brother Francis. See you later!" Chibitalia chirped with a hug to each.

"See you, poppet." Arthur smiled as he slowly, unsurely, hugged Chibitalia back with a kiss to the crown of his head, the last being habit from when America was younger. "See you, amoureux." Francis cooed as he squeezed Chibitalia tightly. "For the Queen's sake, Francis, you're suffocating the poor dear." Arthur scolded as Francis finally let the small boy go.

"Thanks, Arthur!" Chibitalia chirped as he skipped off to where his brother and Antonio sat. As he left, he heard a pouting Francis whine to Arthur. "Cher, why aren't you ever that sweet and cute to me?" Francis whined. "Because, you're not cute or sweet. Frog."

Chibitalia paused a bit away from his original targets, watching the two since they hadn't noticed him yet. Chibitalia couldn't help but smile as he watched Antonio hug Romano. "I'm sorry." Antonio whispered, probably for the twenty-millionth time. "Bastard." Romano murmured as he hesitantly hugged the larger man back.

'Don't… Don't do anything like that again." Romano muttered. "I won't. I'm so sorry." Antonio said as he squeezed Romano harder. "… I guess… I'm… sorry, too… For beating you up, you know?" Romano asked awkwardly. "It's okay, Lovi. I deserved it." Antonio smiled happily. "Damn right you did." Romano scowled, though it wasn't as deep as usual.

'Aww.' Chibitalia mouthed to himself with a small grin. 'I'll just leave them alone. I'm glad they're best friends again!' Chibitalia thought perkily to himself before skipping back to Arthur and Francis. "Poppet, you're back. What happened? Is everything alright?" Arthur asked worriedly, shoving Francis off of him, who pouted as his hug was rejected, but turned his attention to Chibitalia.

"Ve~ Romano and Antonio are busy, so I decided to leave them be for now. Everything's alright. They're making up." Chibitalia chirped happily. "Are you sure they aren't making out?" Francis asked coyly as Arthur punched him on the shoulder harshly. Chibitalia sweat-dropped. "Ve~ Francis, I'm pretty sure that's their business." Chibitalia said sternly, arms crossed. "You're right, you're right." Francis sighed, pouting slightly.

"Sweetheart." A flight attendant cooed to Chibitalia in Italian, who smiled sweetly at her. "Yes, pretty lady?" He asked sweetly. Francis smirked as he watched, proud of his teachings. Arthur was fairly confused, considering he didn't speak Italian. The flight attendant giggled slightly. "Thank you for the compliment, sweetie, but you have to get in your seat before we take off, okay?" She asked softly as she kneeled to his height and ruffled his hair softly.

"Okay, pretty lady. Whatever you say. Can I get a kiss first?" Chibitalia bat his eyelashes as the lady giggled in amusement. Francis couldn't help but grin a little. "How come you didn't turn into a ladies' man like the rest of my little brothers?" Francis couldn't help but ask Arthur with a faux disappointed sigh. Arthur's eyes flashed with anger. "Excuse me?" He glowered. "Ah, nothing, nothing. Nevermind." Francis sweat-dropped as Arthur continued to glower as he scooched over a seat until he was sitting near the window.

"Sure, sweetie." The lady laughed softly as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Chibitalia grinned at her with a light blush before he skipped over to his seat in between Arthur and Francis. "Bye, pretty lady~!" Chibitalia grinned as the woman laughed again with a slight wave before she walked off to her own seat.

"That was beautiful, cher! Simply beautiful." Francis grinned as he wiped away overdramatic tears of joy and pride. "Um, thanks…?" Chibitalia asked slowly as he stared at the man's tears with a mix of worry and confusion. "Ignore him, poppet. He's just odd." Arthur said as Chibitalia nodded in agreement. "You wound me, chers!" Francis cried with a hand over his wounded heart. The two ignored him.

"Put your seatbelt on, love." Arthur said worriedly as he began to put the small boy's seatbelt on for him. "Ve~ Thanks!" He chirped happily. "You're very welcome." Arthur smiled. "We're taking off." The pilot said as the plane began moving.

Chibitalia's breath caught in his throat as he began to tremble. His eyes grew wide with fear. This was nothing like he'd ever experienced before! Nothing! They- They were moving so quickly, and- and- Just looking out the window, he could tell they were moving so quickly that everything was a blur, and- and- He was- His breathing picked up as tears built in his eyes. He was so-

"Poppet, are you alright?" Arthur asked worriedly as the plane got in the air and he heard Chibitalia whimper. His and Francis' eyes widened as they took in the fear-stricken boy. 'Of course!' Arthur chided himself. 'Of course, he's going to be scared, you idiot! This is his first time experiencing anything even remotely like this!' He cursed himself for being such an airhead as Francis had similar thoughts.

"Oh, it's alright, love. It's going to be alright, poppet. Nothing bad will happen." Arthur said reassuringly as he gently wrapped an arm around Chibitalia and rubbed his arm as reassuringly as he could. "Oui, it is going to be okay, amoureux. Big Brother Francis and Arthur will protect you with all we have!" Francis declared with a smile as he held the boy's hand.

Chibitalia looked at them with teary eyes as he hiccupped. "Promise?" He sniffed tearfully. "Promise." The two smiled before the plane leveled out. "You may now unbuckle your seatbelts and move around." The pilot informed them. "Do you want to unbuckle your seatbelt?" Arthur asked as Chibitalia sniffled again before he nodded. "P-Per favore." He said, still understandably shaken.

Arthur's expression softened greatly again as Francis watched on with a smile. The first thing Chibitalia did when Arthur unbuckled his seatbelt was launch myself at the older nation. Francis opened his mouth with a silent coo. Arthur's eyes widened as Chibitalia's arms wrapped around his neck and the boy hid his face in the crook of his neck. Arthur slowly hugged him back, albeit semi-unsurely, considering he was still unused to hugs a bit.

"Grazie." The boy's voice was muffled in his neck. "P-Prego." Arthur answered with his limited knowledge of Italian. Francis' eyes sparkled as the two hugged. 'I ship it.' He mouthed, excited for when Chibitalia went back to normal and his ship could possibly become reality. And thus was the odd mind of Francis.

"Thank you, too, Francis." Chibitalia smiled sweetly as he glanced over at the other nation. Francis mouthed an incoherent mixture of French, English, and Italian as he flailed, gaining odd looks from the other two nations. He shipped himself with the Italian as well. He pretty much ships everyone with Chibitalia now. Poor dear.

Arthur and Chibitalia caught on to a few words, like 'ship', 'so cute', 'I can't even.' The two sweat-dropped as they stared at the odd, older man.

"Big Brother Francis?"

"Yes, my adorable little munchkin~?"

"You're really weird."


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