A kingdom created in the middle of two larger countries is bind to pick a side or encounter a battle. The king of the Kingdom fought in the front lines against the Sabortooth Empire ever since the first century. The battles were about the territory that the kingdom was placed.

This is where Natsu came into place. He was a young peasant taken into the care of Sabertooth's Castle. His duties were simple, listen and obey to get the daily meal. But, as a mere peasant, he attains information he wasn't suppose to gain.

A sneak attack against the Fairytail Kingdom.

Troops was arranged to gather in the land on the other side of Fairytail, Ravenheel territory. There they would gather and march into the Kingdom's Castle. Everything that wasn't supplies would be burnt and used as camp ground.

As soon as Natsu learned of these plans, he escaped the castle that night and traveled to Fairytail. He wasn't one for betraying his homeland, but Sabortooth wasn't his homeland. He lived within Fairytail's borders with his father for five years before a battle took place and he was pushed into Sabortooth's lands for the next thirteen years.

When he heard of those plans, he knew he had to leave the Kingdom of Sabortooth and enter Fairytail once more. There he ventured through the greenland and came upon the castle.

He was only a peasant.

They wouldn't believe such nonsense words from a lower ranked peasant who didn't even live in the Kingdom's grounds. Once he heard about the Vixen Princess, who he only heard rumors of, he made a deal with the king.

The once peasant boy waited within the meeting room with Princess Lisanna. The girl stayed by his side ever since she exited the castle. He was the only one she left comfortable with, other than her siblings; who were always on the go

Mirajane just entered the large room and sat across from him. She took a slip of the waiting drink on the table and glanced at the pink haired and then to her sister. She placed a cup of tea in front of Lisanna and smiled gently at her sister. It has been a day since she came out of the tower, but with Mira's busy schedule, she only saw Lisanna few times. "Sting-kun. You say you know him?"

Natsu leaned back in his chair and placed a hand on the table. He felt unused to these chairs that had the same height as the royal blood. "I know him, even if I don't want to. He's in charge of Sabortooth's military affairs."

"He came yesterday to establish some trades between the two kingdoms…what do you think of it?" The sliver haired looked up from the tea. Reports came in through the knights and nobles of the castle about Natsu's last household.

"He's a jerk face two timer. It's a lie."

The girl couldn't help but giggle at that statement. "There's bad blood between the two of you?"

"Worst than that, but let's not talk about that. They are planning an attack later this week. They are heading to the castle."


Lisanna gasped and her seat jerked. The castle hasn't been attacked since the King been alive. The enemies only attacked on the borders, like how Lisanna's parents died, raided on the streets on the west.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Mira questioned once she cooled down.

"Then you would have known I was a peasant from those lands. Wouldn't listen to me."

"That is understandable….but now we have little time to prepare… If that is all, then the meeting is over. I'm going to go discuss this with Elfman and the generals, so please prepare." Mirajane stood up and gave a slight bow before leaving the room.

Lisanna's eyes lowered to the ground. This was what she was avoiding. The times spent without her siblings were growing greater and greater. At least within the tower, one would stay all afternoon and the other would visit at night. But with the business going on, it was futile to have time with either one of them.

Salamander placed a hand on Lisanna's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Wait until things settle down and they will gain more time."

Vixen Princess nodded and took a last slip of her tea.

At least Natsu was there. Someone who had more time to spare for her. She was just getting use to this world, which she needed someone to rely on until she could get back on her feet.

"A rat escaped and ran into that dump"

"Spilling all of our information to the enemy."

"Little shit."

"We can't wait any longer. Tonight, we attack."

Fireballs shoot through the sky and crashed against the castles walls. Nobles ran for their lives. Guards protected the royal blood and the castle with their very own lives.

The pink haired unsheathe his sword and trusted into the lines of the incoming forces. They thundered closer and he had to back up. Behind him was the Vixen Princess. She had no weapons, only her sleeping dress. She had no ways to protect herself from the enemies. They were ill-prepared for this attack.

She did the only thing that she could.

With the force of a sheltered princess, she threw her slippers at them.

"Can't you do better than that?!" Natsu yelled bitterly at the young princess.

She gulped and shrugged her shoulders.

He rolled his eyes and thrust his sword forward at an incomer. "Grab some poles from the windows! Use them as spears or something!"

