Jack raised an eyebrow as he leaned over into the window glass. Peering into the room that was lit with candles, he saw a woman holding a small child in her arms as she lay on a large bed. There were many nurses in robes rushing around the room. "She's not crying!" They yelled.

Jacks eyes landed on the baby, its eyes closed and body still. She had dark brown hair like her mother's.

"What do we do?" One of the nurses said, tears swelling in her eyes. The queen held the child tightly in her arms, sobbing. The King was kneeling beside the bed, his hands clasped together as he begged for a different situation.

Jack's bare feet landed on the carpet after the window had opened. The cold winter air entered the room as he did. As a nurse moved away from the bed to close the window, Jack stepped beside the oblivious people who could not see him.

"She's ice cold!" The mother cried.

"Is that a bad thing?" Jack reached down. "There's not much hope left for the girl. You have to let her go, already." Jack sighed with a frown. He didn't really know what he was doing. It wasn't until his hand came in contact with the baby's cheek that Jack stepped back. "W-woah!" His hand didn't go through this one. "H-hold on a second!" He touched the same spot. Then the spot below her neck in the center of the baby's chest. Jack felt a sudden weakness in his hand that then shot up his arm.

The people around the bed gasped as the child's hair turned white suddenly. Jack closed his eyes for a second and then put his full hand on the baby's heart. A flash of light burst forth from Jack's hands as he fell back to the ground. No one took notice of Jack as usual, but they all saw the light. A small cry filled the room after baby Elsa took her first breath.

"She's okay! S-she's crying!" The queen smiled. Jack lay back on the carpet, panting, holding his chest tightly over his heart.

"W-what j-just happened?" He breathed, sitting up slightly, looking towards the bed. The child had been passed off to the King. He saw the child's blue eyes for the first time when they met his. Elsa had stopped crying once she looked at Jack. He stood from the floor, her eyes locked with his. "Y-…you can…" Jack backed up, stumbling over the carpet that had bunched up when he stood. He smiled when Elsa stared at him, wide eyed. He shook his head, leaning out the window. "You got lucky, kid. You better not scare them like that again." He smiled back at the room, everyone so relieved. The King rocked the baby in his arms so close. When the baby started to cry again, Jack turned around, sighing. He formed a ball of snow in his hand, tossing it towards one of the guards he liked to pester.

The baby reached up for towards the shiny thing. When it burst into hundreds of snowflakes, she stopped her cries. Everyone starred in awe at the baby who had popped the snowball and made it snow. "….I-i…didn't do that." Jack mumbled, a crooked smile flashing on his face. The baby cooed, kicking her feet. "Oh, you're gonna be really fun." He nodded, jumping out the window and off into the winter night.