Oooookay... I never thought I would hate a Anime character this much. Thought this guy does deserve it.

1. Hit by a meteor!

One day when our extremely annoying villain went on a walk a meteor hit him in the head.

2. Hit by a truck! Ohohoho!~

In a sad attempt to cross the road Kurata was hit by a truck. *read with sad piano music in the background*

3. Crushed by a Digimon foot!

Kurata was stupid and told them his plan. Agumon digievolved and stepped on him.

4. poisoned

Kurata drank some tea. Little did he know that it was poisoned...

"Aw common!" Kurata cursed the author. The author glared at her computer.

"Just die already..." she said, and Kurata died.

5. Drowned

"Stop it!"

The author put Kurata in a big glass of water.