She nodded quickly and ran up the stairs. She gathered the poles she crossed, which there was only four. She threw one down at Natsu. He grabbed it and blocked a sword from slicing his face. The princess ran down the flight of stairs and stood at the last step. One of the poles crashed to the ground, and she speared the attackers. She was above them, so she was protected from low blows.

"That's it! Now, try it with two!"

She nodded once again and grabbed the second pole. She did the technique that Natsu was using and poked the guards on the other side of the wall.

Three swords clashed down onto Natsu's, and he had to pull back. He retreated up the stairs, and Lisanna grabbed all the poles she dropped. They ended up at the top of the stairwell. There wasn't space for Lisanna to attack from, so she stayed behind Natsu. She was his watch.

A fireball landed right above them, and the ceiling began to crumble. "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" Natsu pulled Lisanna out of the way, and rolled into a nearby door. They ended up outside of the castle. Bricks stacked on top of each other lined the path.

They had a great view of the battlefield. The castle was still standing. Only one hit was able to damage the inside. Natsu glanced down, and saw Elfman protecting Mirajane with other guards. He sighed in relief. At least they were together and safe. He just needed to do his job as the Castle's Knight and protect the Vixen Princess from harm.

Blonde hair pushed against the crumbles and pushed through.


He stood there with blood dripping down his chest. He picked up his sword and smiled at the pink haired. "Why isn't it the little rat!"

"Sting," Natsu growled. He glanced back and instructed Lisanna, with his eyes, to travel down the stone path. Away from him and Sting. Just in case things went too intense for the princess.

Their swords clashed against each other and neither allowed the other to gain an upper advantaged. He clashed downward, but it was blocked with the other sword. Natsu unsheathe the pole he used earlier, but it was scrapped away within a minute after he pulled it out. "Living in the enemy's castle as if you are a Big Shot! Hahahaha! And they made you into a Castle Knight! I didn't know they could get any pitiful than there was!"

"Speak for yourself, Asshole!"

"At least I'm not betraying ANYONE! YOU LITTLE SHERPARD!"


"Then you should have stayed!" Sting lifted his sword above his head and slashed downwards. Natsu went to block, but the strength was unexpected and Natsu's sword clattered away into the grounds from below.

Natsu jumped backwards before the sword could pierce him. "LISANNA! LEAVE! FIND SHELTER!" he yelled while keeping his sights on Sting. The blonde grinned and thrust forward; in which Natsu dodged. He didn't have any more weapons. He was at a disadvantaged.

He backed up, but tripped over the fallen pieces of the pole. They were too small to even use in battle.

Sting hovered over the pink haired and lifted his sword up once more.

He thrust forward.

An arrow, shoot from behind, came piercing through Sting's armour. He fall over, off the ledge and fell down to his death. Natsu rose quickly and tried to spot the person who shoot the arrow that saved his life.

He didn't see anyone.

Just a hooded shadow and blue hair.

"Je…" Natsu rolled off his tongue, but he shook his head and got up to his feet. He ran across the path and found Lisanna; who was standing at the door looking at the place where the hooded figure was. She was holding her throat, but Natsu pushed her inside of the castle before she could do anything.

The two forces fought against each other for the rest of the night before the Sabortooth retreated once they found their fallen leader.

The victory was theirs.

Everyone cheered in delight at the won. Elfman lifted his two sisters in the air. Mirajane squealed, and Lisanna held onto his hulky forearm. They giggled as he blushed when a fine lady passed him. The king danced with Natsu and drank.

And before the moon lowered from the horizon, Natsu stole a kiss from the Vixen Princess.

A kiss that bonded them forever.

The king, drunk from the wine, declared their love and had a wedding the next day. They lived together within the castle. Their friendly auras enlighten the castle for every guest that enters. After the deadly battle that lasted one night, the castle recreated itself from two years prior. With Lisanna at it's head.

Mirajane became the Queen once the elder King stepped down. She ruled the lands with her brother as her advisor and general. A prince from afar away kingdom came and engaged the Queen and they ruled together on the throne. Elfman finally courted the woman he been chasing after; Evergreen. Their wedding followed after Mira's and the two lived in the Noble's Wing.

All three siblings were finally together, under one roof. Their paths in life encountered each other on a daily bases.

They were finally together.

The end...

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