My Sister, My Echo

Written by AndiCullen104

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Chapter 4

Paul POV

"What the fuck?" I murmured aloud.

That was insane.

I saw the most beautiful girl through Jared's eyes and now all I could think about is being near her. If she smelled half as good through Jared's nose well damn I might just cum in my pants when I get close enough to smell her.

I knew Leah, she was only a year older than me. We had never ran in the same circle because I just didn't do friends. Plain and simple. I would get in fights with guys and girls? Well they were just good for fucking. It wasn't until I phased that I got what my therapist from the state said: healthy relationships. Yeah whatever I was stuck with my brothers. If I had never phased I would've been so gone, I was already packing when I turned.

I picked up the now ruined sandwich that was on the floor when the phone started ringing. Secretly I hoped it was Jared with news on Leah.


My wolf kept repeating and was antsy to meet her.

"Sam," I answered not hiding my disappointment that it wasn't Jared. He completely ignored my tone and started talking.

"Paul, I need you to go into the forest and track a new wolf. He just phased." Sam ordered. He's always been able to feel when others were going to turn although he didn't know who they were until we saw them shoot up in height.

"Why can't you do it? I don't like dealing with baby wolves." I grumbled.

"I'm with Bella right now-"


"And she is knocked out cold." He continued and at once my wolf was on alert. He was only letting me go find our newest wolf because he knew Sam was with his sister.

"Fine, I'll go bring home the puppy." I paused.

"You felt it?" I asked knowing he would know I was talking about Leah.

"Yeah. Now go," he hung up.

I made my way outside to phase.

Embry POV

Holy shit!

Oh my Spirits!

I ran through the forest stumbling over my paws. Jeez paws? Why the heck do I have paws?

Ouch. Ugh stupid tree in my way.

Rain soaked me as I continued to run in blind panic in the forest. How did I become this….this wolf? Oh my Spirits, I'm a freaking wolf. Maybe I've gone insane, or maybe I've been drugged, maybe I don't know hell.

Maybe I should channel Dorothy.

There's nothing like having two feet. There's nothing like having two human feet. There's nothing like have two human feet and two very human arms. I closed my eyes chanting this mantra but when I opened them I hit a tree head on. It caused me to stumble and I think the world was spinning faster than it should.

Calm down pup.


I'm almost to you, don't fucking move.

Oh my Spirits! I really am nuts, I can't be hearing people's voices. La la la not hearing you la la la...

Shut up!

I saw through his vision that he was really freaking close and I panicked. My legs moved on their own accord and I was again running through the forest. Must get away from this crazy person, was my only thought.

Damn it, kid!

He was closing in and I picked up speed to outrun him. The leaves and twigs flew out behind me as I panted trying to get away from him. My wolf was not comfortable with him because he radiated aggression.

It went on like this for a while and I knew he was trying to talk to me. However I tuned him out as my panic continued to climb.

Why is he chasing me?

Please Spirits stop him from chasing me.

Please don't kill me.

I'LL STOP CHASING YOU, IF YOU STOP RUNNING! He yelled in my mind breaking through my anxiety. I halted my movements and came to a skidding stop.

All of sudden I was pushed onto my back with a silver wolf leaning over me. I kicked at him, but it was no use, I wasn't going anywhere. He brought his sharp canines to my neck causing me to quit breathing and lie very still. This was a very vulnerable position.

Now look, kid. You are going to listen to me or I rip out your throat with my teeth. Got it?

Yes, I submitted.


I was snapped out of Jared's mind so quick that it left me staggering a bit. Never had I ever felt that connection with them as a human. Nor did I ever feel that kind of power coursing through us as we looked upon her. In that moment I wanted to go find her, but I was brought back from the longing to see her with my own eyes when I took in my surroundings.

