The plane touched down in JFK Airport. The landing gear hit the runway with a thud and the plane decelerated to a standstill. The plane moved into the terminal and the passengers got out in the covered tunnel.

Jackie and Mulder stepped out into the terminal. Jackie glanced nervously around, aware of his surroundings. Mulder looked over and saw his expression.

"Stop worrying so much Jack, it isn't good for your health."

"Don't worry? We were almost murdered by an assassin on the plane. I think that's a good reason to worry."

Mulder looked down at his watch. "Our pickup should be meeting us in the parking structure in 20 minutes. I took the necessary precautions and got an armored van."

Jackie looked over. "What exactly does Captain Black want me to do that's important enough that we have an armored van and someone was hired to kill me?"

Mulder stopped for a second. "I don't know all the details Jack, but what I can tell you is that there is much more going on than a robbery and a stolen snake talisman. I personally think that although the snake talisman was stolen, that it was really a diversion for something much larger. I also believe that the robbers involved were merely pawns being used by someone else who is probably at work on criminal activity right now."

"Why would they break into Section 13 in order to steal only one talisman that they were going to give to a group of inconsequential robbers all the way in New York? It seems really far-fetched that they would spend all that time to steal only one talisman and then lose it in New York. They didn't steal anything else from the facility?"

"No they didn't. The one theory I have though is that they intentionally put this in New York in order to use it to find something or gain access to something else in the city. What that would be, I don't know."

They walked on for a minute, Jackie hauling a large suitcase behind him.

"This thing is rather heavy, I didn't think I packed that much."

They walked on through the airplane and eventually got to the pickup area at the front. A sea of newly arrived visitors flooded the gates. Drivers held up signs around the airport with various names waiting for their fares to show up.

A tall skinny armored man held a sign that read, "13".

"Are you Jack and Mulder?" He said in a gruff Brooklyn accent looking down at the two.

"Yeah, are all the arrangements made for transport into Manhattan?"

"The armored car is ready to take you guys to Section 56."

Mulder motioned Jackie into the car. Inside the car were several assault rifles and a couple SWAT officers.

The door slammed shut behind them. A couple patrol cars pulled ahead of the van and it exited behind them, patrol cars in tail.