I groaned as the sunrays pierced my vision. I quickly stand up not letting myself be lazy. I look around the room only to see that Prim's bed is empty. She is already awake. The room is small and has two metal beds, a small parted mirror and a closet. I walk toward the closet picking a shirt and trousers. I put on my combat boots and grab a comb. I slowly do my usual side braid.

I then walked toward the kitchen where my sister Prim and my mother eating .

"Good morning," I said.

Prim smiled at me while mother just nodded curtly. Ever since my father´s dead she´s been bitter with me. Maybe it´s because of my looks.

We both looked alike , dad and I have the same dark hair , olive skin and grey eyes. Prim on the other hand looked a lot like mother with the blonde hair , fair skin and blue eyes.

I took a seat next to dad.

"How did you managed to have meat ?" My mother asked ," We only have few rations of bread and water. Where did you got it?"

I tried to keep my face blank.

"I just found it somewhere," I said trying to sound innocent.

"Katniss you are almost eighteen," my mother started.

"So what?" I said defensively.

"You know you should take your responsibilties as a women," My mother continues calmly.

"No ," I said ," I won´t ."
"Katniss," Prim says.

"I won´t be a maiden all right?" I said angrily ," I can protect myself just fine ."

"Katniss," my mother said. I stand up abruptly .

"I´m not hungry anymore," I said. I walked through the door and slammed it. I started walking toward the end of the town. My name is Katniss Everdeen , I´m one of the residents in District 12 , Panem.

It´s a total nightmare here. It´s hard to live here , knowing that the person who rules the nation has it all. Knowing that you´ll starve , or knowing you´ll be forced to marry someone you don´t know. I hate when they bring the subject. Makes me feel like there is nothing I can do to stop it.

When I arrive to the fence , I see a siluotte getting close. It´s Gale.

"Well hello Catnip fancy seeing you here," he says.

"Nice to see you too Gale," I said. Gale´s grin drops a bit.

"What is it?" he asks .

"My mother ," I said ," She says that now that I´m almost eighteen I should worry about my future."

Gale scoff.

"She means starve?" he asked.

"Probably," I said. Then Gale laughs and I can help it I laugh too.

I then feel a stab of pain on my cheek. I immidiatly stop laughing.

"What is it?" Gale asks.

"Nothing," I said touching my cheek slightly. It happens often. I feel pain even though I have no bruise or blood or nothing. It just happen ever since I was a kid.

"Shall we hunt?" he asks. I nodded and followed him behind the fence. There we go to hunt. That´s how I feed my family. Though it´s forbidden. Let me explain you why:

Years ago there was a rebellion against The Capitol and the leader was Annika Fielding, she died and the rebellion died with her. As punishment every female must be married by age eighteen no matter else the woman will get punishment was that the Districts will be feed by rations. They give you bread , apples and cheese for you to feed a family. It´s the only thing you got. No more , no less.

We hunt in silence until Gale decides to break it.

"Tomorrow you´ll be eighteen," Gale says.

"I know," I said.

"When it´s the choosing day?" he asks.

"On Sunday 9," I said ," What a schedule. I turn eighteen , next day is choosing."
"Catnip,"Gale says ," I´ll go and be there on the male population choose."

"Oh," I said unsure of how this wil end.

"And I´ll try to be your husband," Gale says.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"Who else will let you hunt?" Gale says," Who will threat you correctly? Whi can take care of you?"

"I don´t need someone to take care of me," I said ," And you know I can do it myself."

"You are still going to The Choosing," Gale says ," That means you´ll still have a husband."

"So what,"I said ," Don´t tell me you´ve been waiting for my Choosing and that´s why you are twenty and still single."

Gale doesn´t meet my eyes.

"I won´t alright," I said ," You are like my brother Gale. I´m sorry."

I run away from him after that. I don´t realize I´m on the town until I bump someone. I´m on top of him and I find myself blusing and standing up abruptly. I give him a hand and the first thing I notice is his bruised cheek. The right cheek , the one I felt pain before.

"Sorry ," He says

"Sorry," I said.

"It´s okay," he says.

"I´m Katniss," I said . He then smiles. I suddenlynotice how he is the one I caught him looking at me. The one that helped me when I needed too.

He has messy blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. His eyes aren´t like Prim´s sky blue. His eyes are sapphire , deep royal blue. He smiles at me radiantly.

"I´m Peeta ," he says shaking my hand.

I hear Gale call my name and I decide to avoid him.

"I have to go," I said ," Nice meeting you."
Again , I silently add.

"See you around," he says. I turned and jog back into my house. Once there I can´t help touching my cheek slightly. Why did Peeta had the right cheek bruised the same one I felt pain a bit earlier.

I shrugged it off. It means nothing. Boy how wrong was I.

Hello. Sorry for not updating, I´m having a bit of author´s block for Enchated so I started a new fic. It came to me as something of Soulmates and Soulbonds but it´s not your typical Soulbond story. It has a few twist on it. I will update this one far much more than Enchanted since I have many ideas for this. Thank you