Chapter 15

" Katniss ," I heard an angelic voice call me. I groaned.

" Katniss we have arrived to district 4," Peeta says.
I awoke after does words.

" Really?" I asked while yawning.

" yes Katniss," Peeta says ," You've been asleep for hours it's almost noon."

" Holy crap," I said ," I sleep way too much. You should have waken me up."

" I know," Peeta says sheepishly , " I like watching you sleep , you don't scowl."

This naturally brought a scowl to my face making Peeta chuckle.

We should get going we need to find Annie and Finnick Odair.

Is Haymitch sure we can trust them? I asked warily.

I think they are a True Love Bond

I nodded satisfied. Now the question was How the hell were we going to find them? We grabbed our bags and hopped out of the train. We saw a beautiful beach full of boats. The air was hot and humid. The train station was empty most of the people were on the dock or on the shops.

We don't even know how they look ! I said.

Katniss , stop being pessimistic , we'll find them

I hope so I thought.

We walked toward one restaurant that said Odair's Fish & Chips

I suppouse it belonged to the Finnick and Annie Odair couple.

" We should take a look," Peeta suggested taking my hand.

I nodded and entwined my hand in his. We entered the restaurant. It was a bit crowded and it smelled delicious. Music was played on the background. I recognize the tune . Country , I think. Dad used to sing country songs.

The music stops when we walk in. Everybody is staring at us.

" Hey look at this couple," a man said ," They remind me of the soul-mates."

Peeta stiffens next to me and my hand grip tightnens.

" Oh shut up Keith," An old woman said ," It's forbidden to talk about it."

" But they match the description ,Mags," the man named Keith said.

"Shut up ," Mags said ," You are drunk."

The man laughs.

" So sweet cheecks," the man tells me. I smell alcohol on his breath. This is not a nice drunk unlike Haymitch," Are you part of the soul-mates."

I grit my teeth.

" Don't touch her," Peeta hisses.

" Relax lover boy," the man says ," Just curious to see if it's true."

" What's going on here?" I heard a sweet but firm voice said. Peeta and I both turn to find a young woman. Maybe Rye's age. She had brown flowing hair and green eyes.

" Annie ," Mags says ," Keith is annoying this lovely young couple."

Annie as in Annie Odair I hope I thought.

" I see," Annie says ," I will like to speak to the young couple in the kitchen. Go back to normal."

She leads us to the kitchens. There is a back door and she leads us out there. It leads to a back porch with the view of the sea.

" You should be more careful," Annie said ," The purpose of this is that nobody knows about you."

" What were we supposed to do?" I asked annoyed," We didn't knew wh."

Annie chose to ignore it.
" Add the fact there are not many blondes here," Annie says ," And if they are they have green ir brown eyes. Blue eyes at Four are unusual."
" You must be Annie Odair," Peeta says.

" Yes," She says with a smile," Katniss and Peeta Mellark , Haymitch spoke about you."

" You are going to stay with us," Annie said ," Finnick and I live in The. Victor's Village but we come here to work."

" Ok we'll just wait here," I said.

" I'll bring you something to eat," Annie says.

She is nice
I guess , let's just wait to see her husband
I'm sure he must be nice

I rolled my eyes amused.

There you go again Mr. Possitive
I know I can actually here his grin if it's even possible.

The door opens and Annie carries a tray with two plates. She leaves after giving it to us. She was probably busy.

A few minutes later , a bronze haired , sea-green eyed , tall young man came. He was attractive ,I'll give you that. But I will never be interested on him. For me Peeta was the most attractive male , I've ever seen.

" You most be Peeta and Katniss Mellark," the man says cheerfully.

" Yeah," Peeta says.

" And you are?" I asked rather rudely.

" Finnick Odair," he says ," Annie's husband."

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