In a kingdom far away in the lands of Fiore, was a princess who hid away from her citizens. She was a charming young lady who charmed all those around her. She had the hair of a swan and a body of a vixen. Her voice was a lovely tune that caused all around her to coo and smile. Her eyes sparkled as she greeted everyone who came to the castle.

But one day, out of the blue, she disappeared from sight of all those in the castle. A guard who had a outpost outside of the castle seen a light flicker in a abandon tower. Her older brother and sister, without a moment notice, came to her side. They waited outside of the tower's door; calling her name over and over.

"Lisanna-nee!" they called.

She never replied. She just sat inside of the room with her head between her knees as she listened to the cries of her siblings. A tear formed in her eye and crawled down her face as the sun set against the horizon. Soon the pleads stopped, and Lisanna sat there alone in the tower. Her siblings were forced back into the castle by the butlers of the family.

Two years passed and she never said a word; not to her brother who visited her every night and brought her meals; not to her sister who could only visit when the silver haired was sleeping. Elfman would stay at her door all day long as he carried their one sided conversations. Mira, as she was the firstborn and heir to the throne, would come to her sister tower at night when both of her siblings fell asleep. She would calmly wake Elfman up as it was common he fell asleep against the tower's door.

"Goodnight Lisanna," she murmured as the two left to their own rooms.

They were both worried for their dear younger sister.

The King, who was withered with age, sat on his throne and sought any possible solutions to bring the princess out of that tower. He looked at the nobles, at his servants for a possible way to get his wonderful granddaughter out of the tower. He sent guards, nursemaids, princes, and even peasants; but they all came back with the same result.

The castle had a different mood after the princess disappeared. The guests creep into the dark hallways without being greeted by the usual cheerful princess. The servants never smiled and distanced themselves away from the ruling family. Even the King felt the impact on his citizens of the kingdom. They all cared for the princess since the day she was born. She gave them the time of the day, and always treated them like family. But without her, the link between the King and his people disappeared.

But one day, a stranger came to the castle with a single request. "Allow me to get the princess out; in return I will be the castle's knight."

He heard about the princess and this was a single opening for him to be recruited into the castle. He was just a stranger in this kingdom. He didn't know anyone and he only wandered around without a main purpose, till her heard about the tale of the princess in a tower.

The King nodded his large head. Out of all of the guests who came, this lad was the most determine as he set out right away to get the princess. The King showed him the tower that the princess lived in for two years; a shadow appeared in the window and then ducked back down. The King could only hope, that for once, someone would be able to get his granddaughter out of the tower. He missed her smiles, her giggles, and the mood she had on others.

Natsu stood in front of the tower door as he looked for a way inside. The door was locked from the inside, but it had a large enough hole to get plates of food through. The pink haired looked at the hole, and decided put his hand within it to unlock the door. As soon as his hand went through, something smacked his hand right out the door. He fell back on his backside and itches his head.


Like always, there wasn't a reply. There was only shadows that moved across the wall, and small footsteps. This was the princess way of answering. This was the only way that the guards knew she was even alive in the castle since she has disappeared from sight so long ago.

The lad grumbled and rubbed his butt as he stood up. He looked above and seen a small opening; a window. He cracked his knuckles and stood right under the window. He grabbed a brick and climbed up the wall. When he gotten halfway up the wall, he mistook his handling on the wall and fell down. He waited for impact, but instead he landed safely. When he opened his eyes, he faced a big buff man. He heard a tiny giggle from inside the tower.

"Another one?" the man sighed and his eyes rolled as if he witnesses the whole failed attempt. He lowered Natsu to the ground and walked over to the tower's door. He placed the plate within the hole that Natsu used moments ago. "Lisanna-nee, here's your lunch."

There was some movement inside of the tower.

The man smiled as if that was a thank you. He sat next to the door and starting chatting to the person inside. Natsu saw this as a sign to retire for the day as it seemed the two wanted to be alone.

All he knew, was he would get that princess out of the tower one way or another. No matter how many times he failed.

He needed this job more than anything.

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