Bella lay crumpled on the floor completely knocked out. I ran over to her at inhuman speed and picked her up off the tile, cradling her in my arms. Sister, my wolf thought. He was antsy to see her chocolate brown eyes to know she was okay. He also brought another thing to my attention. I felt a fire burn in my chest and I knew that feeling. I had only felt it two other times and both of those ended with me trying to calm down the newest wolf.

Fuck, so not what I needed right now. I thought.

I took Bella into the living room gently setting her down on the sofa. When I saw the blanket lying along the back of the couch I swiftly laid it over her tiny form. I pressed a brotherly kiss to her forehead before making my way towards the Swan's home phone.

After telling Paul about the newest wolf, I quickly hung up on him. I wasn't ready to talk about the connection we had all felt. Honestly because I had no fucking clue what it was supposed to mean and until I had a chance to talk to the Elders I didn't want to speculate. Once Bella woke up, I was going to talk to Jared and get an update on her.

I grabbed a kitchen towel from a cupboard and rinsed it with water. I went towards Bella and took a seat on the coffee table in front of the couch. I lightly touched the dripping towel to her forehead and moved it across her face to get a response. While I did that I checked her over with my other senses. She smelled fine and her heart rate was steady so my wolf was content to just wait for her to wake up. He would've wanted her to be seen by a doctor, but the human in me knew she was fine.

It was a few minutes later when I saw her brown hues once more. I let out a sigh of relief and knew that she and I both had some explaining to do. I knew that she was somehow mixed up in this crazy connection we all had and I was damn sure going to find out how and why. First I would have to get information from her and probably have to tell her our secret. I will leave once I'm sure that she is fine to be left on her own, then deal with the newest wolf, hoping that Paul hasn't ripped him to shreds. I knew he wasn't a people person and Jared would probably handle the situation better, but I didn't want to leave her alone. She needed to be protected. And if that wasn't enough shit deal with let's add the fact that I will have to face the Elders who are going to be pissed I told Bella the pack secret. She's a paleface and all that shit. Finally, I need to figure out what the fuck is happening to us.

Leah POV

Something really warm was holding me and it felt so comforting that I kept my eyes closed so I could bask in the feelings it gave me. It felt natural this heat although I knew it wasn't but it felt so good as if it was cleansing my battered soul. I wanted to relish in this feeling as long as I could.

I realized that there were vibrations coming from whatever I was lying against. If I strained my ears it sort of sounded like it was growling. What the hell? I should probably open my eyes, but I was scared to. I didn't want to lose this deep comfort that I felt like I was literally wrapped in.

I was scared to open my eyes to only find out I was back in the apartment.

I never wanted to go back there.

Please I don't want to hurt anymore. I want to forget everything and just stay here. Here where it's nice and warm. The heat will fight off the bad feelings.

I stayed right there letting myself drift into a peaceful twilight sleep.

"Is she alright? She's been out a while; we should get an ambulance here." A woman's nasally voice sounded loud to my ears and I quickly covered them whimpering. The vibrations grew in frequency and oddly I was comforted by it. Safe.

"Jared, you have to let us help her."


Oh no.

I was not lying against a man. Was I?

My eyes snapped open seeing the guy who had been staring at me when I was trying to decide between dark chocolate and milk chocolate brownies. He had his arms wrapped around me and I was in his lap. He dark eyes gazed into mine, and I felt like something had silently clicked into place.

I scurried off of him tripping over my own feet which he had reached out much too fast to steady me.

Damn why did he have to look and smell so good. I wanted him in that moment and that scared the shit out of me.

"Are you alright, miss?" Someone asked me from my left, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the handsome face that watched me with so much adoration. I shook my head to clear it.

"I gotta go," I whispered. The guy who had held me frowned and was about to speak, but I high tailed it out of there.

Oh my, what the hell was that?

Why had I seen those visions and felt her.

When I got into the house, Seth looked at me curiously before pouting.

"So no brownies, then?"

"No Seth, no brownies." I rushed up the stairs to my room, praying I could just forget today.

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